Saturday, September 26, 2009

How You Gonna Tell Me...

So I have been going through the motions of trying to figure out what exactly it is this idiot really wants out of this crap we call a "relationship"... This fool actually must believe in his heart of hearts that he can do what he wants and come whenever it's best for him to do so. How you gonna tell me you wish I ain't have nothing to say- yet you give me a million things and reasons to have something to say- EVERY TIME I LOOK UP. How you gonna tell me you don't need me in your ear telling you "what to do", ummm how am I telling you what to do when you can't do anything for me as it is? And how am I telling you what to do when you apparently ain't doing anything I am half ass telling you might get you on a bitch's good side? Well since you ain't hearing me- I ain't tryna hear you. POOF. I know you don't think or believe I am ok with being thought of down your list of things "to do"... come on now. Something has got to give, and I'll tell you what gave up- I did. I answered my own questions:

Why does he do that? - Because he chooses to
Why do you have to hang in the club every second?- Because he chooses to
Why can you do this that and the third then come at me last? CAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO.
Why can you not do what ur supposed to do?- Cause you choose not to...

Do we get the pattern here? He chooses to act an ass, and don't think he'll have any consequences with them. I mean hell why should he think he will? I been letting his ass think that was so this much this far along- He prolly still thinks I'm just mad for now and will get over it and go right back to this same shit.. Oh but today is a new day- I was not supposed to drag this dumb mess into my 28th year as it is... so let's nip this in the bud. Nothing will change until I MAKE THE CHANGE IN MYSELF. So just as he chooses do do whatever- I am choosing to move around and not deal with that bullshit. Because that's all it is- bullshit. You have entirely too many Ain't Got's to be thinking or telling me I need to just "shut up" and deal with your foolishness. Ain't got no job, ain't got no car, ain't got no money, ain't got no place, ain't got no TIME- which in all actuality that is really all YOU GOT to offer, and you act like you AIN'T GOT that either????? Negro please. Fuck you and what you're going through- I'm going get back to myself, and start back dating REAL MEN who GOT something to offer me besides bullshit on a platter. Late.

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