Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Be Cheated On or With???

That is the question...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let 'Em Go...

Sometimes you gotta let folks go...

Dating their friends???

Am i dating you or your friends???

Monday, October 26, 2009

Doggone Dating...

There is little rest for the single...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Credit... WTF Is It For???

A lil' rant about the jacked up credit scene... Oh well

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life's No-No's

There are some things is life you just don't do... Though there are a million and one things that peeve people, THIS is my top 5. Enjoy...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nasty, Triflin', Gutterbutt Trollips- LoveBScott

Hello everyone, just wanted to touch on people who choose to deal with men they believe or KNOW have women. You's trifling. Again, Monica made a song for your kind- it's called 'Sideline Ho'...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Constructive Criticism...

ou know what worked my little nerve? People who ask for feedback, and when they get it- they get all pissy about it. There is a difference between negative feedback, positive feedback and constructive criticism. I'm going to need people to understand the difference in all of them, and ALSO understand that each and every last one of them are OPINIONS.  You see some retard on facebook posted a video of some broad singing a Jazmine Sullivan song- the 'i'm in love with another man' one... and asked for feedback. Now- upon listening in I immediately thought ok are YOU going to sing it.. or are you going to just copy everything Jaz did? Why I said this- was because there was no variation of melody, no uniqueness to the song- long story short Though she had a nice voice, the chick did not make that song her own.  So I said in so many words.. "nice copy voice- I'd like to hear your own voice, and flavor of sound opposed to Jaz's. Like ummm Skye townsend, that 16 year old can BLOW... It is your job to make that song your own" So of course a few hours later- she responds on some shit like.. 'Thanks for the compliment! but it's haters like you that'll get me to the top." I about died laughing my ass off like ok.. check time because apparently she didn't know who was on the flip side. First I asked how old was she? because the word 'hater' is so 1997. I then commenced to let her know that " I said you had a nice voice, hating would have been me saying you couldn't sing-which I did not. Then again I could have also told you that you sound like every other singer trying to get a deal out there- mediocre. Either way what I gave you was some pointers on singing a song that belongs to someone else. I heard no variation so I said you sound like you are imitating rather than singing. If you don't want the comments- don't post videos. There are a million singers out there boo, and the problem with "artists" today is they think they are good enough- yeah amongst the likes of Ashanti, Ciara, and whatever other flash in the pan artists are out there today. You want to REMAIN in the industry. An artist that is going to go somewhere is going to take all comments whether they are good or bad and use them for what they are worth- to better themselves. Since apparently you didn't get what I was saying let me translate: You sound nice, you just need to work on your own STYLE. What your assignment for today is, is to look up what constructive criticism means. Be blessed and good luck in your musical career."  Cuz with all that attitude- she gonna need more than luck. people are fucking idiots. Just for that- she gets the big 'W'... I promise you she won't get a deal until she accepts how to take the bad with the good and differentiate what she NEEDS to do versus someone just clowning. So if ya'll see a Tanisha Williams- please remind me to update my post and put a "foot in mouth" picture up here; I highly doubt that'll happen tho'. HOLLA.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I Am Single...

I get this question a lot... So I will give you the background of why Nikki is single. STANDARDS <---- that's why.

I was in a so-called relationship where I allowed myself to become something I clearly was not. I allowed things to happen that I was not ok with and I plain was in a state to where I felt that maybe if I stayed and showed that person I cared, things would change. Guess what ya'll... 2 years later NOTHING CHANGED. I was stupid- never in denial. I was being used, abused, and plain disrespected. BECAUSE I ALLOWED IT.

