Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Essentials, Proper Skin Care for You & Wish Lists...

As humans we love to put our best foot forward most of the time. What we also must understand is that beauty doesn't start with the make-up you applied, but with what is under the makeup, and inside your hot-body! Taking care of your insides are important as your outside. I'm no heath specialist, so I'll keep in the inner portion simple. Watch what you eat, drink water (even though I hate to- I do...), and stay positive regardless of age, weight, height, color or sex! Moving along... The skin that you intend to present is yours for the rest of your life so why not use the products that help to protect it and keep it supple? A good skincare regimen is always in order to fight blemishes, breakouts, and keep your skin looking bright and healthy. I'm not here to push what I use on you, but let you know what helped me. General essentials are: A deep cleanser, regular cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and believe it or not- sunscreen. Doesn't have to be specifics from my regimen, but what WORKS for YOU; and everything ain't for everybody- contrary to most folks who are taught to tell u 'what u want to hear' at the beauty counters beliefs. As stated, we are all DIFFERENT. That difference calls for different regimens, and yes that means different products as well.

As a side note, people with tan, and more brown tones in their skin are more prone to hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin complexions. I speak from experiencing it myself. There wasn't one product I don't think I didn't try that wasn't within my budget to try to correct it. It can be discouraging slapping fifty million creams on your face and looking in the mirror a few weeks later to see no change. So, I have somewhat learned to live with it, but I have also been doing research on products that can help the appearance of it. I have also been a nut about doing reviews on products before purchasing them since I had wasted so many precious dollars as it was. I am currently happy with what I am currently using, which I will discuss, as I have seen results.

Nikki's Skin Essentials: RX for Brown Skin Bright & Even regimen (Exfoliating cleanser, toner, botanical brightener, and moisturizer) and Dermalogica Barrier repair, multiactive toner, protection spray, and medicated clearing gel. Oh and let my hypercolored butt not forget what has been causing me to see no results... I now have added SUNSCREEN to the mix and the one I use is PeterThomasRoth, and at $28.00 per 3 oz bottle... 30 SPF. Non greasy and no oil, and is perfect for the face. Since I have been following this regimen I have seen results in my face texture, moisture level, and brightness. Most of these items sans Dermalogica, can be found at Sephora http://www.sephora.com/ and my total regimen runs me about *cringe*... $160.00 for the Dermalogica portion, and believe you me though- the full size bottles last FOREVER! The Brown skin RX is going to run me $145.00. So I'll basically be every 9 months or so spending about $200.00-$300.00 on my face, and I look at it, and now think just like this when buying something for my personal care: i'm worth it.

I am only putting the ones I use daily, and frequently... I still have lots more Dermalogica, as it is an AWESOME line. Cleans without scents, so that means less irritation, and CALMS my over reactive skin down.
Day & Night/ RX for Brown Skin Kit- 55$ (month supply, as I was just testing it, but ended up liking it, so I will be buying the full size soon)
(Night Only) Barrier Repair- $36.00
Soothing Protection Spray- $33.00
MultiActive Toner- $32.00
Medicated Clearing Gel- $45.00 http://www.dermalogica.com/
*Perk products- *$9.00 Burts Bee's Deep Clean (Soap Bark, and Chammomile)- This cleanser is THA TRUTH- leaves skin soft and very clean.. light tingle when it's done, but not that burning tingle. After using it- it doesn't give you that I scrubbed my face clean- clean, but my face is clean- clean.

Now you may be looking at me googly eyed like- 'Are you crazy???' No, I'm not. I care about my skin, and I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to use the over the counter stuff and have it work for me. So, I gotta do what I gotta do to have that supple skin too. I tried home remedies, and about a billion other products that claimed to help. From drying and dangerous hydroquinone enhanced products, to black soap, to the pure cocoa butter soaps and sticks... Neutrogena dries me out. Oil of Olay made me well.. oily, and regular old Dove, made me feel like I had a film on my face still. So I had to move on from the at home and OTC cleansers. Yea, it hurt my funky pockets but.. it is what it is. I have now found my balance of products that work for me.

I have a friend who used to have frequent breakouts, and stuggled with them until she discovered Biotherm... which at the time- worked for her perfectly. Her diligent routine had stopped the breakouts, and cleared her skin up beautifully. When she told me she loved it, I called myself looking into it at Macy's, saw the price tag and promptly walked right back out. Now that I look back on it, it was not realistic for me to just spend that kind of money, but when you have spent hundreds on "cheaper" products and gotten no results- It wouldn't kill you to invest in something that is backed by the people who sell it. Like the results? You love it? Well, keep it, and keep supporting the brand. No results...? OK, return it and continue your journey with your money back. If you get a backing on the products- you can't lose unless you're too lazy to take it back after 3 months of it not working for you. This is why I love shopping at places like Sephora... they back what they sell, and have a fantastic return policy. 3 months of a properly performed regimen is more than enough time to see some results. If you don't see them, or plain don't like it- take it back...it's that simple.

My Wish List: I have heard so many great RAVES- about the ClariSonic face brush... how it cleaned the pores up, and allows regimen care and products to get deeper in the skin...which someone like me needs. That sucker is $195.00 though. One day when I'm feelin froggy- I'll leap.

I'd like some of your input of your own skin care regimens. Some of the products you liked, disliked, and why. The results you've gotten with the line or lines, you stick with and what you'd like to try.

Until next time.....

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