Monday, August 10, 2009

A Shared Response...(Relationships)

Read a post not too long ago which was the things "men hate that women do"...(And she says.. blog- Bella) On this is I found things like...

- "for me the most annoying thing is a girl who is overly clingy or needy, yet untrusting. like they want u to call 3x a day but if that doesnt go down then they assume the worst and dude is always working to prove something."

- a female with no confidence

- "I dunno that's a difficult one cuz uwant attitude but then u don't want no stank attitude and u don't want super friendly."
"you know what I hate is when they get mad cuz we not spending enough "time" like I'm busy Im not even wit other gurls, just busy. this new level of selfishness I'm so unfamilar with it, like if I like u we gone chill relax! Why we gotta be together EVERY minute?"

Now to chop it up...I responded just like this:
We can let this digest and regurgitate it, and everyone will have their own interpretation of what they got going on in their relationships... True as some men and I say SOME for a reason may be because it is out of the horses.. aka men's mouths. I wouldn't dare call a man a dog. Dog's are actually loyal.*lol*
Anyway, I agree we need to look within if we find ourselves in the same situations, because usually you know BS when you see, smell or step in it. Whether you choose to deal with it or not is entirely up to you. Too often dudes take it upon themselves to make the choice for the woman to deal with his bullshit... that's when the questioning, clingy stuff, and nagging begins. Women are not dolls in boxes you choose to take down and play with when you're ready. If you wanna do your thing, that is all to the goodie, but don't get mad when she's doing her thing too, or try to act like ya'll exclusive and got her waiting at home while you're doing your thing.
I feel a mutual level of respect keeps both parties from getting their wired crossed. Which for some reason men always seem to lack. Don't get me wrong, females do it too, but men are(usually) the main problem in the relationship. (And as Kelis gracefully put it.. it takes two to tango when cheating- Blame them hoes that knew about you and still decided to mess with him.. and his ass for allowing it) Sorry, that's just how goes it.
What most fucked off relationships are missing is that one key point: COMMUNICATION. Period. When you say exactly what you mean, and your actions say the same- there is no room for misunderstandings. Don't sleep with a dude on the first night and not expect him to think you do it often. Don't tell the girl you don't want nothing serious, then wanna hang all up under her, worried about how many numbers she got, or who she fukkin'... IOW- If you didn't want nothing serious, don't front like you do (verbally or non verbally) If your ass ain't gonna show up til 5pm... say so don't tell my ass 2 and have me waiting on you. If you wanna see other people... say so- so she's am not missing out on Ruth Chris with someone who CAN afford though I can take myself.. i'm just sayin'... yet again waiting on your ass.
Whether they want to admit it or not, they know you can almost ALWAYS do better than them, because womens options are always more than mens(and they hate that shit because they are trying to pick and choose and compare at ALL times...).... unless his ass look like Halle Berry or some shit.
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