Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I Have Learned... (Reflections)

After dealing with a crock of shit ass excuse for a dude for the past 2 and a half years; I finally rogered up on the situation, and seen it for what it was and IS- rather than what I'd like it to be. I'd like to share with you all, what I have learned from the whole shitty experience.

1. Trifling people will look you dead in your eyes and lie right through their teeth to get whatever it is they want from someone. 'I love you' <-- example.
2. Some people seriously have no limits on how low they'll go- or act to have it 'their" way.
3. People who are out for themselves are only thinking about the 'moment'- not the long haul. Which is why they are usually unstable people- constantly going place to place.
4. Any man that feels the need to have a backup plan in regards to his "relationship" (And by that I mean multiple bitches all over the place... Is just as much of a hoe as she is for fucking with him- knowing he had a woman.
5. NEVER compromise your dignity, self-respect, or tolerance levels for the sake of "love" because real love doesn't hurt. I mean that mentally, physically, and emotionally. If that person loved you- they wouldn't treat you like shit.
6. Any guy that sits on a cell-phone like a 16 year old girl is cheating.
7. Any guy that's always in the club is cheating.
8. Any guy that's always hanging up under his "homeboys" is cheating- that or he's got some "tendencies".
9. Any guy that thinks he got it like that will certainly try to push the envelope to see just how far they can go. Most of the time never bold enough to just do it- but attempt whatever they THINK they can get away with. <--- coward.
10. Any person who doesn't like to hear the TRUTH is in DENIAL.
11. If they're always defensive when you question behavior- it's more than likely because they are doing something they SHOULDN'T be...
12. Leopards do not change their spots!!! A liar is a liar- as a rose is a rose.
13. If they are acting "sneaky" it's more than like they because they are trying to BE sneaky. (Key word: TRYING) <--- can't slick a can of oil.
and last but certainly not least:
14. Some people are simply comfortable being raggedy as me and my girl Bev put it. If work is involved- they'd rather not. Some people seriously would rather have noodles- over shrimp & lobster...An easy guarantee is all some people need to get by. And that is fine- you just will not be doing it on MY time. It is time that real women acknowledge that and let they asses have that nonsense so you have room for a real man in your life that will cherish you and treat you right- because you are not just #1, but the only 1...
Bottom line- You cannot get played until you start playing yourself. No matter what a person says- if their actions do not back it up: chop it up as hot air and do your thing moving. I learned a couple of valuable lessons in the situation, but the most important was: Never settle for less than you deserve- because eventually a nigga will try to treat you like less than the 110% woman you ARE and try to keep you there if you let him...
If you were honest in your efforts to be a friend to a person, there for them, and more than they ever had and they still didn't appreciate it or they took you and your heart for granted... yeah- you'll hurt a little when you walk away... but everyday is easier and better; PLUS you can look at it this way. You ain't got nobody: lying to you, treating you like dirt, playing games, or keeping up drama. They can take that shit on to someone who don't know any better and LIKE that kind of silliness. You actually start to wonder why in the hell it took you so long to get away from that bullshit anyway... So respect yourself enough to draw the line and say enough is e-fucking-nuff. Grown people have goals, change for the better, and recognize good things when they present themselves. Not keep making the same dumb mistakes. <-- where Nikki grew up.
SOOOooOOO FUCK EM. Move around.
You tried to play a game and lost terribly... Checker players can't play with CHESS queens. *double kisses.. muah- muah* Buh-bye!
"You can't bring me down- but you sure can... WIPE me down." LoveBScott
"you must not know 'bout me.. you must not know 'bout me..." Irreplaceable- Beyonce
"Tell Everybody THAT you know.. That I don't love you no mo'..." See U In my Nightmares- Kanye- Lil' Wayne

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