Monday, May 24, 2010

The Truth About Lies...

I am a firm believer in karma and how the things we do, thinking nobody will know or find out usually comes back to bite us in the ass. There is only once in a while you may get by without the world knowing your dirt... Or simply go a good deal of time without being found out but karma knows and will manifest eventually. I'm just laughing thinking about my own karma in the past, how I got what I deserved and how karma has been with others. I'm amused by how a person will trip when you dish karma back automatically. This usually happens when people think nothing will change- and when it does they are like the Jackson 5; in a state of shock. *smh* like BAM!!! I say, don't be mad, or cry about the results of dirt you've done... You wasn't worried when you did it- so why be mad about it now. Man up, yes ladies too... Man up and deal with it and learn from your mistakes. You can't fool everybody, but you're a fool for trying to do that to anybody. HOLLER.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life in LA... Single, Free & Disengaged.

You know... I was in love with an idiot. Key word is was... It's a trip how a change of scenery can put shit in true perspective. This person thought that they was king fucking kong apparently. I tried all I could and at times KNEW it was pointless... But you know us women... Sometimes too busy thinking with our hearts instead of our heads. Now it's hella funny that this cat is like screw you blah blah blah... How you gonna be mad with me because I'm not letting you treat me like shit anymore....Like I'm the one who got caught on film doing 4 much. Uhhhh ok! Alrighty then............. As many chances as I gave the fool to get his shit together- he CHOSE not to. So he need to be mad he hasn't learned a valuable lesson or grown the hell up. You played a terrible game and lost. I gave this dumb ass chance after chance and he must have done the same DUMB shit every single time. Well I'm outta patience, done accepting fake ass apologies, and over being done wrong when your ass is hella replaceable. How you got nothing to offer anybody but have no act right? That don't mix- I'd rather be with someone who acts right. Hell the least you can do if your going to be fucking up is be able to tend to me- fuck that lol... I spent nights alone, I asked why, I cried, I did whatever I could as a woman without degrading myself but he found ways time after time to try to make me feel like I deserved how he acted. It wasn't me- i just realized he needs ego strokes I didn't freely give, so thats why he kept these multiple hoes around and he just is simply used to trash- so of course he didn't know what to do with a treasure. And you thought I wanted to bring that bullshit to another city!? Hells naw...I'll pass. You know- you win some and you lose some; and he definitely lost this one and there's no get back after this... The damage is done. It would be bad ju-ju to deal on ANY level after this mess... I wouldn't even want to be around him- I don't love him like that any more, I don't want it to work anymore...I'd be seeing other men and I damn sure wouldn't be fucking his ass so- what would the point be after all this??? None at all. Yes, I could be spiteful but I'm not into childish games... I will hit you with blessed wishes and move on. That'll get you worse. Stick to what you thought you wanted when you left me hanging... I'll be with someone else feeling great like Tony. However, I've reclaimed my shit... ALL of it. I'm not stupid, dumb or anybodys property- I am a woman and I will be treated as such------ period. Stick to the tricks, tramps and trash you're used to and get out the way for a real man to claim this queen. *poof* be gone. #bitchboobye