Any man that feels it is ok to put everything and everybody ahead of you- ain't worth it. Any man that feels like they would rather sit in a club than come home to you- ain't worth it. Any man that feels it's ok to entertain 'hoes' when he knows he has a woman- ain't worth it and he ain't no man.
You see- I had to learn the hard way that some people are plain users, and they are also losers- they blame the world for their problems, and want you to be the recipient of their frustration then claim they did whatever else they did because they loved you. BULLSHIT. There ain't NO LOVE in a situation like that! the least someone with nothing can do is treat you right- I couldn't even get that. Wow- what an eye opener.
I know what I am worth, and know my capabilities. I am not going to keep begging someone to treat me like a woman, or love me right- I am not going to act like I am not worthy of being treated properly after everything I have dealt with IN dealing with that person. I'm not a rude bitch, although I should have been and I don't cheat to get back. I hit where it hurts; I'll leave you alone and move on with my life. I simply womaned up to what I wanted and came to the solid conclusion that what I wanted certainly was not going to come from this individual, due to their selfish ways. He was telling me in a million different ways he wanted to be everywhere else, but with me. I just needed to accept it. Point blank- I deserve more and better than that, so I acted on it and dropped his ass like a bad habit. I can be with someone who wants to be with me and be happy. I have no regrets, because I was the woman I was supposed to be- but I promise he's full of regret, wishing he made those simple changes. Now he's just another dude on the 'damn I messed up, and I miss Nikki' list.
The man I intend to be with knows what he has HERE WITH ME and none of the above is better than that. I am a wonderful woman with a wonderful personality. I have a career- 2 of them actually and my head is on right. I have it going on from head to to toe, inside and out. That cat was turning me into an unhappy, insecure- bitch. Then I ran across that video by Lewis Williams, and that was the smack in the head I needed... I am not married to this fool, so why am I trying to stick it out, work it out, help out, do for, through bad, worse and worse??? I was the only one in love trying to get it right; he was ok with the way that fucked off relationship was; thats why that night he didn't feel compelled to bring himself home instead of the club...I realized that was happening, nothing was changing and decided it was either him or me; and I chose me. Period. I will never again allow no dude to dictate how much time, and love I am worthy of. I deserve EVERYTHING I GIVE in return! That all just brought me back full circle to an old saying of mines that I will uphold: "I respect me- you will do the same or you will go away..."

And to top it off- Look at me; I'm sexy as hell- what I look like acting like I'm not????? You better recognize. lol

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ladies.. and fellas if you need that real reality check you better check my boy Lewis out. He is telling that TRUTH FO YO' ASS. Satellite radio offered him a spot, he needs more than 15K fans.. please help him out!!! He is hot as fish grease. I Hustle Nation... The video below got me hooked!!! Truth- we all need it in our lives.. This video woke my ass up! facebook him too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Philosophy On Love...

Why be in a so-called relationship (or fucked up one for that matter) and be in love by yourself, when you can just LOVE YOURSELF?

It's time to stop settling for shit we do not want. I can say I have done it, and the shit doesn't feel good. I'm irritated all the time, fighting left and right, constantly wondering what's next, and just plain unhappy. I want normalcy and something I can depend on being pretty much consistent. That includes me, quality time, and some real love. All that switching up, fronting, and game playing is for the birds. It will be a glorious day when I finally do meet HIM. Until then- I am watching out- and workin' on loving ME.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How You Gonna Tell Me...

So I have been going through the motions of trying to figure out what exactly it is this idiot really wants out of this crap we call a "relationship"... This fool actually must believe in his heart of hearts that he can do what he wants and come whenever it's best for him to do so. How you gonna tell me you wish I ain't have nothing to say- yet you give me a million things and reasons to have something to say- EVERY TIME I LOOK UP. How you gonna tell me you don't need me in your ear telling you "what to do", ummm how am I telling you what to do when you can't do anything for me as it is? And how am I telling you what to do when you apparently ain't doing anything I am half ass telling you might get you on a bitch's good side? Well since you ain't hearing me- I ain't tryna hear you. POOF. I know you don't think or believe I am ok with being thought of down your list of things "to do"... come on now. Something has got to give, and I'll tell you what gave up- I did. I answered my own questions:

Why does he do that? - Because he chooses to
Why do you have to hang in the club every second?- Because he chooses to
Why can you do this that and the third then come at me last? CAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO.
Why can you not do what ur supposed to do?- Cause you choose not to...

