Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why I Can't Stand Most Korean Owned Beauty Supply Stores.

You know... One thing I cannot stand is how folks set up shop (beauty supplies) which carry mostly African American targeted products and things WE use... in primarily Black communities- yet act like they have no home training when it comes to customer-service or respect for the people whom your business primarily caters to!!! I'm talking about Hair & Wigs Beauty Supply on Crenshaw Blvd. next to 29th and right before Adams in particular, but I know plenty of other supply stores who act a damn fool with Black customers.

I normally go there to pick up my usual 1 or 2 wigs and carry on. Usually it's no issue as the women who usually work here are generally 'ok' in the service department, but when I tell you they have permanently lost my black dollars; I mean it. I drove all the way from Hawthorne to this place because it WAS the only beauty supply I knew I could count on to have a huge variety and in the worst case scenario- at least have a fall back regular style in stock.

I went in here early to pick up a wig and they already were acting like they didn't want to be bothered with servicing the only customer in the store- (me). So I had her put my 'usual' at the front- in case I couldn't pick one of the others. I picked about 3 different styles and couldn't pick which one I liked best or the color I wanted. I tried a wig on that as soon as I put it on I thought to myself 'no-ma'am' and went to take it off, and like clockwork- this lady goes in to comment, "The color not for you (not it's) but it too short for you too- you need longer."

Now let me start by saying one- I am a licensed stylist. In practice or not, trust that I know what does and does not look good on me when it comes to color, cut, and style. However, in this business and line of work- you need to tread lightly on how you go about "recommending" things to people you do not know. The majority of these folks (the korean ones anyway) completely LACK tact in the 'how-to-say-that-with-respect-to-a-potential-customer' department and think you're still going to do business with them. Hell-to-the-NO. If I was a new customer- I'd never spend money there if that was how they react to choices that THEY don't like on you. That is the point of trying the fucking thing on- to see if I like it or not- what you think matters not; That's where THEY fail at majorly. You're here to make money- I'm here to spend money. See the relation in that??? I am not saying let people walk out of your store looking like a damn fool- but until you learn how to tactfully say things- without being offensive or rude; it may just be in your best interest to shut the fuck up and make your coins. Let the customer figure out if they made a bad choice.

Now generally un-asked-for opinions are usually unwelcome in the first place. Often times I go to wig stores with no make up no nothing going on- so I have nothing to play up the do' or no real "color" to my face. Most folks who normally wear a 5 minute face or an all out face of make up- look a bit washed out without make up- so it does nothing for the hairstyle or the color of the hair you're wearing. Which is maybe why she thought I shouldn't or couldn't pull off the color I was looking at- which again is not that far from my natural color.  So I tried on a different wig in a 4, and it was a bit lengthier, but I just wasn't feeling the style and was leaning more toward a different one but in the 4/30 instead of the 1B... I didn't put on a platinum blond wig people- yet she wanna try to go in like that is just a terrible, terrible choice for me.

So I just said- 'I have a license, I know what does and doesn't work for me- thank you. It's not about the "color" right now- it's about the style and cut of the hair.' So I'm already starting to get irritated... Now, I never go too far off from my natural color, but I also wanted to try something a bit different. So as I am trying on a "full" wig (meaning none of my hair will show) in a 4/30 which is a lighter brown with golden tones- this chick want to say, 'I like the other one on you-the color look better, not this color.' Now the 'crazy' in me wanted to snap off, but I just said 'Look- I know what works for me and I do what works for me- THANKS." So she walks away and huffs like I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Which was rude as hell, and truth be told- I never asked for your opinion on NONE of the mentioned items in the first damn place; So your disagreement with me and/or my choice is a non-muthafucking factor. However, it was a factor in 3 things...

1. The thought that you know what I like-or what looks good on me better than I do.
2. That you could care less if you sold me something today or not.
3. You just KNEW I'd spend my money at your beauty supply regardless of your mannerisms, speech & behavior toward me.


At that point I immediately changed my mind about spending my hard earned cash at this beauty supply, walked straight to the front and told the mid-aged lady who works there in regard to the older one. "I don't want anything- you can put those back and here is a tip for your business, you do not tell people what they should and should not do with THEIR hair and THEIR MONEY. She is rude as hell and I will never spend money here again." Didn't pay the 1$ for the wig cap I used and walked the hell off. Which was justified. As much money as I have spent in this store you should already know I am going to buy something- I didn't come in here to waste your time or kill some of mines by playing with the damn wigs. However, I do not pay for RUDE personal opinions or bad service. More of us need to behave this exact way toward them when they act like that with US. I don't need you shoving anything, or your opinion- I don't and didn't want nor ask for- down my throat because of your ignorant ass perceptions of what the "typical" Black woman wants when it comes to her beauty needs.

I can't speak for all Black women, because truthfully and rightfully everyone doesn't know what looks good on them. Which is why stylist exist... However, when someone is shooing you and your opnions off- it means shut up and leave them alone to make their OWN DAMN CHOICES. :o) As for myself... Whether my hair is long, hella short, layered, flipped out or in a curly fro- my style is fierce baby. I am a rare breed who for the most part can get away with just about any style, length, texture, and "look- No, I'm not cocky that is just the TRUTH... Check my photos. #fashionista

Often times most Blacks put up with these folks because it's close and/or we just need the supplies for that one day not to come back ever again or that often- however, I used to come here almost every 2 or 3 weeks. Black folks need to open up our own beauty supplys and pull the power from those who act like they don't need or want our business. I promise you- it ain't that many non-Blacks coming in here to buy products, make-up, weaving hair, wigs, and/or extensions that are keeping your doors open; It's primarily Blacks keeping your business alive. And that is why I say they need to take back that power and open up their own supply stores so that 1- they'll either up the game on their customer service or 2- get the fuck out of dodge. Either way they get the big middle finger and no more of my money. There way too many beauty supplies in the city of Los Angeles to be RUDE to customers. I  know there ARE supplies that appreciate my Black business and that's where my Black dollars will be.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm So Ready To Move...

I'm so ready to move it's not even funny.