Monday, September 28, 2009

Ladies.. and fellas if you need that real reality check you better check my boy Lewis out. He is telling that TRUTH FO YO' ASS. Satellite radio offered him a spot, he needs more than 15K fans.. please help him out!!! He is hot as fish grease. I Hustle Nation... The video below got me hooked!!! Truth- we all need it in our lives.. This video woke my ass up! facebook him too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Philosophy On Love...

Why be in a so-called relationship (or fucked up one for that matter) and be in love by yourself, when you can just LOVE YOURSELF?

It's time to stop settling for shit we do not want. I can say I have done it, and the shit doesn't feel good. I'm irritated all the time, fighting left and right, constantly wondering what's next, and just plain unhappy. I want normalcy and something I can depend on being pretty much consistent. That includes me, quality time, and some real love. All that switching up, fronting, and game playing is for the birds. It will be a glorious day when I finally do meet HIM. Until then- I am watching out- and workin' on loving ME.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How You Gonna Tell Me...

So I have been going through the motions of trying to figure out what exactly it is this idiot really wants out of this crap we call a "relationship"... This fool actually must believe in his heart of hearts that he can do what he wants and come whenever it's best for him to do so. How you gonna tell me you wish I ain't have nothing to say- yet you give me a million things and reasons to have something to say- EVERY TIME I LOOK UP. How you gonna tell me you don't need me in your ear telling you "what to do", ummm how am I telling you what to do when you can't do anything for me as it is? And how am I telling you what to do when you apparently ain't doing anything I am half ass telling you might get you on a bitch's good side? Well since you ain't hearing me- I ain't tryna hear you. POOF. I know you don't think or believe I am ok with being thought of down your list of things "to do"... come on now. Something has got to give, and I'll tell you what gave up- I did. I answered my own questions:

Why does he do that? - Because he chooses to
Why do you have to hang in the club every second?- Because he chooses to
Why can you do this that and the third then come at me last? CAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO.
Why can you not do what ur supposed to do?- Cause you choose not to...

Do we get the pattern here? He chooses to act an ass, and don't think he'll have any consequences with them. I mean hell why should he think he will? I been letting his ass think that was so this much this far along- He prolly still thinks I'm just mad for now and will get over it and go right back to this same shit.. Oh but today is a new day- I was not supposed to drag this dumb mess into my 28th year as it is... so let's nip this in the bud. Nothing will change until I MAKE THE CHANGE IN MYSELF. So just as he chooses do do whatever- I am choosing to move around and not deal with that bullshit. Because that's all it is- bullshit. You have entirely too many Ain't Got's to be thinking or telling me I need to just "shut up" and deal with your foolishness. Ain't got no job, ain't got no car, ain't got no money, ain't got no place, ain't got no TIME- which in all actuality that is really all YOU GOT to offer, and you act like you AIN'T GOT that either????? Negro please. Fuck you and what you're going through- I'm going get back to myself, and start back dating REAL MEN who GOT something to offer me besides bullshit on a platter. Late.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday...and beyond......

Sooo, My birthday was a good one.. and for those who don't know it was the 18th... I went to Los Angeles and saw Serani... that was HOT... the pics are on my myspace and facebook... but here is a few. Went to eat at great places and just plain had fun out of San Diego... worked for me!

Me & Bev...

Me & Serani

Serani Performing...

So fast forward to last night- I am always aware of my surroundings... we're out and the 'ho' shows up at the spot last night... in the same ass outfit I last seen her out in months ago. I could see that she was there looking for him. Standing in a spot in the club that you can only be looking for someone at.  I guess she was thinking possibly - if I just show up, he'll be on me. No- he's there with his woman buddha- I'mma need you to sit your desperate, 37 year old, cradle robbing ass on down somewhere. Now downtown is all outta her character- I have never seen this broad out and believe I gets out downtown...she's the type that sits in holes in the wall spots. Ratisha spots so to speak...But how about- he said she walked up to him and was like "what's going on?" and he said nothing and walked off...he shot me a message because i was way across the club said 'im done- let's go'... after that I walked past her, looked her dead in the face and kept walking like- how that feel? Then walked out- with him... like yeah bitch...Eat that- you thought he was done with 2 years of true friendship because you didn't like him talking to me? That was your insecurity talking sweetie- you knew he wasn't done when you thought you was stepping on my toes getting at him. FYI- This is the one who swore she took Had the audacity to call me phone talking about that has been her man for the past year etc etc.. but you haven't realized he ain't never with you? OK.  No sweetie- YOU were temporary- YOU were the play thing.. you was just something to do. We broke up temporarily- you should have ensured it was over before you tried to jump all on him and get "territorial"; he never left, knew where he been, and where he STILL is at, and I'll tell ya'll the straight truth- I kept talking to him to spite her ass because this chick used to sit in my face- apparently plotting on my dude...Bitch you knew- check my post- GET YOUR OWN and quit plotting on what you want when it's currently taken. He is not trying to be with you, and by last nights actions...ain't got anything to say to you either. Kick rocks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey ya'll just in case u wanna get ur laff on.. I have moved over a few blogs from where I normally blog. Maybe this'll be my new REAL home... lol Enjoy

There Comes A Time...

