Sunday, May 31, 2009


No, I have not abandoned you all; I was just on a quick hiatus. And Ms. Clsssy your tutorial is next up. PROMISE. I want to address some bronzing and shimmer items that are all that and some! It is sometimes hard to find a nice shimmer for your skin wihout walking around looking like a flippin' disco ball. That is not the look most of us are going for, but maybe some don't know any better. Let me introduce you to my newfound friend: Shimmer Brick for Body by Bobbi Brown. Now, originally I looked at the price on this beautiful piece of uhhhh sparkly goodness... and my eyes about fell out my head at a whopping $75.00 price tag. I was thinking to myself- this brick can't possibly be all that. Oh, but was I foolish to doubt the ever shimmering powers of this tool. Have you ever wanted a soft glow, or bronze without looking like too much sparkle is on you, or just a dewy look to your everyday shine? Well, this is it! With an oven baked contraption of makeup and it gives your skin a sun-kissed glow that is UNTOUCHABLE!!! It doesn't look fake or overly shimmery, just enough sheer coverage to give the skin, face, and body enough glow... It was love at first application. NOW the brush I can do without- it cost more than the brick... $85.00??? WTBF??? How about... no? Yes Bobbi, the brush is soft, and all that gooey jazz goodness, but the brick already costs an arm; the least you could have done, especially since this is supposedly "limited" was throw in a decent quality brush to apply the wonderous shimmer for free-99. Let's keep it really real... in my humble opinion the over priced brush pulls too much dust off the shimmer brick and is actually quite messy. That could be because it's rounded, so you feel the need ot rub all into it... No, I'm not hating on the brush, I'm just amazed that the already rapist price doesn't include a decent brush. nope you just take it- no vaseline... *lol* NOW... here is my new brick's companion, and it didn't cost my left lung... Jeeze.

Yes, the Big Budda Brush by Urban Decay, works perfectly with my brickfor $36.00 and it is also soft taklon hair, and ANTI-BACTERIAL. You can't beat that with a stick!!! I have just been getting so many awesome items, and it's almost like there isn't enough time in the day or week to use all of it, but eventually I will. However, I think I found my daily glow with this one here... I LOVE this shimmer brick. I highly suggest you add this to your collection. I promise it'll become you favorite daily accessory soon enough.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Truth About Most Cosmetic Reviews...

I do believe most people should look into reviews prior to purchasing a product; especially if it costs a pretty penny. The truth of the matter is- we're all different so what one raves about someone else is going to think is GARBAGE.

I laugh all the time when I read the "ridiculously bad" reviews on products. Most of those are user error in application or how to use the product, and also a lot of the time, not taking the time to read about the product and what it's specialty really is. I have never had a product that I was like- HORRIBLE... Why you ask? Because I (try to) never buy something before I try it. Period. When you purchase things that are backed by a good return policy- they most than likely also allow you to try it. Why not try it first? DUH... that's what the testers are for.

Who in the hell just sees a product, a tester right there, doesn't try it and says I want that- then complains about it? Idiots do...That's who. You got what you paid for. It is not the company's fault that your skin is retardedly dry or oily. So don't bash the company for not being able to tame your oily face or your sahara desert patches...

Instead of looking for the quick fix- Find a cleanser that targets that, and a product you can live with until it is corrected or at least at bay. There is no quick fix to a lot of our problems, but more of a range of things that can assist while you TREAT the original issue. Things like oiliness is usually sebum glands producing too much oil, and believe me; there are products out there that help and yes even oily people need to use a moisturizer. the skin is over producing because it is deprived. I just wanted to point that out because online while looking for new products to review, and try I always run across some janky reviews on fantastic products. Some are legit complaints- walks like a duck talks like a duck... But most of the time- it's rants from people who don't know where to start. Out out of 100 reviews- 6 are bad and bashing the hell out of the product. Then you read on to find out these people have problematic skin, or issues that that mighty little product was not meant to fix. People need to read.

