Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hello folks,
I'm just on here to open up a gateway- share some makeup tips, tricks, and reviews on products we use to "beautify" ourselves. Though about 5% of the world doesn't need makeup to be beautiful- chances are you fall in the 95 percentile. That was a joke for the slow... But truly for those looking for tips, tricks and other blurbs about make-up and things...

I stated in my preview of this blog that a lot of people run around claiming SME's (Subject matter experts) about makeup and swear their tricks work on everyone- I beg to differ. The first thing we must realize when it comes to beauty & makeup is: we are all DIFFERENT!!! No one trick will work the same way on everyone. In example an eyeshadow technique that is used to add depth to the eye does my slanted eyes NO justice. I have to spread shadow up and over the fold of skin. HELLO- they didn't tell me that when I was learning- I had to go el Negro- ALONE, and figure it out. Some "makeup artists" act like all eye have no folds, no skin conditions, and goodness- no COLOR. I actually get a kick out of so called makeup artists who haven't the slightest clue of where to begin when it comes to skin that is not "fair". I had it done to me before- I ended up lookin' like an ashy cadaver with pasty purplish-pink lipstick. OH NO!!!! (Maybe they were trying the avant garde look..... maybe???)

This blog is not about specifically Black, Brown, White, Yellow, or Tan skin at all; it's about The SKIN OF PEOPLE. I'd like to simply disclose and receive some products, tip and tricks that can help those who can apply them. Factually, a lot if not most tips, books, and products that are put out are not for women with any of the above skin outside of "fair", so I'll fill in the blanks where need be, to help the rest of us get what we need out of some of those tips, and make sense of why that yellow shadow looked green on you. I plan to touch on everything I can think of from skin types- primers that make you oily- etc... but we'll get into all of those things soon enough.

I will start the blog by discussing my nice sized makeup collection from makeup- primers, brushes, blushes, shadows, and cleaners to finishing powder. The good the bad and the ugly. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, books, NO HOLDS BARRED BEAUTY. I will discuss the tried and the true. The tried and hated as well.... Feel free to contribute- I look forward to learning as well!

Welcome... and enjoy- Nikki

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