Friday, February 5, 2010

Questions YOU SHOULD NOT ask folks after S-E-X...

Great sex is just that... You either enjoy it or you don't... I just want to put three elements.. more-so questions out there that you need not ask a MUGG after you done did tha do.

1- Did you come?

If you have to ask.. you know the answer (Think about it...) I mean most times even if I didn't it's not like YOU didn't- that's why you're on ya back knocked out sleep.

2- AM I in your top 5? Why would you want to know.. I mean seriously!!! If you really want to have your feelings shitted on, by all means go ahead and ask... Long story short- most women will place "making love" and "intimacy" given by a long term partner UP on the totem pole over a mugg who just beat it black and blue...(Think about it...)

I personally have had much better experience with someone I knew gave a damn about me, what I liked, and how I felt... YEP. Sorry bang bangers- (And to those concerned about a top 5...) If your ass is older than 25- and you had sex.. 9 times out of 10 you had more than 3 partners. Unless you only been sleeping with that one person since you started fukkin'- LIAH.

<-- Keepin' it reallz.

3- Am I the best? NIGGA PLEASE. It is another one of those things.. If you have to ask...

"Queen of tha muthafukkin' South- and I can't be stopped- so shut yo' mouth..."- Trina MIXXTAPE.

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