Monday, April 25, 2011

The Beauty & Challenges of Plus-Sized Poling...

Okay so i am a bit over 200 lbs... carried very well in my humble opinion, but of course with being plus sized comes beauty and challenges. Though poling as an art wows me regardless I must be honest when i say a woman swinging 170+ and is not 5'10+ around a pole is something that REALLY amazes me. First, the strength required to perform the moves is for the most part doubled and the determination/will to WANT to and do it is immeasurable. I'm not saying slim chicks have it all easy because just like dancing some people do have 2 left feet no matter what... but determination is what makes learning doable. Hey- Janet Jackson was once the stiffest dancer you could think of. LOL This particular sport/art is something that carries it challenges for us larger ladies simply because of larger/chunkier/bigger/ meatier anatomy... I prefer to call it fluffy. :o)

Either way- here is some of the challenges/accomplishments I've dealt with & seen myself being a plus sized poler...

1. The period where it seems like you just cannot do anything that required upper-body/core strength. I still have those moments, but I just keep in the back of my head.. I just can't do it YET... I will though.

2. Spins that do not last long at all... seems like you just stepped and jumped... lol

3. That first time learning the "basic" climb and just staring at the pole like..."how am i gonna get 'this" up there??? o_O *lol* Then attempting it only to basically just step up and get right back down...

4. Being the ONLY plus sized poler in class and feeling left out because I couldn't do "that spin" because it required some arm strength I just DIDN'T have (yet) to get this body around the pole...

5. My arch nemesis spin conquered 2 months down the road... After seemingly everyone else got it on their first try. Damn you chair spin... Damn you. O_o

6. Trying to perform a climb and "sitting lady".. Ummm yeah my thighs are a little big.. I'm having a hard time crossing my legs here *LOL*... I can now though...

7. Doing a figure 4 leg hold and leaning back thinking 'Oh hell yeah'.. I GOT THIS.

So today was one of those accomplishment days... A damn good practice if I say so myself. I got to "show" a fellow plus sized poler- hey we can do this too... I saw the very same look of "I don't know if I can do this"  on her face I once had... So I showed her how to do a move she was struggling with (she's completely new to poling) I gave quick and basic explanation- It's just going to take a little more work, building strength, but you WILL get it. as long as you keep at it.
I also was able to climb the pole to the top a few times with out last 5 minutes of "dowatchalike" time and it was kinda nice for a change to just DO IT. Regardless of weight.. it was pure practice- gaining in strength- and determination... If you want to learn it, you'll learn it. No matter what your size.. Just keep at it. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Even Polers Have Gripes...

