Saturday, May 9, 2009

Living Beautifully... By the Bottle...

So, my confessional was that I did feel froggish and leapt on the $200 Clarisonic cleansing brush. Now, most products are carrying the timeline of a week, or so before you see some results, I have noticed an improvement in texture, more than anything and it's only been about 3 days. Yes, it feels nice in the shower, and makes use of your cleanser. By using less, I guess your investment goes further too. Now, I do not by any means have buyers remorse, but I do think a cost of 85 would be reasonable, but apparently they felt otherwise *lol* - but oh well. I am sure soon enough I should have facinating stories to tell you all about it. I'm sure with repeated use, cleansing gets better as well. I was never one to expect a miracle in a bottle... I'm lying.

I want to discuss some things I have used, along with their supposed purpose. Trial & Result. Shall We???

This Crap in a Box... Now I have struggled with hyperpigmentation for a while. After using this on my skin for about a month and a half I tossed it. It didn't seem to be working at all, and believe it smells just like BLEACH too. luckily I didn't spend more than about 5 dollars on it. It was recommended by a friend whom had said they used it and it worked for them. Oh well.

Mama Lotion had so much hype behind it. Supposedly almost made for those suffering (I hate when they say that from the dreaded melasma. I decided to go ahead and try it. Well- I think I used this for about the same amount of time, and yet- again saw no results. And this mess is NOT cheap. $45 bucks down the drain. I coulda had a V-8. *smh*

What kind of trial would this be without good ol' Lie-Active??? This 'Lean on Me' method worked for about 2 weeks. You see the trick to proactive is it becomes a dependency. In most cases the purpose of the person seeking the product is to correct and then prevent it from reoccuring. But lie-active is all about continuous use. If you stop... you're right back where you started. A cash cow extraordinaire!!! Beware... I had a friend try this and his face bumped up so terribly he had to take off from work for 2 days for his face to calm down. In the word of his boss, "He had to go home. Do you remember that Martin Lawrence episode when he fought that boxer Tommy Hearns??? Well-that's what he looked like- don't use that proactive mess on your face." So I guess it dubs as an industrial cleaner.

No, I'm not going to bash Ambi. Ambi is actually a decent product. Cleaning wise and leaving the skin soft. I'll give it 3.5 stars out of 5. I still however comma will not buy it anymore. Maybe.

So that's just a few out of a billion things I have tried. I just want to know when they will seriously come up with a product that IS for ALL SKIN TYPES that works. *sigh* A day in my life... What have you tried to correct any skin issues you may have had? I would like to know.

Until Next Time...

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