Though I know it's all personal opinions and we are entitled to them; I just want to point out majority of the people who do shop at these stores, online, and department stores haven't a clue about makeup, skin conditions, or what is really the issue they need to correct for everything else to work in accordance with their "makeup". The best thing to having your makeup look great is a great canvas, and if all you're doing is slapping makeup on top of other problems to quickly make it 'look' good- you're headed for even bigger problems. Fix the main issue, then move on to smaller "fixes".

Until next time...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh M.A.C... Am I Falling Out Of Love With Thee...???

I am at work and decided to do a bonus blog... As a few of you know I have always been a M.A.C. fanatic, and know that they are a "superior" makeup brand. Well- sometimes they are superior. I just have lately been on this rampage at other places, and especially Sephora, which has placed a ridiculous amount of other fantasic products in one place...and at my flipping fingertips! What's a girl to do???

Though there are some products that I will never abandon M.A.C. for such as my 'Pinch Me' blush, Fix +, and my dazzleglass/lipglass; Ol' Nikki has gone astray from the foundation and yes, even some of the eyeshadows. Though there are some shadows you'll find nowhere else but M.A.C. like 'Shimmer'- Jeeze that color is just beautiful! It just seems as though none of the foundations provided coverage I needed without it feeling like I had tons of it on. Heck- sometimes at the cost of looking like it as well. *sigh* Their shadows, could simply need replacement, but my colors still go on fantastic. So there is nothing wrong with them... I think I'm just over the 'it must be M.A.C.' phase.

Though their products render outstanding reviews, I am no longer impressed. I used to get excited to see the latest celeb promoting it, and what colors were coming next... I got extra happy when I received those invites to M.A.C special events for upcoming collections. Alas, I no longer get excited in the mall when I see a M.A.C. store, I no longer feel the urge to simply go inside and test anything on my skin. I simply do not get moist when M.A.C. is whispered in the air. I just feel the affair is over, and it's time to move on to the other products that are just as great if not better... I'll be seeing you around old faithful M.A.C... I loved you...


Nikki T.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Gotta Haves...

So we all are different... yeah we know. *lol* I just wanted to share some recent purchases and some new faves of mine... Shame isn't it? At my most recent Sephora rampage- I found some items that absolutely and positively blow my mind and already cannot live without! It is so hard to find diversity in your products, but that I have found... Shall we???

Oh my goodness. This stuff makes my skin feel FABULOUS!!! by Juice beauty. This is organic and an antioxidant...which helps with those blemishes, and spots you get here and there. Gotta have it. $45.00 <---Worth every penny.

The colors in this palette by URBAN DECAY... If these don't have ridiculous pigment... then I don't know what pigment is. The only other company I have seen thus far in Sephora that had pigment like this is Make Up For Ever... $38.00 <---Cop that unit.

Speaking of Make Up For Ever... This HD foundation is the shiznit in all areas. Unlike my recently retired, and deceased M.A.C. studio fix, this one is very lightweight with a whole lotta coverage. I need that with my blotchy skin... Though I love M.A.C- M.U.F.E. has them beat hands down, and the photo outcome using this product is- incomparable. $40.00 <--- Pricey but well worth it!

And while I'm on M.U.F.E. this micro finish powder is the shyt on top of the HD or all alone. Pure Silica evens and smooths the skins texture and appearance. You can apply this before-or-after make-up or wear it alone for a soft finish on the face. A definite must have! $30.00 <----Yes, 30, but a little powder goes a long way.

So I decided to go ahead and buy into the hype that this URBAN DECAY eyeshadow primer potion was the end be all of your eye shadow staying on or creasing up on ya... Well guess what? It is. I not cannot live without this stuff already. I have this in the original color and if you like champagne undertones try this primer in 'SIN'...which I confess- I purchased as well. Cool thing is, before I bought this they gave me a sample of both colors which are now in my "car makeup kit"- DAMMIT yes. Whatever they have in here gives eye make up staying power like no other! $17.00 <--- You can't afford not to have this!

