Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Life...In the sunshinerrrrrr...

Yeah, I know I am late with the whole happy new year 2009- I ain't got time... stuff, but I'm here so stop with ya bitching. I hve been working a lot, and as a few folks know they have us back on this "mandatory" OT schedule so it has been pure hell in trying to eat, sleep, do homework, take a shower, oh let's not forget to wipe properly and have a life in-betwixt this funked up schedule. So blogging hasn't been on my top list these days. Sorry for my fans. I have cleaned house on the folks who should have been up out my life since. hmmmmmmmmm I don't know- the one thing I can attest to is that you will in no shape form or fashion hide from true colors that time reveals. plastics, fakes, and drama queens had to get what we call the funk on. So what's new in the '09? Well nothing really- it was just a turn of the year for me- especially since I had to what is it called?? ummm work yeah on new years day, so there was no partying for me. THEN tomorrow I have to work on MLK day and yes I'm using my race card- I'm Black dammit- I don't wanna work- the extra pissy part about having to work is.. Oh praise the day it returned but reggae sundays are BACK at club SIN formerly known as Martini Ranch- Grand opening TONIGHT. Ain't that about a bitch in a miniskirt on rollerskates? YOU KNOW IT'S GONNA CRACKKKKKK! Oh but I shall be getting lovely "Z's" so that I can go sit and stare at a phone that is maybe going to beep once, 2/3 times if I'm lucky. Otherwise I'm going to just be looking stupid asking everyone else how it was. I'm so friggin mad about that. Guess me and my book will be cool. I guess.

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