Sunday, January 2, 2011

PC vs. MAC: The Decision...

Today, I stopped by the Apple Store to browse... I must admit I have been doing some research on the computers and am growing more interested as I learn more about them. My eyes loomed over the beautifully crafted-yet simplified machinery. I asked a billion questions as I played with the magic mouse and the trackpad; closing 4 applications with one four-fingered claw swipe. As I sifted through applications, and looked at what was included versus, what I'd have to buy; I couldn't help but realize how much money I've wasted on Windows based machines. Although I love my Windows XP OS... because frankly-it's just the SHIT::: The computer itself has served it's purpose for many years (since 2002 to be exact) It is just time to replace it.

When I began attending school in June of 2008, the whopping 40GB on my archaic Gateway desktop was not nearly enough to handle much more abuse of the average PC user, so I bought an HP laptop with crap-ass Vista as it's OS, which died on me about a year and a half later. So I had to resurrect the desktop which had done it's thing for the past 6 years to complete the last 5 courses of school-work, internet research and final observation essays. Let's just say-music addition and current performance takes PATIENCE. You can plug and play items and hear the connection chime minutes after the item has been connected ok!? Though I generally have been using it for resume submission, facebookin', and simple surfing, it's not fun to watch a YouTube video that has to buffer every few seconds, or the quality of the stream simply is not be up to par. I'd rather watch YouTube on my iPhone. O_o

I'm no super MODDER but I have no need to ultimately customize my OS's anymore. Linux Ubuntu is not neccesary for me. However, I've realized I am over the Windows platform for personal use. I am sick of updates, patches, fixes, anti-virus software, and tired of spending dollar on top of dollar on PC's in which performance dramatically decreases, or plain become grade 'A' crap- 1 year down the road. What about most compatibility issues? Well, from what I see and have researched, with the MAC, most compatibility issues are from programs the average PC user doesn't use anyhow so I could care less.

Bottom Line: I just want a machine that does what I need it to do, without a steady decline in performance and speed. I'll take the added bonus that the MAC just happens to look nice too. So people, I have made the decision to start ANEW... Yes, I will be getting an iMAC. I am so in love. *sigh*

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