Too-Faced has a smoky eye shadow box that is pretty friggin' handy! This box comes with a total of 9 shadows to create 3 different smokey looks; Day, Fashion, and Classic. It also comes with a 3 card set which shows you HOW to create the looks. A must have for those who like the smoky eye. $32.00 <--- Showstopper eyes!

OK... Smashbox gloss... That isn't the color I have-but I purchased FLESH.. and it is a flesh tone and it is GORGEOUS!!!
Very nude, and very SEXY. $18.00 <--- So beautiful...
These are just a few of the items I picked up. As you all know I love colors and make up products and there is nothing like a color nobody else has! If you have some colors or items you cannot live without, love or plain want to try- SHARE.
Until Next Time...
P.S. Ms. Classy I haven't forgot about you! Tutorial soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life With The Clarisonic...

Hello World,

Ok.. so it has officially been a week since I have purchased my latest splurge item - the Clarisonic, and I do LOVE it. As I had stated previously, I noticed a softer texture to my skin, and my moisture level in my skin has been awesome. My products such as moisturizers, and sunscreen don't feel like they are just sitting on top of my skin anymore either. I am not greasy feelin' when I apply anything anymore!!! How cool is that!? Below is the one I purchased (Gotta have PINK and contribute to THE CURE) This has also been an awesome spa type treatment before application and after makeup removal. The biggest improvement after a week of use has been the smoothed texture. I have seen the dry patches of skin go away, and the overall appearance of the skin is simply brighter. Therefore, out of 5 stars: I'll give it 4.5 simply because it is an awesome product, but hella pricey. *cringe* But if you intend to use it regularly- you'll get your moneys worth for sure.
Until next time...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smile... It Does Make Others Do It Too...

I haven't had much to say lately- I am going to come up with some other things soon. I just wanted to leave a basic note for people and say to smile. A smile can mean a lot to someone. Yes, Softspoken Beauty... I will do a tutorial with the pinks and browns- Just for you :o)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Living Beautifully... By the Bottle...

So, my confessional was that I did feel froggish and leapt on the $200 Clarisonic cleansing brush. Now, most products are carrying the timeline of a week, or so before you see some results, I have noticed an improvement in texture, more than anything and it's only been about 3 days. Yes, it feels nice in the shower, and makes use of your cleanser. By using less, I guess your investment goes further too. Now, I do not by any means have buyers remorse, but I do think a cost of 85 would be reasonable, but apparently they felt otherwise *lol* - but oh well. I am sure soon enough I should have facinating stories to tell you all about it. I'm sure with repeated use, cleansing gets better as well. I was never one to expect a miracle in a bottle... I'm lying.

I want to discuss some things I have used, along with their supposed purpose. Trial & Result. Shall We???

This Crap in a Box... Now I have struggled with hyperpigmentation for a while. After using this on my skin for about a month and a half I tossed it. It didn't seem to be working at all, and believe it smells just like BLEACH too. luckily I didn't spend more than about 5 dollars on it. It was recommended by a friend whom had said they used it and it worked for them. Oh well.

Mama Lotion had so much hype behind it. Supposedly almost made for those suffering (I hate when they say that from the dreaded melasma. I decided to go ahead and try it. Well- I think I used this for about the same amount of time, and yet- again saw no results. And this mess is NOT cheap. $45 bucks down the drain. I coulda had a V-8. *smh*

What kind of trial would this be without good ol' Lie-Active??? This 'Lean on Me' method worked for about 2 weeks. You see the trick to proactive is it becomes a dependency. In most cases the purpose of the person seeking the product is to correct and then prevent it from reoccuring. But lie-active is all about continuous use. If you stop... you're right back where you started. A cash cow extraordinaire!!! Beware... I had a friend try this and his face bumped up so terribly he had to take off from work for 2 days for his face to calm down. In the word of his boss, "He had to go home. Do you remember that Martin Lawrence episode when he fought that boxer Tommy Hearns??? Well-that's what he looked like- don't use that proactive mess on your face." So I guess it dubs as an industrial cleaner.

