Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yeah I know.. where you been,what ya been up to, and how u just gone leave me like dat??? I been busy still. Still trying to maintain. Lots of interesting mess to deal with. I have phoney bitches mad because a dude don't want them. Mad cuz they can't be me. Just mad- and for what I ask??? Because of some DICK. Are you flippin' serious???? The last time I checked- everybody was an adult- so who you choose to deal with, talk to, screw, lick, suck or fuck was your damn business. If I felt you was a hooka that would try all of thee above with my man- I wouldn't hang out with you. That's just me because I'm not phoney. see but I had a phoney bitch all in my ass worried about my good ol' DB... man comon ya'll already know him not going NO-WHERE. No matter how much you dislike it- no matter how much ya'll hate it- that fool, ain't going til im ret, yes RET for him to go.

Too bad someone else didn't get that- now see I would feel a certain way about all this involvement had this person spoke up immediately, but months down the road and then confirm? Too late pimpin- the damage has been done- but how fake and phoney of you to hang around me, go out with me, ask me for BEAUTY and think I'd sleep with your man because of a dude you can't stand that apparently you dealt with years ago, that deals with me? If I knew from getty up, I'd feel bad, but I didn't and what was done was done.... get over it and move on. the funny part is this chick so claims to not care NOTHING about this cat, so why iz yo' feelings so damaged???

This chick got into it with her folks and called herself staying with me being the courteous bitch I am, I let the broke bitch stay there. (Nigga- thanks 'Ressa)Mind you she ain't try to pay a one bill but wanted to stay from January til March hello- which was a no go. So one evening about 2 weeks down the line, this heffer feels like she can talk some shit and basically call me a "hoe" over you know who, like we cool like dat- because she swears up and down I knew about them- verbatim, "i'm just saying that says to me that you would try to sleep with my husband if I was married" Now and as a mutual excuse me- my friend said- she act like she lovedededed him or su-in. so I may be nice, but you not kicking it in my crib and gonna call me shit but my name- so I put her ass out. Prior to tha door hitting where the good Lord split her, she crying and thangs taking about, "maybe I said it wrong-" how about you said what you feel. You can correct 'your hair is fucked up', or even 'I don't like them shoes on you', but technically you're a hoe? No. I don't want somebody who feels that way about me in MY crib- FUNK that! Kick rocks so I can finish ho-in'...

Anyway a whole 2 months go by and why-o-why does this chicken hit my girl on my space talking extra yaya about me? lol.. Im like 2 months later? Are you bitter? you gotta be- I could understand it if it was the next day- a week later, but 2 months? I have damaged your entire soul. I mean I really could understand a what? 35 year old simply getting the fuck over it to be honest. But...I forgot who I was referencing- in case ya'll aint know the same yamp that backed up into my car and tried to act stupid- uh yeah you know I got a good heart dealing with them kinds. Either way she got super checked, and wanted to try to fling fire, Do you know this bitch was too scary to pick up the phone like an adult and say what was on her mind, but felt the need to text me from about 11:30 am to about 5:30 pm. I shit you NOT!!! So I laughed everything she had to say off, because it's the same old same she tried to say about any and everybody she falls or fell out with and I put it like it is:

LETS BE REAL- THIS IS ABOUT SOME DICK. Don't sit up telling me about nobody else, fighting you, cuz I don't fight ugly folks cuz mama always said they have nothng to lose, other members that hung around, my looks, because apparently niggas you claim to have deal with like ' ganxta you THINK you are, (But I gotta hit her first- but she said she'd "wope" my ass... anybody know what "wope" is???)and what my poontang smells like. Boo this is about some ding-a-ling you're mad you cannot have. You're mad just like the rest of these yamps that want some him, that, that ding-a-ling is sprung on Nikki. So like THE REST you need to get over it, and find some other wang

When will bitches learn? When will they learn??? *smh*

(gracefully borrowed from Sharon) Conversations (via text) I've actually had:

her; you ain't cute nicole.. I'm doing good hoe...

me: i have a whole consensus that thinks otherwise- including the fools you mess with apparently. So that makes me the best hoe you know

her: Well let's meet up and we can squash this...I ain't tripping because i know you can't see me...I'd wope you

me: well i'm sure a beastly broad like you could "wope" me... how old are you again? Besides, you know where i live, party all that.. you wanna see me- come see me- til then STFU cuz you not gonna do shit.

her: Well I'm just waiting to catch you slipping in public, and put hands on me first.

me: You so ganxta but I gotta hit you first... I just told you- I do not fight ugly people because they have nothing to lose.

her; i'm just gonna listen to my brother because you not worth it.

me: no you not that crazy... Keep on hating though- It's Delicious (thanks T)

//////quit texting me this BULL.

"i ain't never been a silly hoe..."