Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bathing Beauty...

There is nothing more relaxing than a good shower and/or bath. I have a tendency to take a nice shower and scrub the tub before soaking in a bubble bath or just soaking. Either way, we all have our routines, but what's used is also different. I have a ridiculous amount of bath items, which go beyond lathering. I am a LUSH fanatic! The first time I stumbled across this wonderful store I was in London... Good ol' UK. Fell in love with every scent that was there for my nose to smell. Not only is this stuff scented beautifully, it makes bathtime fun, and yes something to look forward to even more. Here are a few of my favorite Lush items.

1. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar

This Bubble bar works wonders and smells amazing! Relax in the blue water while the aroma does it's thing. Patchouli!!! MMMmmMM. Very relaxing and one bubble bar goes pretty far. I get about 4 baths out of one bar, and my skin is scented for hours. I like this bath after a tiring day, as it relaxes me like nothing else. Check out their other bubble bars like, Hot milk, Two Timing Tart, and The Comforter.

2. This is the SEX BOMB- aka a bath bomb that smells delightful! I have never had such a lovely bath until I met LUSH. The bomb begins to fizzle one it is plopped into your tub of water. Scents the water and this particular bomb is scented with lots of Jasmine!!! Try this and a few other great bath bombs. I love Sakura, Butterball, and of course Big Blue. They even have Ickle Baby bomb and Baby devil for children which contain lavender.

3. The Sultana of Soap- I bought this soap actually thinking it maybe wouldn't be my favorite bar soap but was Nikki surprised!!! Now my favorite among soaps... Creamy with a hint of fruit such as apricots, cranberry and currant. This soap is the shiz-nit! When i say it leaves the most awesome smell on you- that's what the heck I mean. This among many other soaps like Snowfairy, The Godmother, Rockstar, and Honey I Washed The Kids make bath and shower an experience to behold.

These are just a few products from Lush that I absolutely LOVE. Check them out at and try a few new things out. Their fresh face masks are awesome too. Though you probably need to get ahold of some of those in an actual store (for those who are so lucky to live near one.) I use 'Sacred Truth' which does justice to a tired face. It is true- I traveled all the way from San Diego to Santa Monica to get ahold of Lush items... Sure I could order them online, but that would take away from the store experience... *sigh* What are some of your favorite bath items?

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yours truly said...

only been to a lush store once in an airport. but my god i wanted to LIVE in that place. it smells so beautiful. makes me wish i bought something then because i've heard their hair products are nice too and online shopping is not an option for me. :/ oh well.

loving the new template btw. where'd you get it?

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@ Yours truly.. I just did a background search for like myspace layouts, and then just apply the tempate only the background picture. try something like