Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random Thoughts Vol. 9

Hello people... I have decided to randomize some stuff into an Anthony Hamilton- point of it all type feeling. Instead of that, I am asking what's the point??? What's the point of wanting to stay in a relationship you don't WANT? Is it boredom? Comfortable- or just too damn lazy or cowardly to just say this shit is NOT what I want... and keep it moving? What's the point of those friggin debt consolidation places? A friend applied, and got denied because their credit wasn't the greatest... WTF why do you think they applied? To consolidate bills and get themselves and that mess back on track. What is the point of getting financial/credit help if you need "good credit" to get help!?!? Then another blemish on their credit for applying and getting denied *smh* This is why I say fugg 'em. When I fell in the hole when I wasn't working- I notified all my open accounts of what was going on- some were willing to work with me- others were not. And guess where those who were not are at right now? At the end of the line in getting paid. Why? Because I'll be damned I pay you a "minimum" of 600 dollars because I missed four payments and you know exactly why. Yeaaaah I know- but your credit Nikki- it's already screwed because it's going to show delinquent ANYWAY- so why should I miss out on that cute outfit I saw that my baby girl can wear???? They'll get their money-when I feel like paying them. Matter of fact I might wait long enough to just be like all I got for ya is 1 G- take it or leave it. Them idiots would settle too they know it'd prolly be hell and high water getting a number like that again from me. Anyways, what's the point of not living your life to the fullest? I intend to do exactly what Martin said- with the exception of my child's savings, my own stash, regular living expenses- i'mma ride this mutha til the wheels fall off. Bet that!!!

"Who am I living for.... question existing..."- Rihanna

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