No, I'm not going to bash Ambi. Ambi is actually a decent product. Cleaning wise and leaving the skin soft. I'll give it 3.5 stars out of 5. I still however comma will not buy it anymore. Maybe.

So that's just a few out of a billion things I have tried. I just want to know when they will seriously come up with a product that IS for ALL SKIN TYPES that works. *sigh* A day in my life... What have you tried to correct any skin issues you may have had? I would like to know.

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soul-ful Eyes... How-To Do Them...

The eyes are the most expressive part of our faces... though our mouths definitely can prove that questionable...*lol* Playing your eyes up can be a task if you're unsure of how to do it, or what to do... Maybe even where to start. How you wear your makeup can convey different messages but the basic application techniques practically remain the same... select the colors, base the eye, apply all over color, blend the other colors, and set your look with the details. Shall we?

First select a base to hold your color and give it staying power, 3 shades (all over color, a darker to define, and a brow highlight)

I am using: Make Up For Ever- Pan Stick (white base), M.A.C Parfait Amour (purple), Deep Truth (dark blue), Ricepaper (bone), and Carbon (black).

Start of course with the eyes booger free:
1. Apply a base all over the lid, starting at the bottom, and spreading it either by finger, or brush up to the brow bone.

2. Apply the lighter color with a medium shadow brush from the bottom of the eyelid up to about 3/4ths of the way up. Ensure the color is standing out properly. (Parfait Amour)

3. Using a broad blending brush use the tip to pick up the darker color (Deep Truth) to add some depth and define the crease of the eye. blend throughly with a sweeping motion (like shading lightly) from darker color to the lighter color.


5. Apply the brow highlighter with a small shadow brush. (Ricepaper)

6. Continue to blend from the browbone down until the colors have blended without hard or harsh lines. The end result should be a light to dark gradient tone.

7. If you're like me- without eyebrows (LMAO); use a brown to black eyeshadow and an anglebrush to create the illusion...

8. You can always add BLACK to create a smoky look by shading it darkly around the corners of the lid and spreading the black throughout the look. KOHL liners complete that look by smudging it across the eyelash bash and using the brush to spread the smudge. and use that same brush after underlining the eyes to a looser smoked line... Remember the key is to BLEND.

After you have achieved how dark or light you'd like your shadow, you know to apply your mascara, and glitter, bindi's, and diamond sparkles, and lashes- which I will touch bases on one of these days. I certainly hoped this tutorial helped. Any other suggestions on looks, please let me know.

I have a confession.... I got my Clarisonic.... *sigh* i'm horrible. (but I can't wait to use it.)

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Essentials, Proper Skin Care for You & Wish Lists...

As humans we love to put our best foot forward most of the time. What we also must understand is that beauty doesn't start with the make-up you applied, but with what is under the makeup, and inside your hot-body! Taking care of your insides are important as your outside. I'm no heath specialist, so I'll keep in the inner portion simple. Watch what you eat, drink water (even though I hate to- I do...), and stay positive regardless of age, weight, height, color or sex! Moving along... The skin that you intend to present is yours for the rest of your life so why not use the products that help to protect it and keep it supple? A good skincare regimen is always in order to fight blemishes, breakouts, and keep your skin looking bright and healthy. I'm not here to push what I use on you, but let you know what helped me. General essentials are: A deep cleanser, regular cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and believe it or not- sunscreen. Doesn't have to be specifics from my regimen, but what WORKS for YOU; and everything ain't for everybody- contrary to most folks who are taught to tell u 'what u want to hear' at the beauty counters beliefs. As stated, we are all DIFFERENT. That difference calls for different regimens, and yes that means different products as well.