Do we get the pattern here? He chooses to act an ass, and don't think he'll have any consequences with them. I mean hell why should he think he will? I been letting his ass think that was so this much this far along- He prolly still thinks I'm just mad for now and will get over it and go right back to this same shit.. Oh but today is a new day- I was not supposed to drag this dumb mess into my 28th year as it is... so let's nip this in the bud. Nothing will change until I MAKE THE CHANGE IN MYSELF. So just as he chooses do do whatever- I am choosing to move around and not deal with that bullshit. Because that's all it is- bullshit. You have entirely too many Ain't Got's to be thinking or telling me I need to just "shut up" and deal with your foolishness. Ain't got no job, ain't got no car, ain't got no money, ain't got no place, ain't got no TIME- which in all actuality that is really all YOU GOT to offer, and you act like you AIN'T GOT that either????? Negro please. Fuck you and what you're going through- I'm going get back to myself, and start back dating REAL MEN who GOT something to offer me besides bullshit on a platter. Late.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday...and beyond......

Sooo, My birthday was a good one.. and for those who don't know it was the 18th... I went to Los Angeles and saw Serani... that was HOT... the pics are on my myspace and facebook... but here is a few. Went to eat at great places and just plain had fun out of San Diego... worked for me!

Me & Bev...

Me & Serani

Serani Performing...

So fast forward to last night- I am always aware of my surroundings... we're out and the 'ho' shows up at the spot last night... in the same ass outfit I last seen her out in months ago. I could see that she was there looking for him. Standing in a spot in the club that you can only be looking for someone at.  I guess she was thinking possibly - if I just show up, he'll be on me. No- he's there with his woman buddha- I'mma need you to sit your desperate, 37 year old, cradle robbing ass on down somewhere. Now downtown is all outta her character- I have never seen this broad out and believe I gets out downtown...she's the type that sits in holes in the wall spots. Ratisha spots so to speak...But how about- he said she walked up to him and was like "what's going on?" and he said nothing and walked off...he shot me a message because i was way across the club said 'im done- let's go'... after that I walked past her, looked her dead in the face and kept walking like- how that feel? Then walked out- with him... like yeah bitch...Eat that- you thought he was done with 2 years of true friendship because you didn't like him talking to me? That was your insecurity talking sweetie- you knew he wasn't done when you thought you was stepping on my toes getting at him. FYI- This is the one who swore she took Had the audacity to call me phone talking about that has been her man for the past year etc etc.. but you haven't realized he ain't never with you? OK.  No sweetie- YOU were temporary- YOU were the play thing.. you was just something to do. We broke up temporarily- you should have ensured it was over before you tried to jump all on him and get "territorial"; he never left, knew where he been, and where he STILL is at, and I'll tell ya'll the straight truth- I kept talking to him to spite her ass because this chick used to sit in my face- apparently plotting on my dude...Bitch you knew- check my post- GET YOUR OWN and quit plotting on what you want when it's currently taken. He is not trying to be with you, and by last nights actions...ain't got anything to say to you either. Kick rocks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey ya'll just in case u wanna get ur laff on.. I have moved over a few blogs from where I normally blog. Maybe this'll be my new REAL home... lol Enjoy

There Comes A Time...

As I approach my 28th birthday- there seems to come a time to put the childish things down, and away. You no longer feel the need to ask questions, don't feel the urge to fight, you plain just grow up. The answers we usually attempt to seek from others, because we are afraid of what our own-selves are telling us... is almost-always in our faces. When you get tired of living day-to-day, not knowing what's next, or what drama filled episode you'll have down the line, you begin to change. And with those changes you almost always will see some people in your life adjust too, or plain go away. It isn't much to ask from anyone to be respectful of you and your feelings about life, but when it does become too much to ask- it is time to move. I have packed my last box, and am applying tape. It's time to move from this house.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silly Bitches...

