Wednesday, July 15, 2009

60 Days of RX for Brown Skin...

Hello all,
Though I have been gone for a hot second... I am back. Reviewing the RX for Brown Skin line by Dr. Susan Taylor. I am going to go over what I have seen, and noticed with this great line.

So, I purchased this regimen about a bit over 2 months ago, and I want to break down exactly what I have seen with consistent use of the whole regimen. I mean yes- everyday without missing any. Immediately, I felt softness in my skin, and 60 days later I still continue to have that softness that makes you want to touch on your own face all day. Now we know that is not good, as it can lead to break outs, but hey- a touch here and there won't kill ya. *lol* The second most noticeable effect after using the regimen was the overall texture improvement that was VISIBLE. Believe it or not, our mirrors can trick us into seeing things we thought did, or did not exist. Once you get in proper light, and a crisp-clean mirror boy does the truth shine through! The whole texture of my skin, like the feel was softer. An airbrushed look if you will. The area on my face which had defiant little "wrinkly patches" (from irritability, or plain dryness) seemed to blend in a whole lot better, smoothed and evened. As far as the blotchiness or deep hyperpigmentation goes, I have seen some improvement. Nothing drastic to swear off any other possible aids, but an improvement. The blotchiness is less noticeable, whereas I used to look in the mirror and zoom in on the areas of hyperpigmented skin; So this is definitely a plus.

So what's the verdict? I think i'll keep the RX regimen. Seems to be working for me, especially in conjunction with the Clarisonic. If I have seen this much improvement in 60 days who know's what'll change in another 60? I want to reinterate what consistent use means. It means without fail- morning and evening regimen. You are allowed to miss a day or two without your regimen, because we all get lazy, but you must get back on the horse!!! Otherwise you're sitting at a whole week without your skin care in line, and then you're being counter productive to your own results. So, don't do that to yourself, or the product (which you'll end up bashing because of*) As stated in previous blogs it takes about 3 months of continuous use of almost ANY product to see DEFINITE results. I am satisfied at 60 days with current results- so i'll definitely be keeping the RX line. Thank you Dr. Susan Taylor.

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yours truly said...

nice review. i'm really proud of dr taylor for the work she did on this line. i remember getting her book "brown skin" a couple years ago (it was a good enlightening read on skin, hair and overall body care). it's nice to hear she came out with such a quality product, especially for women of colour.