Friday, June 5, 2009

Crimes in Facial Care & Makeup...

I was simply surfing the web for new content and happened to think along the lines of my recent post about product reviews. I ended up doing a review on about a product by Smashbox, called 'eye illusion'. The purpose of the almost pale, barely there colors is to create new colors, or if your skin allows- to be worn alone.

I have said it once, and I will say it again; There are some genuinely crappy items out there, BUT most bad reviews come from improper use, or not using the product for what it was intended for. Today I'm going to go over a few 'crimes' (in my humblest opinion) to help relieve some product bashing.

Facial Care Crimes- 'Cuz you just need to know

If you know your skin is oily, why are you using a moisturizing moisturizer??? How about you use an 'Oil-Control' moisturizer? Different strengths, formulas, and pretty color bottles are for that purpose.-Different needs.

If your skin is easily irritated- it wouldn't hurt to try the patch test on a hidden part of your skin to ensure you don't have a reaction 24-48 hours after use of the product. Better to wait 2 more days before trying something that may possibly have your skin looking worse than what it started at; then saying you had a BAD reaction to the product.

Dry skinned people- if you do not exfoliate almost every other day and moisturize daily why are you complaining that your makeup looks dry? I know this first hand.

Weather changes, or skin changes require- change in your regimen as well. Yeah- it actually does- so stop complainin'.

Makeup CRIMES- These are the Stop go to jail- directly to jail- do not pass 'Go' nor collect $200 crimes.

YES, you need to moisturize before applying makeup. Allow your pre-makeup routine to have time to absorb if you feel oily. I confess the reason I previously did not apply moisturizer before makeup is because I felt like that stuff was going to make my makeup look oily. Indeed immediately applied afterward it does. Give your last item at least 10 minutes on your skin before applying your makeup- otherwise what do you expect to look like? Nothing for the skin to drink makes it attempt to drink the makeup. This in turn is why your makeup is sinking into your pores making your skin look dried out or look like a bad application. Adding moisture gives the pores their drink, and lets the makeup stay true to your skin, and actually helps it look better and last longer. No moisture is a CRIME!!!

Fading shadow or it won't stay put? Hmmm how about using a good base? Urban Decay's Primer Potion is the truth, and if you've got oily lids try Too Faced- Shadow Insurance. I almost promise that your eye make up won't go anywhere, or crease for at least 5 or 6 hours. Though I have worn mine longer without either happening until I TOOK it off- I only can place so much faith in a product! It really upsets me that I just found these items because now that I look back on older pictures where my makeup was off the hook- I used way too much product and it still faded because I didn't have or was not wearing a great base. Eyeshadow without base is a CRIME!!!

Skin bumping up because of your makeup? Well, I'm going to need you to thoroughly cleanse your face; Especially after wearing makeup. I probably wash my face 4 times after I have worn makeup. Due to the fact your skin kinda goes into GANXTA MODE while you sleep, those products if you did not get the majority of them off, can get into your pores an can cause a breakout. Yes, you may be tired from partying, but Better to stay up an extra 5 minutes, than wait a week for a breakout to clear up fully. Non-thorough cleaning is a CRIME!!!!
BLACK LIPLINER- NO, NO, NO... unless you are an avant garde model in a show; which 20 times out of ten you are not- Don't do this-for it is a CRIME!!!
What are your no-no's and crimes when it comes to fashion and beauty???
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