Ehhhh so I am still poling and have sacrificed something I hold near and dear to my heart... I even PRIDE myself on having a lovely, soft pair of hands... BUT NO MORE says the pole. lol I HATE HATE HATE the calloused hands part and I am PRAYING that it gets better with time. Please someone say it's  going to get better... Pretty please.. i'll buy you some Coldstone ice cream. *smh* wink
Either way, my true gripe is here; the other day I had a class in which had anyone else not shown up it would have pretty much been a private session. However, someone did show up- a chick that had fell off the pole the previous Saturday because she was in a beginner/intermediate transitioning class and has practically NEVER taken more than 2 classes but told the instructor she was intermediate level. So before class even starts this girl out the gate is complaining to the instructor about how much her back hurts, and my thoughts were "if my back was hurting that damn bad- I wouldn't bring my butt into a class again until it let up or I went to see a doctor"... BUT the instructor gave her a brief fill-in on the normal pains for the people who just started poling, and also informed her that she knows her body best and should know if something is truly wrong. pumpkin
So instead of playing it smart- she decides she wants to stick around and now we have to take it 10 notches down based on this girl is hurting and also has NO CLUE of how to execute anything. Through the whole class she's continually whining about her arm, which is related to her back and on top of this- knowing none of the moves... And I quote, "can you show me how to do that again?"      >:o/
Now, I ain't gonna lie... I was hella irritated because I don't pay for "unlimited classes" to have someone who needs to be in an INTRO class to show up and slow down a whole session. Yes, we've all been out of place and/or not up to par, but you know as a beginner you're not ready for ADVANCED tricks... I have even seen some of the people who skip intro and come straight into beginners go back and take intro's so they can get a good grasp on what they'll be doing and I can respect that. I took intro classes because didn't want to be "that girl" who just couldn't keep up in a "beginners" class and that is why I took a few intros before moving up. Hell- the studio offers an INTRO Package CHEAP!!! (4 intro classes with shoes) just so you ARE familiar with the basic moves before moving up to full-on beginner level. 
I honestly felt VERY cheated out of a poling session. I felt someone should have been dismissed & compensated in some shape or form. If I was the instructor she would have been sent home on account of 2 factors. First, you sound like you are either in too much pain to fully participate or you've been injured. Meaning, you're not in optimal condition to be swinging off a pole- no matter how bad you want to learn. You should go home and rest up your pains and/or go see a doctor. Secondly, after seeing how badly she bombed on the most basic spins in the first 10 minutes of actually poling (and I'm not talking about "oh we're trying to learn" bombing) I mean damn near falling off the pole hurting herself worse- bombing. Unsure of foot placement etc...should have been referred to an intro class. This could have played out 2 ways in my mind...
If I was an instructor I would have said to her, "You seem to be in a bit of pain so I am going to suggest you schedule class at a later time when your back is better or you've have seen a doctor to ensure all is okay. I am also seeing that you're struggling with the basic concepts of how to execute these moves, so we will finish up this session, but I would recommend you take at least 2 or 3 intro to pole classes. I  am suggesting this because they are more broken down and you'll be able to get a better understanding on how these moves are accomplished. You'll also be more prepared and able to keep up when you come to the next beginners class."
Second scenario:  Being that I had to almost stand around while she went through intro type explanations with this girl... The least the instructor could have let me do- based on the majority of time was spent showing 'the basics' to the other girl... was say if there was an opening for the next pole class- stick around and take that one instead. 
YEAH YEAH YEAH we were all complete "pole virgins" once, but I paid my dues in intro-  I'm not saying I'm better than or looking down on the girl, but my time and money are not on the list of thing I like to waste... You don't just jump in the deep end of the pool not knowing how to swim; that's all I'm sayin'.  confused

Friday, April 8, 2011

Regular 'Ol Workout Revelation...

Yesterday I attended a small group personal training session at the place where I practice pole and I was immediately reminded on why I prefer pole workouts. I just do not like the "workout" (hell I don't like anything that feels like exercise to be it's almost too damn strenuous for no damn reason. I'm not a fan of running number uno because i'm not running around with 34 A/B cups. I am a D/DD cup... So between running, jumping jacks, and other things that make the girls flop all over.. I am holding my chest the entire time. Even when my sports bra doubled down. It's just very uncomfortable.
Yeah, I'm good and sweaty after the workout but can't I get some of the same results without the stress? Yep- I sure can. I may not see the results as fast, but I just can't get with it. I've got a bad knee and a back that ain't so great so all of this jump, get down push up and repeat all the way down the hall stuff is for the birds. I went through bootcamp and know what I used to be able to do, and these days I cannot do it. Well- I probably could, but I will NOT put myself through any uneeded/uneccesary pain, uncomfortableness etc just to say "I tough it out" or "I workout hard" , It's just not good for my current physical situation after the military... Not for the joints, knees or back. I'd rather do a bunch of crunches/sit-ups on a stable foot hold and push an elliptical for 45 minutes to an hour... "manual workouts" are not for me. It also helped me re-realize that pole just does not feel like a workout at all (while it very much is) and that's what I LOVE most about it. Maybe the fact that I know it is a workout but doesn't feel like one is why I haven't stopped showing up, don't get tired of doing it, look forward to, and enjoy doing it.

When I got home later that night I pondered going to the "workout" session at least once a week, but then I thought about how much I truly disliked it and said the hell with what THEY think- cancelled all of those classes and scheduled pole classes instead. I do not regret it one bit nor do I feel like I am cheating myself out of a "better workout". I'm sure some folks might look at me like "I can't hang" lol and that's okay... I'd rather get my excercise "hanging" on a pole. #ohwell

That's my look when doing regular exercise.... Is it done yet? This is boring as hell.