As a side note, people with tan, and more brown tones in their skin are more prone to hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin complexions. I speak from experiencing it myself. There wasn't one product I don't think I didn't try that wasn't within my budget to try to correct it. It can be discouraging slapping fifty million creams on your face and looking in the mirror a few weeks later to see no change. So, I have somewhat learned to live with it, but I have also been doing research on products that can help the appearance of it. I have also been a nut about doing reviews on products before purchasing them since I had wasted so many precious dollars as it was. I am currently happy with what I am currently using, which I will discuss, as I have seen results.

Nikki's Skin Essentials: RX for Brown Skin Bright & Even regimen (Exfoliating cleanser, toner, botanical brightener, and moisturizer) and Dermalogica Barrier repair, multiactive toner, protection spray, and medicated clearing gel. Oh and let my hypercolored butt not forget what has been causing me to see no results... I now have added SUNSCREEN to the mix and the one I use is PeterThomasRoth, and at $28.00 per 3 oz bottle... 30 SPF. Non greasy and no oil, and is perfect for the face. Since I have been following this regimen I have seen results in my face texture, moisture level, and brightness. Most of these items sans Dermalogica, can be found at Sephora and my total regimen runs me about *cringe*... $160.00 for the Dermalogica portion, and believe you me though- the full size bottles last FOREVER! The Brown skin RX is going to run me $145.00. So I'll basically be every 9 months or so spending about $200.00-$300.00 on my face, and I look at it, and now think just like this when buying something for my personal care: i'm worth it.

I am only putting the ones I use daily, and frequently... I still have lots more Dermalogica, as it is an AWESOME line. Cleans without scents, so that means less irritation, and CALMS my over reactive skin down.
Day & Night/ RX for Brown Skin Kit- 55$ (month supply, as I was just testing it, but ended up liking it, so I will be buying the full size soon)
(Night Only) Barrier Repair- $36.00
Soothing Protection Spray- $33.00
MultiActive Toner- $32.00
Medicated Clearing Gel- $45.00
*Perk products- *$9.00 Burts Bee's Deep Clean (Soap Bark, and Chammomile)- This cleanser is THA TRUTH- leaves skin soft and very clean.. light tingle when it's done, but not that burning tingle. After using it- it doesn't give you that I scrubbed my face clean- clean, but my face is clean- clean.

Now you may be looking at me googly eyed like- 'Are you crazy???' No, I'm not. I care about my skin, and I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to use the over the counter stuff and have it work for me. So, I gotta do what I gotta do to have that supple skin too. I tried home remedies, and about a billion other products that claimed to help. From drying and dangerous hydroquinone enhanced products, to black soap, to the pure cocoa butter soaps and sticks... Neutrogena dries me out. Oil of Olay made me well.. oily, and regular old Dove, made me feel like I had a film on my face still. So I had to move on from the at home and OTC cleansers. Yea, it hurt my funky pockets but.. it is what it is. I have now found my balance of products that work for me.

I have a friend who used to have frequent breakouts, and stuggled with them until she discovered Biotherm... which at the time- worked for her perfectly. Her diligent routine had stopped the breakouts, and cleared her skin up beautifully. When she told me she loved it, I called myself looking into it at Macy's, saw the price tag and promptly walked right back out. Now that I look back on it, it was not realistic for me to just spend that kind of money, but when you have spent hundreds on "cheaper" products and gotten no results- It wouldn't kill you to invest in something that is backed by the people who sell it. Like the results? You love it? Well, keep it, and keep supporting the brand. No results...? OK, return it and continue your journey with your money back. If you get a backing on the products- you can't lose unless you're too lazy to take it back after 3 months of it not working for you. This is why I love shopping at places like Sephora... they back what they sell, and have a fantastic return policy. 3 months of a properly performed regimen is more than enough time to see some results. If you don't see them, or plain don't like it- take it's that simple.