You know if there is one thing I do not like- it's a silly bitch. I mean we all can act silly from time to time, but if all you do is act silly I need to you go sit in the corner- put the 'DUNCE' hat on, and stay out my way and think about it. Example: about 2 weeks ago, i was out.. lookin' fly as I do when I steps out... and a conversation got turned ugly because the chick swore I said I was better than her. LMAO... I was like.. wow... you think so.. but you know ur kelly blue book value is not high.. never married...5 kids... no job... and stay in a club??? boo- realistically, I am but I never let that fall from my lips. lol. YOU think I am better than you and that OFFENDS YOU. Too bad, so sad- get ya bars up. Moving along...
Bitch you knew he had a woman... I do not like women who deal with other womens men like they ain't know.. Check it- no home number? not knowing where he stays? no answer at 2 am... can't be together in public.. the only thing he do for you is help u get a nut.. if that... Don't know none of the family, never invited... the only people you know if his "friends"... please! If you ain't knowing none of that after 2 months chances are.. he got someone who IS his woman- while your silly ass sitting up thinking you're the ONE. The ones who really amuse me is the ones acting like they got one leg up on the woman because she "had her man"... EEEEENT!!!! You're not one leg up.. you were played, laid, and dismayed... You're still going to be spending the holidays alone. She's still number 1... and you're still trying to get scraps of time from someone elses... Girl please get your own man. Monica made a song for your kind... check it out- it's called SIDELINE HO... Long story short- breaks it down that second place ain't no prize nor do they GET one... you make urself look dumb sitting around trying to TAKE someone elses man, if he wanted to be with you- he'd LEAVE her then deal with you. In which he knows he does not have to- why should he- you're settling for number 2... feel free if that's what you like. moving along. Do not be silly... that's all I'm sayin'.
"You's a hoe.. you's a hoe.. SIDE-LINE-HO... Get your shit together you're making a fool of yourself, it don't matter if he spends the night, his home is somewhere else...."

- Monica- Sideline Ho

Friday, September 11, 2009

Somethin' Diff'rent

New me... lil Fyah....Whatcha think? Oh that's my pup

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hair... Hair... Hair...

As a stylist I love to change up my looks, and HAIR is key to that change sometimes. I absolutely trip on how a certain hairstyle will pull an outfit together to make it look either BLAH or BAM!!! I am a huge fan of big hair.. I love big curly locks, and once in a while sleek and straight is the jam too. I have been very fortunate to get away with almost any hair-do I choose... *whew* Here are a few tips on helping you select a new look-wig, or hair do. Always take into consideration what you DO like about your hair as it is now... Maybe the length, color, etc... What you DO NOT like about your current hairdo, and also what you DO NOT want your new hair to look like. Beware of stylists who push what they want you to wear- on you- opposed to what you WANT. Granted you must take into consideration a stylist may very well have an eye to tell you what is and is not going to look good, but if it is so far off from what you really want- ensure that it is not what you want and EXPRESS that to them as well. I do not like stylists who do not listen! I don't like bangs- so I better not have any a side swoop is fine, but full out bangs?- NO. Just pay attention to what truly looks good on you and you'll be able to get just about any hairstyle you like on you as well. It's about doing what works- not what we want all the time. What's your favorite looks on you? what looks do you not like?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Out Of The Loop & 1 Item Beauty...

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit folks... but I am back. As you see the title says out of the loop, and I did want to go over a small but important factor in daily rituals of beauty. It is okay to be out of the loop sometimes when it comes to a routine- especially if it's almost daily. Now that may vary when it comes to dieting/excercise and things of that nature- you know your habits when it comes to those things, but I am speaking beauty regimen. Don't be ashamed of your natural beauty, and be too into the makeup bag to allow for a day or two to be out of the loop. I recall a period where I thought almost everyday was somewhat like I HAD to wear some kind of makeup, but even there still never allow yourself to get so used to looking like your "madeup" self that you forget what you do REALLY look like, and be able to love it just as much. I have actually gotten some alter-ego mentality going when I have some "off" days... Granted the "other me" doesn't have a different name, it's just when I see people out and about they look like- Wow, she does As much as I love to get made up, and change up my looks, there are days I am plain too lazy to put in the time to apply everything, or anything at all. And I smile in the mirror because I look fine without it. It also allows my skin re-coup to get gunk out my pores, and skin a good breath of unbothered air... One trick that I do have up my sleeve that makes you "look" made up without much of anything. Are you ready for it? You only need 3 things... Please tell me you're really ready... OK... here goes: A pair of lovely lashes (they do not have to be dramamtic at all), lash glue and some tweezers (to apply)! Believe it or not, on a day when I do not feel like applying makeup, but i want a 'feminine' touch... I slap on a pair of falsies, and look all made up simply because my lashes are all prim and lucious... The best part it is takes all of 2 minutes. Don't believe me? Try it... WITH NO MAKEUP- only lashes and you'll have your almost favorite makeup look: None... I call it the Just Lashes look!!! People will be so drawn to looking at your lashes they do not recall you had NOTHING else on... Hmmmm...

