Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Ode to Urban Decay...

For those who happen to know the latest love of my life comes in the form of a lovely silver tone with purple accents. Yes folks.. I'm talkin' Urban Decay... I stumbled upon this precious jewel of a brand while I was on a straight mission to revamp my makeup collection. M.A.C. had fulfilled it's destiny and I grew weary of 'I thought this worked good' items. From UD's primer potion, to the luxe shadows, and 24/7 liners which glide on so perfect and smooth; I have yet to try a cosmetic from them that I did not like. My latest addition to my already too darn steep collection is the lipstick and Urban Decay's most popular selling titled item (color as well) is- Midnight Cowboy... I have the shadow and now the lucious lipstick! It is a shimmering beige tone that goes awesome with a high gloss, or alone.

Before I even think about putting an shadow on- no matter who the manufacturer is.. The primer potion must go on the lids. This allows crease-free, long wearing shadows with vibrant colors to STAY.

On my eyes, the most beautiful... with the title of 'Roach', which sounds absolutely disgusting... is the most gorgeous color I have encountered in a long while! It's usually hard to find reddish brown colors that don't have too much of either. This was the perfect combination and worked wonderfully as a crease color!!!

When Im feelin' oily, or like my makeup simply needs a boost.. I reach for my De-Slicked blot powder. Though the color is almost white with a hint of lavender tone, it goes on colorless and picks up all the oil...making your make up look fresh a while longer. Who doesn't want that!? It also doesn't hurt that it comes in a gorgeous compact. I have dropped this thing a ton of times and havenever had the power fall or crack up- nor the case. Definitely worth every penny!

Do you remember the days when you used to have to burn the tip of your eyeliner to get it to glide? Oh but let us not forget you had to wait about 30 seconds after you did that for it to solidify itself again or else you'd have not only a mashed up pencil, but a mess on your eyelids. Those days are forever gone with 24/7 Glide-on Liner. These pencils are the truth! They go on true to color and don't wipe off too easily. However, when it is time for it to come off... & They do come off without having to rub your eyes out!

For those women of color who say, 'What the heck do I need a bronzer for? I have enough color....' I thought the same thing for a while until I took a look at my pictures when I wore makeup and looked almost like there was no warmth to my skin tone. I didn't look pale but it looked like something was missing! Until I found this wonderful Baked, 'Toasted'. Now, this doesn't give you that fake lookin' sun BURNT glow with way too much shimmer although I am sure they have that as well. However, if that's what you're lookin' for- this ain't the one for you. I just needed a hint of warth that was matte, and that is exactly what I got with this and I love it!

As you all know I must pencil my no eyebrow having self up with faux ones *lol* This wax with the Brow Box is awesome! After I use an angle brush to apply the brow, I go over it with the wax that is contained at the bottom pop out drawer, and voila! No more rubbed off eyebrows, and it darkens them a bit to make them more noticeable. The box also comes with a nice little applicating angle brush, and small, small, small tweezers. Just in case there is hair, that shouldn't be there. Ingenious!!!

When I am not wearing lashes, I like to front like mine can hang with the big gals.. well with the Multi-benefit Skyscraper mascara... they actually can. Oddly enough when a rep at Sephora showed me the tube, and was going to use some on a customer i did the same thing I normally do, as i have no brows, or lashes *lol* I though, 'what the ufck-ever..." until I saw him apply it... OMG! Yes... it is now in the collection and I love how it curls and lifts lashes while making them that much longer- which is definitely a BENEFIT to me!

When it's all said and done, and this girl is done having fun... All this stuff HAS to come off. Now I reach for my Clean & Sober makeup remover... This cleanes all my makeup off without the hard rubbing or sting. Smells wonderful while doing what it's supposed to. Though it's definitely one to reckon with MUFE's Sens-Eyes.. it does a darn good job second to. Either way it works.. wonderfully at that.

The point of it all is Urban Decay makes some FANTASTIC products! if you haven't given them a try- please do when you get an opportunity. This was my ode.. hope you liked it and saw something you want to give a try.

Until next time...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautiful Lies...

And we're off!!! I decided to do a section dedicated to the myths that surround beauty, and hair. There is so much information out there on how to do this and that, or why this that and the third isn't working. Again, I emphasize we are all different but there are common rules that need to be laid down in order to understand and decipher what is and is not real when it comes to beauty... I will explore the top 3 (in my opinion) myths when it comes to beauty and hair... Shall we???