My Wish List: I have heard so many great RAVES- about the ClariSonic face brush... how it cleaned the pores up, and allows regimen care and products to get deeper in the skin...which someone like me needs. That sucker is $195.00 though. One day when I'm feelin froggy- I'll leap.

I'd like some of your input of your own skin care regimens. Some of the products you liked, disliked, and why. The results you've gotten with the line or lines, you stick with and what you'd like to try.

Until next time.....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Get Your Mind Right... It's Your Look... Perfect it!

They say that what we project on the outside can tell us what's going on in the inside... Yet again, I agree, but I also disagree. I know people who put best foot forward outside, but are torn down inside... People who step out "homely lookin' " but feel perfectly fine inside. Now what some of you are thinking may be.. "hmmm" what in the world are people are Saks Fifth feelin' like- or as Madea (Tyler Perry) so eloquently put it... "They say money can't make you happy, but I'd sure in hell like to find out." I have had my days where when I made myself up. ..and felt prettier, better, even more positive, and days where my "makeup" made me feel no different.
What I had to change was not my make up, but my thoughts to be a better person, and see the sunshine in everything... I mean just that. Katt said...EVERYTHANG??? Eh-vEr-Ra-Thang. What I am trying to convey is this: Now that you have the basics down, and know your style.. perfect it. Nothing wrong with adding some color to your gloss. Nothing wrong with throwing some curls in your straight hair. It doesn't hurt to throw a little curveball now and again. If you feel like you're doing way too much with your newer look, then take it one addition at a time. I didn't begin my look full mode on. OH GOODNESS NO. I had neutral colors and stuck with them, until I got a little curious about what that blue would look like on ME. After that I did enroll in cosmetology, so what in the heck good is a beautician in training without AWESOME looks??? The rest is history...

Here are some tasks for my plain janes...

1. Find or pick 2 colors that you feel wouldn't look good on you (via a makeup store or purchase), write down why they wouldn't, and try them out- or better yet if you go to a make up store, have an artist use it on you in a minimal manner... and prove yourself wrong.

The key when it comes to color is HOW MUCH to use.... especially if you just began wearing makeup. Otherwise you will feel like you're in make-up overdrive.

2. Use your neutral tones with the 2 new colors you have. See what blending techniques work for you with the neutral make-up, so that is not demanding attention you may not be ready for. Just a subtle, yet nice change to a regular neutral look... Just a bit of jazz if you will. Try some blue with that brown and see what a gorgeous color combo you have!

3. UNDERSTAND that a lot of people think because you wear make-up, you're ashamed or not confident in your natural beauty. When that is SIMPLY not true. Some people know they are gorgeous... others have to be told... however, I have never met a woman that make-up touched and didn't have that natural beauty enhanced. EXAMPLE: Have you seen Halle Berry in all her glory without makeup?!?!? Yeah- I'm just sayin'... (

As you grow more comfortable wearing makeup you'll probably venture out and try different colors that are WAY out, and even learn how to incorporate that color into the daily look. The purpose in this is having a happy medium. Knowing when to pull out the big guns, and show 'em what you got, or when to K.I.S.S... The point of the neutrals you should have is to have a perfected "daily" look... adding these colors to them, simply give you another avenue when you feel like making another statement outside of... I'm cute. maybe, I'm FINE...

Conclusion is, to wear makeup and be confident about it, you have to get your mind right. You're an individual, and there is nothing wrong with makeup. If you opt not to wear it. More power to you... However, don't bash those who do, then get mad when they are out and about getting compliments because their shadow is gorgeous, or that color on their lips is sooooo pretty. You are you- with or without make-up. Make-up does not change YOU! Beauty shines through the make-up. True beauty is on the inside... let that reflect on the outside. Only you know how much is too much for you, and nobody else. As for Nikkay... there are never enough pretty shades for these gorgeous globes or lips!!! *lol*

Until next time...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Basics... Cost = Quality??? I Think Not- Not All The Time Anyway...

