Monday, January 11, 2010

You's A HOE... (See the title of the blog)

All I am saying is it is these Sideline Ho's that is so busy playing number two to realize they are not the ONE. If the nigga really wanted you and wanted to be with you- he'd leave who he was fucking with alone to be WITH you. Not be trying to sneak, duck, and dodge his way around to see you when he "can". If he gotta start a fight at home to see you- stay out all night and act like he couldn't make it home... it's because he trying to keep shit in the safe box where he is at mostly. It's not cuz he wanna stay at home with you- it's cuz he got someone else he knows he need to save face for, and if she wasn't worth shit he'd plain leave her alone and get with your dumb ass. BITCHES please stop lying to yourself believing everything a nigga tell your dumb ass. Put 2 and 2 together and come up with the answer to the equation. You can't call his phone... you don't know where he stay.. you ain't getting no REAL time.... Yes, it takes two to tango, but it is these simple bitches that make it that much easier for them to act like HOES with your trifling- ok with being on the side HOE asses. Either way... I need you to check yourself and realize that just because you acted like you didn't know.. or knew and didn't care- it doesn't make you any less of a HOE. Actually it makes you a STANK ASS HOE in my book. You and him. You deserve each other. Birds of a feather- sneaky- lying and cowardly bitches. If a bitch called me up and asked me some shit about a nigga- it is my duty to tell you what is up. Not on some vindictive shit either, but on a REAL note... Not beat around the bush so the nigga can KEEP lying... lol See a stupid bitch tried to lie the first time- so now that I "caught" the lie- I bursted her bubble with the REAL 411... yes,the nigga had a girl (and hoe don't act like you ain't know...). Bitch he lived with her (That's why he can't spend the nights with you). Yes he got his ass put out(That's why he calling you so often now..); so NOW he is single and you ain't gotta "take him" because now you can HAVE his sorry ass... From me to YOU. ENJOY. He ain't gone do nothing but the same ass shit to So i ain't losing nothing of value. in the words of Lewis from, "I'm all for passing the problem person to someone else." He can be YOUR problem since apparently you want him so bad and he bringing an "abundance" of joy to your life- LMAO! we'll see how long that joy and happiness last before he ain't causing shit but strife, drama, and pain to your foolish ass... because he is no longer going to do it to me. Have fun with that.
Here is a list for you lost hoes...
If you have a s/o and you out fronting like you ain't got one... (see the title of the blog- and add TRIFLING)
If you wanna front like you ain't know s/he had someone yet you can't get no real time or holidays with the person... (see the title of the blog- and add an IN DENIAL)
If you don't know none of the family and ain't been invited to do so after a while of seeing each other... (see the title of the blog- and add a Regular ol')
If you sitting up lying to yourself and your friends about why you do not know the location that s/he rests...(see the title of the blog- and add SILLY)
If the only thing you can do to contact the person is "text" them... (see the title of the blog- Add DELUSIONAL)
If you have to make a demand that they "stay the night" to show you that you are the only "one"... (see the title of the blog- add SIMPLY PLEASED)

If you have to convince yourself that there IS a good reason that from December 23rd-the 27th- why you was by yourself... BOO- (see the title of the blog- *See #2 addition)


I am SO glad I busted his ass in in the mouth months before shit hit the fan for lying to me about a bitch. What u do in the dark will come to light. It felt good too... *muah! That was the best that CAME... LOL Rest in PISS coward ass bitch.

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