Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kissable Lips...

We all love lucious lips.. well most of us do anyway. What are some of you favorite lip products? As for myself M.A.C's lipglass will alwys have the numbr one spot. Wuth items like Lipglass & Dazzleglass you simply cannot go wrong. Of course the original Lipglass is sticky, but jeeze do you get any glossier? To keep lips supple ensure you drink plenty of water, and also renenber that a slight exfoliation on the lips with a "toothbrush or "scrub style" cloth in gentle circular motion remoed dried lips, helping them maintain a unchapped look. What are some of you favortie lip products?

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SoulCry said...

To exfoliate, I use brown sugar and Vaseline. After I'm done exfoliating, I then put some pure vitamin E on my lips.

I'm kind of experimenting with lipsticks right the day, I currently use Cover Girl's lip stain with LancĂ´me’s Juicy Tube "Beach Plum". I just bought Mac's Satin Media, which is a plum red for went I want to be daring. But it's also nice if you just put on a light coat.