Hello Everybody,

Some of us wonder exactly what the hell do I need all that makeup for? Well for the most part a lot of us don't "need" the make up, but do own it. As for myself, I simply love different colors, products, textures, looks and whatnot- that's why I have so much crap. Besides, i'm a friggin' stylist for goodness sake- it'd be a crime not to be armed with a serious set of fabulous MESS. *lol* The sickening part is there is ALWAYS something new to test out; So- it's a no win situation when you love makeup as I do. (I confess.....) Oh the hell well.
I want to discuss the 8 BASICS of what any chick SHOULD have in their mini makeup bag, kit, conglomerate... whatever it is you've got. And if you own none of the above- You need to go get the below: I'll tell you why in Un Momento...

1. Powder or Sheer Foundation (with applicator of course)
2. Neutral color eyeshadow "quad" +1 Black eyeshadow- For the make-up inclined a quad contains 4-colors. Neutral will usually be peachy, brown, tan and/or possibly goldish tones.
3. Eyeliner... A dark brown, or black
4. Mascara- A nice brown or black again
5. Lip Liner- A nice shade that doesn't yell LOOK.
6. Lipgloss - Sheer or lightly colored
7. Eye Shadow Brush- That squeegee thing that comes with the shadow does nothing but make a mess.
*8. BLUSH If you're feelin' frisky put 8 in the bag too. (This is optional because some people seriously don't like nor do they wear blush- As for myself... Blush is not an option. It's critical!!! *ha ha*)

And there you have it! All of those items can fit in a medium sandwich ziplock bag if it's too much like right to have a makeup bag. Now... on to WHY you should have these items.

1. A TRUE MATCHING COLOR IS A MUST! The purpose of the powder and/or foundation is so you can have a clear, set face. You do not have to pile it on, nor do you need to be an expert, but to even out your complexion, as not many of us were born flawless- and if you think so... I'mma need you to do some research. Not to say Maybe it's Maybelline, but to understand that maybe it is... no, no wait- it IS Maybelline most of the time- dammit.
*P.S. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... if you do nothing else in your life, blend your foundation and powders below your jawline to your neck if need be. There is nothing worse than seeing an unblended line at the jaw. It looks like someone can just come peel your makeup off... that or you stuck your head underneath a talc machine. Blend damn you.

2. The purpose of the neutral quad is so you can have the "daily" look- and the black is there to turn day makeup into night-wear... As you can see most "dark" makeup is worn at night. Unless you're constantly in avant garde mode- which some of us are, but for the rest of you- who dare not walk on the wild side- neutral will do.

3. Eyeliner- to outline those lucious lookers and make them stand out... Hello.

4. Unless you were born with those long RIMMEL'S... get some. There are so many out there plumping, extending (which I need), double extending, thickening... etc.

5. Line the lips to give some definition to them. Unless you don't need any definition, but most folks need some. It also give you an outline of where the lipgloss needs to go.

6. Nothing like some good ol' lipgloss. Gives a sheer shine to the puckerer's...

7. The shadow brushes are so you can apply your shadow with the right precision. Those "q-tip" looking applicators SUCK. Sorry... they do. They also make you use more makeup than needed. So please invest in a brush so your investment in the shadow will last longer.

8. Blush makes the whole face stand out, and defines those beautiful cheekbones you have... (or made with proper contouring application... ;o)

You can more than likely get all of the above for a low, low price of.....
Well the whopping price of.....
Uhhhh well... that the technicality (tek-ni-kal-i-tee):
Makeup costs differ depending on your style, taste, and like Capitol(ism) One- What's in your wallet... The good thing is there is something out there for everybody, no matter what your pockets look like. Holla if you hear me.
* Rounded figures

Cheapie AKA cheaper list:
Covergirl, Tru-Blend, L'Oreal Foundation $10-$13.00
Covergirl Quad: $7.00- 14.00
Eyeliner: $3.00
Mascara: $6.00
Lip Liner: $3.00
Blush: $5.00
Lipgloss: $5.00
Shadow Brush: $4.00
*TOTAL $28.00 - $50.00