Myth #1. In order to have healthy hair you can't relax it. - Some people use the word "perm" but it's called relaxer. Now to the nitty gritty. Healthy hair is attainable no matter HOW you wear your hair. It's all about maintenance. If you get a relaxer, you must maintain it. Period. Otherwise you're asking for breakage, and damage. And another thing... Your hair needs to be healthy before you get a relaxer anyway. See the pic on the left. Why put a chemical on damaged hair??? It is not in the condition it needs to be in to handle a chemical anyhow. Blame the bad stylist who put it on you, and yourself for allowing it, and then blaming the product!!! The product didn't damage your hair, bad practice did. The purpose of the relaxer is to 'loosen the curl'- not to make it straight. If the hair is straightened too much- it is OVERPROCESSED, and now porus. Which can also occur in coloring hair as well. See the pic on the right. Yes, your hair is in a more healthy state when it's natural, but if you do not know how to care for your natural hair, it'll break, and get damaged just like chemically processed hair. MAINTAIN your hair, and you'll have healthy hair. Period.

Myth #2. I can color my hair by box and it'll be fine. First, let's briefly go over how "PERMANENT" color works. There are 10 levels when it comes to color... 1 being black, and 10 being blond. In between is 5- red... Now when coloring hair you must understand what you can and CANNOT do (and maintain healthy hair...) In order for someone who has darker hair to go to a lighter color you must lighten your hair. Whether is it by "bleach" or a high volume peroxide. The color that is in the darker hair must be LIFTED.
<---- If you don't understand this wheel. DO NOT try to color your own hair!!!!! Meaning, you cannot slap a red color on top of your dark tresses and expect the color on the box. No sweetie, you'll have hints of red on your dark hair that may only be visible in the light. Blondies... no you can't just slap red on your head and think it'll be red either. You have a yellow tone, so your hair will turn orange... you need violet to cancel out yellows and green to cancel out red tones etc etc etc. And no you cannot color your hair jet black, and go back blond. Not without a pair of scissors you won't. Color does not lift color!!! Point is folks:If you do not understand how color works, or how the color wheel does play a HUGE role in the tones, and colors you'll get... leave hair coloring to the professionals. P.S. Box colors have lots of ammonia. Though there are some that don't but there are many more that do, and that ammonia is no bueno for your hair, that leaves an ashy cast on the hair when you finish. Henna is nice, but you must be careful with it as well, as it is a metallic. Relaxers and metallics are no go.

#3. It doesn't matter what kind of shampoo I use. OOOOHH contraire mu-fraire... There are not so many shampoos out there for so many purposes for no reason. Brands? That's on you to choose, but nothing less than the best for this beauty nut. Kera Care, Enjoy, Kenra, and fifty million other awesome lines out there. The key is finding what is going to work for your hair! Someone with fine hair shouldn't be using a moisturizing shampoo unless they have dry scalp: why? Because this will weigh their already fine hair down even further and make their hair stick to their heads. Use lots of product? A Clarifying shampoo would be best because it cleanses without stripping the hair of what it needs. Believe it or not many people think they have dandruff when they really don't. Shedding of the skin cells happens on the head just like anywhere else on the body. The best way to a nice fresh scalp is to use a comb to "get up" that skin prior to shampooing... that is sticking to the head, so that when you shampoo you also get that skin off your scalp! Viola! No Dandruff!!! And yes, conditioning is essential. Conditioning keeps the hair supple, detangles, and as long as you choose the right kind- helps maintain healthy hair.
How do you know all this Nikki??? Well let's see... did I mention I'm licensed stylist with ethics and I believe in educating clients? A stylist that just 'does your hair' and doesn't give vital information like 'RED is high maintenance' or have ethics like, 'your hair is a bit too damaged for chemical treatment...' is not a very good stylist.
Here are some things to look for in your stylist:
1. Professional- yet friendly.
2. Consults with you about the condition of your hair, and where you want to go with it.
3. Listens to what you want in a style but also informs you of what is and is not flattering. helps you make decisions on what's best for YOU- your hair, lifestyle, and maintenance.
4. Is not only out to make a quick buck, but have a lifetime client- because they are just that good at what they do: resulting in what you love, a head of healthy hair, and knowledge of how to maintain that beautiful hair in the event they are not availible.
Just know that I does this. OK... Now that we've covered that... On to the Make-up Myths...

Myth #1. People who wear makeup don't like how they look. Now if you wear so much makeup you no longer look like YOU- then maybe you're wearing "too much." The purpose of makeup is to enhance your already there features. False lashes, lip plumpers, and things of that nature are extras. They don't change you. they enhance. I love how I look...

