Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Ode to Urban Decay...

For those who happen to know the latest love of my life comes in the form of a lovely silver tone with purple accents. Yes folks.. I'm talkin' Urban Decay... I stumbled upon this precious jewel of a brand while I was on a straight mission to revamp my makeup collection. M.A.C. had fulfilled it's destiny and I grew weary of 'I thought this worked good' items. From UD's primer potion, to the luxe shadows, and 24/7 liners which glide on so perfect and smooth; I have yet to try a cosmetic from them that I did not like. My latest addition to my already too darn steep collection is the lipstick and Urban Decay's most popular selling titled item (color as well) is- Midnight Cowboy... I have the shadow and now the lucious lipstick! It is a shimmering beige tone that goes awesome with a high gloss, or alone.

Before I even think about putting an shadow on- no matter who the manufacturer is.. The primer potion must go on the lids. This allows crease-free, long wearing shadows with vibrant colors to STAY.

On my eyes, the most beautiful... with the title of 'Roach', which sounds absolutely disgusting... is the most gorgeous color I have encountered in a long while! It's usually hard to find reddish brown colors that don't have too much of either. This was the perfect combination and worked wonderfully as a crease color!!!

When Im feelin' oily, or like my makeup simply needs a boost.. I reach for my De-Slicked blot powder. Though the color is almost white with a hint of lavender tone, it goes on colorless and picks up all the oil...making your make up look fresh a while longer. Who doesn't want that!? It also doesn't hurt that it comes in a gorgeous compact. I have dropped this thing a ton of times and havenever had the power fall or crack up- nor the case. Definitely worth every penny!

Do you remember the days when you used to have to burn the tip of your eyeliner to get it to glide? Oh but let us not forget you had to wait about 30 seconds after you did that for it to solidify itself again or else you'd have not only a mashed up pencil, but a mess on your eyelids. Those days are forever gone with 24/7 Glide-on Liner. These pencils are the truth! They go on true to color and don't wipe off too easily. However, when it is time for it to come off... & They do come off without having to rub your eyes out!

For those women of color who say, 'What the heck do I need a bronzer for? I have enough color....' I thought the same thing for a while until I took a look at my pictures when I wore makeup and looked almost like there was no warmth to my skin tone. I didn't look pale but it looked like something was missing! Until I found this wonderful Baked, 'Toasted'. Now, this doesn't give you that fake lookin' sun BURNT glow with way too much shimmer although I am sure they have that as well. However, if that's what you're lookin' for- this ain't the one for you. I just needed a hint of warth that was matte, and that is exactly what I got with this and I love it!

As you all know I must pencil my no eyebrow having self up with faux ones *lol* This wax with the Brow Box is awesome! After I use an angle brush to apply the brow, I go over it with the wax that is contained at the bottom pop out drawer, and voila! No more rubbed off eyebrows, and it darkens them a bit to make them more noticeable. The box also comes with a nice little applicating angle brush, and small, small, small tweezers. Just in case there is hair, that shouldn't be there. Ingenious!!!

When I am not wearing lashes, I like to front like mine can hang with the big gals.. well with the Multi-benefit Skyscraper mascara... they actually can. Oddly enough when a rep at Sephora showed me the tube, and was going to use some on a customer i did the same thing I normally do, as i have no brows, or lashes *lol* I though, 'what the ufck-ever..." until I saw him apply it... OMG! Yes... it is now in the collection and I love how it curls and lifts lashes while making them that much longer- which is definitely a BENEFIT to me!

When it's all said and done, and this girl is done having fun... All this stuff HAS to come off. Now I reach for my Clean & Sober makeup remover... This cleanes all my makeup off without the hard rubbing or sting. Smells wonderful while doing what it's supposed to. Though it's definitely one to reckon with MUFE's Sens-Eyes.. it does a darn good job second to. Either way it works.. wonderfully at that.

The point of it all is Urban Decay makes some FANTASTIC products! if you haven't given them a try- please do when you get an opportunity. This was my ode.. hope you liked it and saw something you want to give a try.

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Yan Tan said...

lol...yes we did girl...we r too silly always getting into something ;-p

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Yan Tan said...

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