Monday, September 15, 2008

Really good S-E-X...

WARNING: This is an adult blog... if you’re sensitive about sex talk.. or whatever you may want to stop reading right here... if not proceed.

Good sex...I haven’t had any of that this way in a while...Just wasting time. Seems like I can’t get no satisfaction these days, and it’s damn sad... I know I shouldn’t be looking but hell it’s too late for all that... Seems like the dudes be on some other stuff these days. No stamina... No nothing. They just got too many excuses and are just plain w-a-c-k in bed, and that pisses me off. I think the next time I get all hot and bothered I’ll read me an "erotic" novel or something... I get more excitement outta that... Because instead of getting a perfectly pretty pair of panties only have to ask a mugg was that it? Or are you done? (meaning I am/was not) I could have read a book, increased my read speed, and vocabulary, then had a fukkin’ V-8. This is the sh*t that makes a bitch want to be celibate. That is all. HOLLA~
"Then BANG!!! POW!!! BOOM!!! Nothing..."
- Do you really want me- Salt-N-Pepa

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