Monday, May 24, 2010

The Truth About Lies...

I am a firm believer in karma and how the things we do, thinking nobody will know or find out usually comes back to bite us in the ass. There is only once in a while you may get by without the world knowing your dirt... Or simply go a good deal of time without being found out but karma knows and will manifest eventually. I'm just laughing thinking about my own karma in the past, how I got what I deserved and how karma has been with others. I'm amused by how a person will trip when you dish karma back automatically. This usually happens when people think nothing will change- and when it does they are like the Jackson 5; in a state of shock. *smh* like BAM!!! I say, don't be mad, or cry about the results of dirt you've done... You wasn't worried when you did it- so why be mad about it now. Man up, yes ladies too... Man up and deal with it and learn from your mistakes. You can't fool everybody, but you're a fool for trying to do that to anybody. HOLLER.

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