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The Basics... Cost = Quality??? I Think Not- Not All The Time Anyway...

Hello Everybody,

Some of us wonder exactly what the hell do I need all that makeup for? Well for the most part a lot of us don't "need" the make up, but do own it. As for myself, I simply love different colors, products, textures, looks and whatnot- that's why I have so much crap. Besides, i'm a friggin' stylist for goodness sake- it'd be a crime not to be armed with a serious set of fabulous MESS. *lol* The sickening part is there is ALWAYS something new to test out; So- it's a no win situation when you love makeup as I do. (I confess.....) Oh the hell well.
I want to discuss the 8 BASICS of what any chick SHOULD have in their mini makeup bag, kit, conglomerate... whatever it is you've got. And if you own none of the above- You need to go get the below: I'll tell you why in Un Momento...

1. Powder or Sheer Foundation (with applicator of course)
2. Neutral color eyeshadow "quad" +1 Black eyeshadow- For the make-up inclined a quad contains 4-colors. Neutral will usually be peachy, brown, tan and/or possibly goldish tones.
3. Eyeliner... A dark brown, or black
4. Mascara- A nice brown or black again
5. Lip Liner- A nice shade that doesn't yell LOOK.
6. Lipgloss - Sheer or lightly colored
7. Eye Shadow Brush- That squeegee thing that comes with the shadow does nothing but make a mess.
*8. BLUSH If you're feelin' frisky put 8 in the bag too. (This is optional because some people seriously don't like nor do they wear blush- As for myself... Blush is not an option. It's critical!!! *ha ha*)

And there you have it! All of those items can fit in a medium sandwich ziplock bag if it's too much like right to have a makeup bag. Now... on to WHY you should have these items.

1. A TRUE MATCHING COLOR IS A MUST! The purpose of the powder and/or foundation is so you can have a clear, set face. You do not have to pile it on, nor do you need to be an expert, but to even out your complexion, as not many of us were born flawless- and if you think so... I'mma need you to do some research. Not to say Maybe it's Maybelline, but to understand that maybe it is... no, no wait- it IS Maybelline most of the time- dammit.
*P.S. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... if you do nothing else in your life, blend your foundation and powders below your jawline to your neck if need be. There is nothing worse than seeing an unblended line at the jaw. It looks like someone can just come peel your makeup off... that or you stuck your head underneath a talc machine. Blend damn you.

2. The purpose of the neutral quad is so you can have the "daily" look- and the black is there to turn day makeup into night-wear... As you can see most "dark" makeup is worn at night. Unless you're constantly in avant garde mode- which some of us are, but for the rest of you- who dare not walk on the wild side- neutral will do.

3. Eyeliner- to outline those lucious lookers and make them stand out... Hello.

4. Unless you were born with those long RIMMEL'S... get some. There are so many out there plumping, extending (which I need), double extending, thickening... etc.

5. Line the lips to give some definition to them. Unless you don't need any definition, but most folks need some. It also give you an outline of where the lipgloss needs to go.

6. Nothing like some good ol' lipgloss. Gives a sheer shine to the puckerer's...

7. The shadow brushes are so you can apply your shadow with the right precision. Those "q-tip" looking applicators SUCK. Sorry... they do. They also make you use more makeup than needed. So please invest in a brush so your investment in the shadow will last longer.

8. Blush makes the whole face stand out, and defines those beautiful cheekbones you have... (or made with proper contouring application... ;o)

You can more than likely get all of the above for a low, low price of.....
Well the whopping price of.....
Uhhhh well... that the technicality (tek-ni-kal-i-tee):
Makeup costs differ depending on your style, taste, and like Capitol(ism) One- What's in your wallet... The good thing is there is something out there for everybody, no matter what your pockets look like. Holla if you hear me.
* Rounded figures

Cheapie AKA cheaper list:
Covergirl, Tru-Blend, L'Oreal Foundation $10-$13.00
Covergirl Quad: $7.00- 14.00
Eyeliner: $3.00
Mascara: $6.00
Lip Liner: $3.00
Blush: $5.00
Lipgloss: $5.00
Shadow Brush: $4.00
*TOTAL $28.00 - $50.00

For those who may be a little more concerned with quality or whatever your reason is- I affectionately named the other list-

Professional AKA Pocket Rape List:
M.A.C. foundation: $26-$40.00
M.A.C. palette (4 shades): $45.00
M.A.C. lip pencil: $13.00
M.A.C. ProLash Mascara: $12.00
M.A.C. Lipglass: $14.00
M.A.C. Blush: $18.00
M.A.C. Large Shadow Brush: $29.00
*TOTAL $139 -$175.00

Now, I by no means want you to run out and withdraw $200.00 out of your account to accomodate the M.A.C. list. (Why 200? Tax fool... damn that tax!!!) I am simply saying that makeup can get really expensive if you want the "upper quality" products. However, being the smart folks you are, I am sure you can mix & match items and find what works best for you, and your pocketbook. I must confess I still and will have PLUS keep- a few cheapie items, and a lot of retardedly priced items that supposedly did a better job, but didn't- So I went back to the cheapie. There are some things a high price cannot buy, and peace of mind is one of those things. Go to Walgreens, Target, or anywhere that carries WET n' WILD BLACK LIQUID LINER. Because IT IS THE TRUTH!!! Goes on smooth, dries fast and is BLACKER than BLACK. Guess what? All it costs is: 3 bucks. Compare that to M.A.C's $15.00 ashy lookin' black fluidline-which I did own, and did not replenish... why? Cuz, I HATED IT!!! That is all. Point is, there are some things that you simply cannot compromise nor equate the quality- in cost.. and vice versa. It is your skin, and your look. You be the judge of what is and is not compromisable!!!
Until next time....

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