If you could only take one makeup item with you for a month long trip, which/what would you take? Mine would definitely be a pair of Lashes.. NO DOUBT.

Until Next Time...

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Shared Response...(Relationships)

Read a post not too long ago which was the things "men hate that women do"...(And she says.. blog- Bella) On this is I found things like...

- "for me the most annoying thing is a girl who is overly clingy or needy, yet untrusting. like they want u to call 3x a day but if that doesnt go down then they assume the worst and dude is always working to prove something."

- a female with no confidence

- "I dunno that's a difficult one cuz uwant attitude but then u don't want no stank attitude and u don't want super friendly."
"you know what I hate is when they get mad cuz we not spending enough "time" like I'm busy Im not even wit other gurls, just busy. this new level of selfishness I'm so unfamilar with it, like if I like u we gone chill relax! Why we gotta be together EVERY minute?"

Now to chop it up...I responded just like this:
We can let this digest and regurgitate it, and everyone will have their own interpretation of what they got going on in their relationships... True as some men and I say SOME for a reason may be because it is out of the horses.. aka men's mouths. I wouldn't dare call a man a dog. Dog's are actually loyal.*lol*
Anyway, I agree we need to look within if we find ourselves in the same situations, because usually you know BS when you see, smell or step in it. Whether you choose to deal with it or not is entirely up to you. Too often dudes take it upon themselves to make the choice for the woman to deal with his bullshit... that's when the questioning, clingy stuff, and nagging begins. Women are not dolls in boxes you choose to take down and play with when you're ready. If you wanna do your thing, that is all to the goodie, but don't get mad when she's doing her thing too, or try to act like ya'll exclusive and got her waiting at home while you're doing your thing.
I feel a mutual level of respect keeps both parties from getting their wired crossed. Which for some reason men always seem to lack. Don't get me wrong, females do it too, but men are(usually) the main problem in the relationship. (And as Kelis gracefully put it.. it takes two to tango when cheating- Blame them hoes that knew about you and still decided to mess with him.. and his ass for allowing it) Sorry, that's just how goes it.
What most fucked off relationships are missing is that one key point: COMMUNICATION. Period. When you say exactly what you mean, and your actions say the same- there is no room for misunderstandings. Don't sleep with a dude on the first night and not expect him to think you do it often. Don't tell the girl you don't want nothing serious, then wanna hang all up under her, worried about how many numbers she got, or who she fukkin'... IOW- If you didn't want nothing serious, don't front like you do (verbally or non verbally) If your ass ain't gonna show up til 5pm... say so don't tell my ass 2 and have me waiting on you. If you wanna see other people... say so- so she's am not missing out on Ruth Chris with someone who CAN afford though I can take myself.. i'm just sayin'... yet again waiting on your ass.
Whether they want to admit it or not, they know you can almost ALWAYS do better than them, because womens options are always more than mens(and they hate that shit because they are trying to pick and choose and compare at ALL times...).... unless his ass look like Halle Berry or some shit.
To read more check her out Bella's Blog


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Does Your Inner Beauty Match The Outer???

There has been a thought that I have had often times, and I am now going to pose it. How many times have you seen someone male or female and said to your self, "She's really pretty, but her attitude makes her not so cute..." or "He's ok looking but he has a great personality"? Now generally this type of comment sits with a female being cute, but a nasty attitude can put a dimmer on her beauty. However, I have noticed a woman that may not be over the top beautiful "looks wise" but has an outstanding personality and a great aura about herself outshines plain pretty any day. Does your inner attitude match your outer beauty? There have been many time where I have been nasty acting with an attitude, and noticed it didn't get me anywhere. Of course this is when I was younger, but now that I have grown up, I realize that we must project the energy we want in return. Granted this energy is not 100% fool-proof, because there will be some unwanted attention, or whatnot, but the woman in you will definitely know which battles to let be, and nasty attitude battles are one of them. Allowing yourself to see the sunshine in almost any situation and remaining positive in a bunch of negativity... Show the world your beauty, confidence and talent in a humble manner... That is when true beauty shines. Again I ask, does your inner beauty shine as much as your outer?

