Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tell Em Why U Mad Son...

Actually nothing to be mad about. I'm more disgusted in "human" behavior than ever before... You know I pondered for about 5 minutes... (Yeah 5.. doesn't take me long to gather thoughts fools. ) and I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so damn dumb. I mean there are some genuinely smart people out there and I don't understand why it's such a bad thing to be- educated...employed.. doing right...being faithful.. or hell plain not dumb enough to keep making the same mistakes. Though we are all guilty of repeating things, or doing things we shouldn't. But eventually get tired of the same responses, and move on from it... What I don't understand people who make indisputable dumb choices. EXAMPLE:
1. You have a guy/girl who does right by you, treats you well and helps you out when you have nothing... Down to giving you somewhere to stay even when your so-called friends ain't got a couch to offer you.
Dumb move: Cheating on them with somebody who had NOTHING like just like you. How about you make a move that's going to elevate your situation... not put you back on the streets... Ain't no coochie or ding-a-ling worth me being homeless. Sorry- it ain't that serious.
2. You have an opportunity to get around people who make things happen, have careers, and are trying to be positive in their lives. Making moves while you see it...They also, share that knowledge with YOU.
Dumb move: Saying you would never want to be a sistah/brother who wears a tie to work, and you can't do that. However would rather hang around a bunch of gang affiliated idiots who might make all of a quick buck or quick money, by either selling "fruit-cock-tail" on the corner, or "white girl" (cuz ain't no REAL money in weed people; unless you MOVING some sh*t- let's not front)are in and out of jail constantly. <-- that's the crowd u prefer to hang with????? You're not hanging with the right ones because guess what? the ones who IS moving it like that prolly hanging around the people with real jobs LMAO. *SMH*
3. You have the opportunity to be real. Period. The person has shown you that you are not slick and cannot get much past them. It's like mama's- they just know and eventually will have all her ducks in a row to be like BAM!!!! Remember- you can be found out, and the point is they're smarter than you- stop lying when you're not that smart. If you're that messy in whatever it is you're doing- you're better off being honest. Especially if you can't get away with more than a week of activity before being found out. ** NOTE: Sorry it is how it is- some folks are simply smarter than you are- it's not cocky or mean; it's truth and more than likely... when you're busted repeatedly- it's because that other person is smarter than you. Sorry it's just how it is.
Dumb move: lying when proof's in tha puddin'. How dumb can you really be?
4. You get beat over the head with life lessons- 'til you get it.

Dumb move: not learning from those lessons. Again, we're all guilty of being beat over the head with a lesson more than once.. but all-in-all there was and is a lesson in all of it. Your job is to learn from it and emerge a better person. Learn people... When will you learn???
Point is.. be real with yourself folks... When the truth is too much for you- it's because you're fake. Fake people are in denial about real sh*t. They deny knowing the truth. They deny knowing what was up. They deny knowing it was someone else in the picture..even when they don't know their home numbers or where they live... Fake people say they didn't call opther people when the number is on the bill.. People are plain fake as Beyonce's hair in the 'Ego' video- (which is off the chain though...lmao). Stop. Drop. Roll in some real paste- sit in the sun and let it BAKE....then get the fuck on. One saying about muh-self... since 1997- Nikki is never in denial. if I did it I fucking did it. I'm not going to lie to you or sugar coat it. That way I ain't gotta keep up with no stories. That take up too much time, and eventually I might run into someone that's smarter than I am...
"That's Sheisty... That's Backstabber...and the little one.. that's.. that's Pickpocket"...

- The Mad Rapper

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