Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Make No Apologies When I Say This: Nicki Minaj is Garbage

There is not enough interviews, songs, or clips to make me a believer. I don't just toot my nose up on music without reason... I'm not that ignorant to music. Good music is good music and garbage is garbage. I give thorough listens before opening my mouth- I have listened to her on an individual tip and Nicki Minaj is GAH-BAGE. I listen to lyrical content...Not gimmicks and she ain't talking about shit. Now before you go calling me a "hater" because my opinion differs from the people who like her form of "rap" which closely resembles Tourettes... Let me make my points clear of why people like her are the reason REAL hip-hop and lyrical finesse is dying- if not SOLIDIFIED dead.

So Nicki saying they want something new but she stay copying the OLD faces stuff down to "looks" and poses on photos... You wanna change the game? Well do something new then!!! Attempting to LOOK like the other ones who came before you- then trying to act like you created it is not NEW; it's disrespectful. There is no comparison to anyone she mentioned because she doesn't have any of the lyrical skill that any of them possess... She can't hold a candle to none of them chicks and since she's headlining...especially not Lil' Kim. And I quote Kim, "I'm the blueprint, you ain't nuttin' brand new- check ya posters and videos- you'll always be number 2."

People continually want to reference what Kim looks like, but I look at that for what it is; a piss poor defense for Nicki's lacking lyrical skill. Lil' Kim could have a penis growing out the side of her head like the little girl from 'The Oblongs', and she still has better flows than Nicki will ever have AND it don't change the fact that Nicki still bit her entire style. Stop denying the obvious- she wanna GET where Kim BEEN... And realistically speaking, if booty implants and makeup weren't the availible, where would Nicki be? Right with the majority of women, on the average scale. STOPPIT.

Hollering "ya ya ya ya I'mma monster" on a track doesn't make you creative-it makes you retarded. And honestly the only people Nicki seems to appeal to is people who are either holding an IQ of less than 2, or betwixt the ages of 16-24. Not folks who understand what the Q-Tip song, "Dance on Glass" is about. People who know what lyricism is about don't care for her- they look at her for what she is.. a flash in the pan "rapper" and I use the word rapper loosely. She will NOT be around in 2020... She'll be lucky if she makes it to 2013. Gimmicky raps and two-toned weaves will only take you so far.

The only thing she hasn't done like any of the other female rappers out there, is have the NUTS to call out names of someone who may have been beefing said something referencing them. She tries to be subliminal which is pussy IMHO... Remy Ma, Lil' Kim, Foxy, Brat, Eve, Trina and any other female rapper would call it how they see it and do it moving on her ass. This mix with water, shake, and go chick does not have the goods you stans keep wanting to believe she has.
EEEEEENT!!!! Wrong.
However, this is the result of so much garbage being put out- folks no longer know what GOOD lyrics are. I'm sure the majority of people who like her also think "Wocka Flocka Flame" or "Soulja Boy" have great lyrical skills too. I mean there is a time to 'shake that monkey, drink 'n 2-step, or even feel on some booty'... but when it comes to lyrical content these people are not in the same league as say ummm Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Common, or Jay-Z. ok. I'm jus keepin' it TRILL.

And for the record... People who want to talk about Kim not writing her rhymes; Suck a ding-a-ling. NOBODY has no collaboration on song- Hell, Michael Jackson collaborated. Nicki is not this one-woman show you all want to believe she is. Take a look at the chicks garbage cd insert if you were foolish enough to buy it and see if it only has her name in any of the song composer credits. People work with people period. She ain't doing all the work in her music down to the actual lyrics and if she is: that would be a great indicator od why she NEEDS to hire a writer because her shit is terrible. She's on this bubble gum, just make sure it rhymes crap. She is grade 'A' Trash. She gets NO PLAY in my home, ride, or mix-tapes.

On a positive note- Nicki occasionally, and I mean occasionally like a total eclipse of the sun, has a lyric or two that's ok... Which makes her- equivalent to Nate Dogg in my book. Hot on occasion, but I don't want to hear a whole Nate Dogg album. No matter how hard you try to sell this broad- she's just not hot. Not to me anyway. She's simply an in denial cookie-cutter clone rapper- who will go away. And if you wanna know how dispicable I find her music to be... I wouldn't take the Pink Friday cd if it was free... let alone spend 9.99 on it. GTFOH.
SO- Again, I Make No Apologies When I Say This: Nicki Minaj is Garbage. Period. #Thatisall

Just in case you missed it. WOOP. She better stay in her lane.

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