Until next time...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kissable Lips...

We all love lucious lips.. well most of us do anyway. What are some of you favorite lip products? As for myself M.A.C's lipglass will alwys have the numbr one spot. Wuth items like Lipglass & Dazzleglass you simply cannot go wrong. Of course the original Lipglass is sticky, but jeeze do you get any glossier? To keep lips supple ensure you drink plenty of water, and also renenber that a slight exfoliation on the lips with a "toothbrush or "scrub style" cloth in gentle circular motion remoed dried lips, helping them maintain a unchapped look. What are some of you favortie lip products?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tell Em Why U Mad Son...

Actually nothing to be mad about. I'm more disgusted in "human" behavior than ever before... You know I pondered for about 5 minutes... (Yeah 5.. doesn't take me long to gather thoughts fools. ) and I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so damn dumb. I mean there are some genuinely smart people out there and I don't understand why it's such a bad thing to be- educated...employed.. doing right...being faithful.. or hell plain not dumb enough to keep making the same mistakes. Though we are all guilty of repeating things, or doing things we shouldn't. But eventually get tired of the same responses, and move on from it... What I don't understand people who make indisputable dumb choices. EXAMPLE:
1. You have a guy/girl who does right by you, treats you well and helps you out when you have nothing... Down to giving you somewhere to stay even when your so-called friends ain't got a couch to offer you.
Dumb move: Cheating on them with somebody who had NOTHING like just like you. How about you make a move that's going to elevate your situation... not put you back on the streets... Ain't no coochie or ding-a-ling worth me being homeless. Sorry- it ain't that serious.
2. You have an opportunity to get around people who make things happen, have careers, and are trying to be positive in their lives. Making moves while you see it...They also, share that knowledge with YOU.
Dumb move: Saying you would never want to be a sistah/brother who wears a tie to work, and you can't do that. However would rather hang around a bunch of gang affiliated idiots who might make all of a quick buck or quick money, by either selling "fruit-cock-tail" on the corner, or "white girl" (cuz ain't no REAL money in weed people; unless you MOVING some sh*t- let's not front)are in and out of jail constantly. <-- that's the crowd u prefer to hang with????? You're not hanging with the right ones because guess what? the ones who IS moving it like that prolly hanging around the people with real jobs LMAO. *SMH*
3. You have the opportunity to be real. Period. The person has shown you that you are not slick and cannot get much past them. It's like mama's- they just know and eventually will have all her ducks in a row to be like BAM!!!! Remember- you can be found out, and the point is they're smarter than you- stop lying when you're not that smart. If you're that messy in whatever it is you're doing- you're better off being honest. Especially if you can't get away with more than a week of activity before being found out. ** NOTE: Sorry it is how it is- some folks are simply smarter than you are- it's not cocky or mean; it's truth and more than likely... when you're busted repeatedly- it's because that other person is smarter than you. Sorry it's just how it is.
Dumb move: lying when proof's in tha puddin'. How dumb can you really be?
4. You get beat over the head with life lessons- 'til you get it.

Dumb move: not learning from those lessons. Again, we're all guilty of being beat over the head with a lesson more than once.. but all-in-all there was and is a lesson in all of it. Your job is to learn from it and emerge a better person. Learn people... When will you learn???
Point is.. be real with yourself folks... When the truth is too much for you- it's because you're fake. Fake people are in denial about real sh*t. They deny knowing the truth. They deny knowing what was up. They deny knowing it was someone else in the picture..even when they don't know their home numbers or where they live... Fake people say they didn't call opther people when the number is on the bill.. People are plain fake as Beyonce's hair in the 'Ego' video- (which is off the chain though...lmao). Stop. Drop. Roll in some real paste- sit in the sun and let it BAKE....then get the fuck on. One saying about muh-self... since 1997- Nikki is never in denial. if I did it I fucking did it. I'm not going to lie to you or sugar coat it. That way I ain't gotta keep up with no stories. That take up too much time, and eventually I might run into someone that's smarter than I am...
"That's Sheisty... That's Backstabber...and the little one.. that's.. that's Pickpocket"...