Myth #2. Men like women who do not wear make up. *ROTFLMBAO..hahah hahhahhah hahahhh ...ok.. ok ok... ok...* Whew, had to catch my composure. For the record I just wanna say that's BUH-SHYT. I believe men prefer the "natural look" but believe you me- that's makeup made to look natural often times. Who wants to wear a fierce dress and look "natural"? Umm yeah glam is for glam wear, and for some glam is daily. It's up to you though! I have said before that it is a talent in wearing make up- Not looking like you have it on. I promise you if you ask a man who his top five women who are up there on their look good list is- chances are they are "made up" in some way... If a man say he don't like make up that's probably because he don't want you getting looks and/or attention from any other guys; Ask me how I know. *ding* No, it's not that you're not naturally beautiful, makeup simply plays up your features. Period. Nothing more- nothing less. If anything- a man should be happy you take the time to polish yourself up, so you're looking your best, and he's the one who has YOU on his arm. Taking over an hour may indicate a problem though *lol* SO- Yes, ladies wearing only eyeliner, lipgloss, and mascara still constitutes you wearing MAKE UP budda. Stop livin' in denial and explore some other items to perfect your 'natural' look. Here's natural looks... but guess what? They are still wearing makeup.

I never said you should look like you work at M.A.C... then again that wouldn't be a bad thing anyway that says you got skillz... sometimes. *lol*

Myth #3. I can't wear makeup because... Kill the excuses ladies. MEN wear makeup see than us sometimes. Yes, both of the pix below are MEN... Kill your excuses ladies.

OK! Prescriptives blends for your tone. Many ways of coverage powder, liquid, mineral. Need sunscreen? Heck it's in a lot of foundations and products these days. There are consultants all over Sephora, M.A.C., and Macy's counters. ASK for help if you need it. I promise you nobody came out the womb knowing how to apply their perfected shadow. Practice, be prepared to wipe it off and start over if it wasn't the look you wanted... get good products (for you) and see what works and doesn't work for YOU. Either way- stop with the excuses! Beautify your outside to match your inner beauty. There is no such thing as "day/night" make-up. Make-up is about fun and enhancing your representative, and goodness- making a lasting first impression on the world. How many people that you do not know- will walk by you today? Exactly. You may very well not care what they think, but I know what they won't be saying about Nikki. Goes like this: "Damn she was lookin' fugged up." *lol*

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just So Ya'll Know (off topic)

My life is like a damn reality show sometimes.. This blog is dedicated to beauty, and things of that nature... But if you want a dose of Nikki Smooth- Raw & in living color... Scream at me on myspace: nikkay2desire

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bathing Beauty...

There is nothing more relaxing than a good shower and/or bath. I have a tendency to take a nice shower and scrub the tub before soaking in a bubble bath or just soaking. Either way, we all have our routines, but what's used is also different. I have a ridiculous amount of bath items, which go beyond lathering. I am a LUSH fanatic! The first time I stumbled across this wonderful store I was in London... Good ol' UK. Fell in love with every scent that was there for my nose to smell. Not only is this stuff scented beautifully, it makes bathtime fun, and yes something to look forward to even more. Here are a few of my favorite Lush items.

1. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar

This Bubble bar works wonders and smells amazing! Relax in the blue water while the aroma does it's thing. Patchouli!!! MMMmmMM. Very relaxing and one bubble bar goes pretty far. I get about 4 baths out of one bar, and my skin is scented for hours. I like this bath after a tiring day, as it relaxes me like nothing else. Check out their other bubble bars like, Hot milk, Two Timing Tart, and The Comforter.

2. This is the SEX BOMB- aka a bath bomb that smells delightful! I have never had such a lovely bath until I met LUSH. The bomb begins to fizzle one it is plopped into your tub of water. Scents the water and this particular bomb is scented with lots of Jasmine!!! Try this and a few other great bath bombs. I love Sakura, Butterball, and of course Big Blue. They even have Ickle Baby bomb and Baby devil for children which contain lavender.

3. The Sultana of Soap- I bought this soap actually thinking it maybe wouldn't be my favorite bar soap but was Nikki surprised!!! Now my favorite among soaps... Creamy with a hint of fruit such as apricots, cranberry and currant. This soap is the shiz-nit! When i say it leaves the most awesome smell on you- that's what the heck I mean. This among many other soaps like Snowfairy, The Godmother, Rockstar, and Honey I Washed The Kids make bath and shower an experience to behold.