For those who may be a little more concerned with quality or whatever your reason is- I affectionately named the other list-

Professional AKA Pocket Rape List:
M.A.C. foundation: $26-$40.00
M.A.C. palette (4 shades): $45.00
M.A.C. lip pencil: $13.00
M.A.C. ProLash Mascara: $12.00
M.A.C. Lipglass: $14.00
M.A.C. Blush: $18.00
M.A.C. Large Shadow Brush: $29.00
*TOTAL $139 -$175.00

Now, I by no means want you to run out and withdraw $200.00 out of your account to accomodate the M.A.C. list. (Why 200? Tax fool... damn that tax!!!) I am simply saying that makeup can get really expensive if you want the "upper quality" products. However, being the smart folks you are, I am sure you can mix & match items and find what works best for you, and your pocketbook. I must confess I still and will have PLUS keep- a few cheapie items, and a lot of retardedly priced items that supposedly did a better job, but didn't- So I went back to the cheapie. There are some things a high price cannot buy, and peace of mind is one of those things. Go to Walgreens, Target, or anywhere that carries WET n' WILD BLACK LIQUID LINER. Because IT IS THE TRUTH!!! Goes on smooth, dries fast and is BLACKER than BLACK. Guess what? All it costs is: 3 bucks. Compare that to M.A.C's $15.00 ashy lookin' black fluidline-which I did own, and did not replenish... why? Cuz, I HATED IT!!! That is all. Point is, there are some things that you simply cannot compromise nor equate the quality- in cost.. and vice versa. It is your skin, and your look. You be the judge of what is and is not compromisable!!!
Until next time....

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hello folks,
I'm just on here to open up a gateway- share some makeup tips, tricks, and reviews on products we use to "beautify" ourselves. Though about 5% of the world doesn't need makeup to be beautiful- chances are you fall in the 95 percentile. That was a joke for the slow... But truly for those looking for tips, tricks and other blurbs about make-up and things...

I stated in my preview of this blog that a lot of people run around claiming SME's (Subject matter experts) about makeup and swear their tricks work on everyone- I beg to differ. The first thing we must realize when it comes to beauty & makeup is: we are all DIFFERENT!!! No one trick will work the same way on everyone. In example an eyeshadow technique that is used to add depth to the eye does my slanted eyes NO justice. I have to spread shadow up and over the fold of skin. HELLO- they didn't tell me that when I was learning- I had to go el Negro- ALONE, and figure it out. Some "makeup artists" act like all eye have no folds, no skin conditions, and goodness- no COLOR. I actually get a kick out of so called makeup artists who haven't the slightest clue of where to begin when it comes to skin that is not "fair". I had it done to me before- I ended up lookin' like an ashy cadaver with pasty purplish-pink lipstick. OH NO!!!! (Maybe they were trying the avant garde look..... maybe???)

This blog is not about specifically Black, Brown, White, Yellow, or Tan skin at all; it's about The SKIN OF PEOPLE. I'd like to simply disclose and receive some products, tip and tricks that can help those who can apply them. Factually, a lot if not most tips, books, and products that are put out are not for women with any of the above skin outside of "fair", so I'll fill in the blanks where need be, to help the rest of us get what we need out of some of those tips, and make sense of why that yellow shadow looked green on you. I plan to touch on everything I can think of from skin types- primers that make you oily- etc... but we'll get into all of those things soon enough.

I will start the blog by discussing my nice sized makeup collection from makeup- primers, brushes, blushes, shadows, and cleaners to finishing powder. The good the bad and the ugly. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, books, NO HOLDS BARRED BEAUTY. I will discuss the tried and the true. The tried and hated as well.... Feel free to contribute- I look forward to learning as well!

Welcome... and enjoy- Nikki