Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gettin' There...

For those of us who for the most part have begun practicing at home- be discouraged not. I have learned the secrets of my pole...lol It likes to be warmed up before being touched. She's a funnyl lil' thang. Once she's hot- we can go for hours. LOL
I have been working on my inverting and I am finding the need to "kick off" becoming less and less *see the most latest video for this* Though I still do it, I am finding proper positioning and engaging that core helps. :o) As I have said before, actually seeing that progress is so motivating and another factor for one to keep on going and keep practicing. I love pole! Have any of you recently learned anything special about YOUR pole?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

At Home Polin'

Having a good time... :o)

Friday, May 6, 2011

This Is What Keeps Me Poling...

So.. as some of you've seen, I've put up a video of my first ever unassisted invert (somewhat) that I happened to get on camera. Beyond excited, and as I said legs all wrong but happy just to be upside down. I recall that being just a hope I can do that thing... And a few weeks ago- couldn't even get my legs ON the pole... This happening showed me that all this practice, even if it's just a try a day, that progress is made; even if it is just small. Small turns into medium and eventually large. I do believe that we all get stuck in a rut at one point that makes us question whether we'll advance anymore, but I have always relied on the knowledge that somethings will come easy, others will require work/more strength and eventually I'll be working on perfecting it.

What I am working on conquering is this sweaty palm problem. Though I from time to time HAVE to use gloves, I want to be able to pole without them. I read in a forum posting that just somewhat going through the drama of dealing with the sweat you'll eventually not have the issue... I just don't like feeling like I am going to fly off the pole especially having weight on me... I can feel what i have a wonderful grip from the initial grab... but I'd like to not have to wipe the pole down every few seconds. *smh* We shall see...
I think it's the milestones such as finally achieving the chair spin, being able to climb all the way to the top, and the first invert unassisted and somewhat getting it... on my own- that keeps me going and willing to go to another class, practice a little bit more, or try one more time- because you just never know when you'll nail it. To those trying to get to the next level...just keep doing what you're doing and work on the technique of achieving the moves and one day... even if ever so slightly, you'll be able to do it... :o)
Happy Poling- Nikki

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look What I Did Today...

All by myself! This is the first time I've been able to get all this butt up on the pole for an invert...lol Legs was all wrong, but uhhh we'll correct that shortly. I was just happy to be upside down on the pole and caught it on camera... This is the rush that keeps us trying; The knowing that ONE DAY we'll be able to do "that"... AHHHHH! Enjoy. :o)