These are just a few products from Lush that I absolutely LOVE. Check them out at and try a few new things out. Their fresh face masks are awesome too. Though you probably need to get ahold of some of those in an actual store (for those who are so lucky to live near one.) I use 'Sacred Truth' which does justice to a tired face. It is true- I traveled all the way from San Diego to Santa Monica to get ahold of Lush items... Sure I could order them online, but that would take away from the store experience... *sigh* What are some of your favorite bath items?

Until Next Time...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Crimes in Facial Care & Makeup...

I was simply surfing the web for new content and happened to think along the lines of my recent post about product reviews. I ended up doing a review on about a product by Smashbox, called 'eye illusion'. The purpose of the almost pale, barely there colors is to create new colors, or if your skin allows- to be worn alone.

I have said it once, and I will say it again; There are some genuinely crappy items out there, BUT most bad reviews come from improper use, or not using the product for what it was intended for. Today I'm going to go over a few 'crimes' (in my humblest opinion) to help relieve some product bashing.

Facial Care Crimes- 'Cuz you just need to know

If you know your skin is oily, why are you using a moisturizing moisturizer??? How about you use an 'Oil-Control' moisturizer? Different strengths, formulas, and pretty color bottles are for that purpose.-Different needs.

If your skin is easily irritated- it wouldn't hurt to try the patch test on a hidden part of your skin to ensure you don't have a reaction 24-48 hours after use of the product. Better to wait 2 more days before trying something that may possibly have your skin looking worse than what it started at; then saying you had a BAD reaction to the product.

Dry skinned people- if you do not exfoliate almost every other day and moisturize daily why are you complaining that your makeup looks dry? I know this first hand.

Weather changes, or skin changes require- change in your regimen as well. Yeah- it actually does- so stop complainin'.

Makeup CRIMES- These are the Stop go to jail- directly to jail- do not pass 'Go' nor collect $200 crimes.

YES, you need to moisturize before applying makeup. Allow your pre-makeup routine to have time to absorb if you feel oily. I confess the reason I previously did not apply moisturizer before makeup is because I felt like that stuff was going to make my makeup look oily. Indeed immediately applied afterward it does. Give your last item at least 10 minutes on your skin before applying your makeup- otherwise what do you expect to look like? Nothing for the skin to drink makes it attempt to drink the makeup. This in turn is why your makeup is sinking into your pores making your skin look dried out or look like a bad application. Adding moisture gives the pores their drink, and lets the makeup stay true to your skin, and actually helps it look better and last longer. No moisture is a CRIME!!!

Fading shadow or it won't stay put? Hmmm how about using a good base? Urban Decay's Primer Potion is the truth, and if you've got oily lids try Too Faced- Shadow Insurance. I almost promise that your eye make up won't go anywhere, or crease for at least 5 or 6 hours. Though I have worn mine longer without either happening until I TOOK it off- I only can place so much faith in a product! It really upsets me that I just found these items because now that I look back on older pictures where my makeup was off the hook- I used way too much product and it still faded because I didn't have or was not wearing a great base. Eyeshadow without base is a CRIME!!!

Skin bumping up because of your makeup? Well, I'm going to need you to thoroughly cleanse your face; Especially after wearing makeup. I probably wash my face 4 times after I have worn makeup. Due to the fact your skin kinda goes into GANXTA MODE while you sleep, those products if you did not get the majority of them off, can get into your pores an can cause a breakout. Yes, you may be tired from partying, but Better to stay up an extra 5 minutes, than wait a week for a breakout to clear up fully. Non-thorough cleaning is a CRIME!!!!
BLACK LIPLINER- NO, NO, NO... unless you are an avant garde model in a show; which 20 times out of ten you are not- Don't do this-for it is a CRIME!!!
What are your no-no's and crimes when it comes to fashion and beauty???
Until Next Time...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Soft-Spoken Eyes... How To Do them...(tutorial)

Starting with a clean and yet again, booger free eye. Apply a primer to the entire eye.

After you have applied the base. Apply a light pink shadow across the eye lid, as before 3/4ths of the way up.

Now apply a dark brown shadow to the crease to show depth.

After you have finishes blending use a small shadow brush to add the highlight on the eyebrow.

After blending all colors you should again have a gradient look from top to bottom.

You know I must draw my eyebrows on *lol*. Lastly ensure it is well blended and to make the colors stand out. I apply a hot pink after blending to make the pink stand out a bit more. Finally a nice Black line of liquid liner.

And there you have it... Brown w/Pink...Hope this helped.

Until Next Time....