As I approach my 28th birthday- there seems to come a time to put the childish things down, and away. You no longer feel the need to ask questions, don't feel the urge to fight, you plain just grow up. The answers we usually attempt to seek from others, because we are afraid of what our own-selves are telling us... is almost-always in our faces. When you get tired of living day-to-day, not knowing what's next, or what drama filled episode you'll have down the line, you begin to change. And with those changes you almost always will see some people in your life adjust too, or plain go away. It isn't much to ask from anyone to be respectful of you and your feelings about life, but when it does become too much to ask- it is time to move. I have packed my last box, and am applying tape. It's time to move from this house.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silly Bitches...

You know if there is one thing I do not like- it's a silly bitch. I mean we all can act silly from time to time, but if all you do is act silly I need to you go sit in the corner- put the 'DUNCE' hat on, and stay out my way and think about it. Example: about 2 weeks ago, i was out.. lookin' fly as I do when I steps out... and a conversation got turned ugly because the chick swore I said I was better than her. LMAO... I was like.. wow... you think so.. but you know ur kelly blue book value is not high.. never married...5 kids... no job... and stay in a club??? boo- realistically, I am but I never let that fall from my lips. lol. YOU think I am better than you and that OFFENDS YOU. Too bad, so sad- get ya bars up. Moving along...
Bitch you knew he had a woman... I do not like women who deal with other womens men like they ain't know.. Check it- no home number? not knowing where he stays? no answer at 2 am... can't be together in public.. the only thing he do for you is help u get a nut.. if that... Don't know none of the family, never invited... the only people you know if his "friends"... please! If you ain't knowing none of that after 2 months chances are.. he got someone who IS his woman- while your silly ass sitting up thinking you're the ONE. The ones who really amuse me is the ones acting like they got one leg up on the woman because she "had her man"... EEEEENT!!!! You're not one leg up.. you were played, laid, and dismayed... You're still going to be spending the holidays alone. She's still number 1... and you're still trying to get scraps of time from someone elses... Girl please get your own man. Monica made a song for your kind... check it out- it's called SIDELINE HO... Long story short- breaks it down that second place ain't no prize nor do they GET one... you make urself look dumb sitting around trying to TAKE someone elses man, if he wanted to be with you- he'd LEAVE her then deal with you. In which he knows he does not have to- why should he- you're settling for number 2... feel free if that's what you like. moving along. Do not be silly... that's all I'm sayin'.
"You's a hoe.. you's a hoe.. SIDE-LINE-HO... Get your shit together you're making a fool of yourself, it don't matter if he spends the night, his home is somewhere else...."

- Monica- Sideline Ho

Friday, September 11, 2009

Somethin' Diff'rent

New me... lil Fyah....Whatcha think? Oh that's my pup

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hair... Hair... Hair...

As a stylist I love to change up my looks, and HAIR is key to that change sometimes. I absolutely trip on how a certain hairstyle will pull an outfit together to make it look either BLAH or BAM!!! I am a huge fan of big hair.. I love big curly locks, and once in a while sleek and straight is the jam too. I have been very fortunate to get away with almost any hair-do I choose... *whew* Here are a few tips on helping you select a new look-wig, or hair do. Always take into consideration what you DO like about your hair as it is now... Maybe the length, color, etc... What you DO NOT like about your current hairdo, and also what you DO NOT want your new hair to look like. Beware of stylists who push what they want you to wear- on you- opposed to what you WANT. Granted you must take into consideration a stylist may very well have an eye to tell you what is and is not going to look good, but if it is so far off from what you really want- ensure that it is not what you want and EXPRESS that to them as well. I do not like stylists who do not listen! I don't like bangs- so I better not have any a side swoop is fine, but full out bangs?- NO. Just pay attention to what truly looks good on you and you'll be able to get just about any hairstyle you like on you as well. It's about doing what works- not what we want all the time. What's your favorite looks on you? what looks do you not like?