- The Mad Rapper

60 Days of RX for Brown Skin...

Hello all,
Though I have been gone for a hot second... I am back. Reviewing the RX for Brown Skin line by Dr. Susan Taylor. I am going to go over what I have seen, and noticed with this great line.

So, I purchased this regimen about a bit over 2 months ago, and I want to break down exactly what I have seen with consistent use of the whole regimen. I mean yes- everyday without missing any. Immediately, I felt softness in my skin, and 60 days later I still continue to have that softness that makes you want to touch on your own face all day. Now we know that is not good, as it can lead to break outs, but hey- a touch here and there won't kill ya. *lol* The second most noticeable effect after using the regimen was the overall texture improvement that was VISIBLE. Believe it or not, our mirrors can trick us into seeing things we thought did, or did not exist. Once you get in proper light, and a crisp-clean mirror boy does the truth shine through! The whole texture of my skin, like the feel was softer. An airbrushed look if you will. The area on my face which had defiant little "wrinkly patches" (from irritability, or plain dryness) seemed to blend in a whole lot better, smoothed and evened. As far as the blotchiness or deep hyperpigmentation goes, I have seen some improvement. Nothing drastic to swear off any other possible aids, but an improvement. The blotchiness is less noticeable, whereas I used to look in the mirror and zoom in on the areas of hyperpigmented skin; So this is definitely a plus.

So what's the verdict? I think i'll keep the RX regimen. Seems to be working for me, especially in conjunction with the Clarisonic. If I have seen this much improvement in 60 days who know's what'll change in another 60? I want to reinterate what consistent use means. It means without fail- morning and evening regimen. You are allowed to miss a day or two without your regimen, because we all get lazy, but you must get back on the horse!!! Otherwise you're sitting at a whole week without your skin care in line, and then you're being counter productive to your own results. So, don't do that to yourself, or the product (which you'll end up bashing because of*) As stated in previous blogs it takes about 3 months of continuous use of almost ANY product to see DEFINITE results. I am satisfied at 60 days with current results- so i'll definitely be keeping the RX line. Thank you Dr. Susan Taylor.

Until Next Time...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back In Action...

OK folks.. So now that i have moved and settled into my new place I just wanted to leave an open welcome to suggestions on products or things you would like reviews on. Posting on the 2 month status with RX for brown skin soon.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random Thoughts Vol. 9

Hello people... I have decided to randomize some stuff into an Anthony Hamilton- point of it all type feeling. Instead of that, I am asking what's the point??? What's the point of wanting to stay in a relationship you don't WANT? Is it boredom? Comfortable- or just too damn lazy or cowardly to just say this shit is NOT what I want... and keep it moving? What's the point of those friggin debt consolidation places? A friend applied, and got denied because their credit wasn't the greatest... WTF why do you think they applied? To consolidate bills and get themselves and that mess back on track. What is the point of getting financial/credit help if you need "good credit" to get help!?!? Then another blemish on their credit for applying and getting denied *smh* This is why I say fugg 'em. When I fell in the hole when I wasn't working- I notified all my open accounts of what was going on- some were willing to work with me- others were not. And guess where those who were not are at right now? At the end of the line in getting paid. Why? Because I'll be damned I pay you a "minimum" of 600 dollars because I missed four payments and you know exactly why. Yeaaaah I know- but your credit Nikki- it's already screwed because it's going to show delinquent ANYWAY- so why should I miss out on that cute outfit I saw that my baby girl can wear???? They'll get their money-when I feel like paying them. Matter of fact I might wait long enough to just be like all I got for ya is 1 G- take it or leave it. Them idiots would settle too they know it'd prolly be hell and high water getting a number like that again from me. Anyways, what's the point of not living your life to the fullest? I intend to do exactly what Martin said- with the exception of my child's savings, my own stash, regular living expenses- i'mma ride this mutha til the wheels fall off. Bet that!!!

"Who am I living for.... question existing..."- Rihanna

Monday, July 6, 2009


Taking a quick break to complete this thing called a "move..." I hate moving!!!! hope you beauties are doing your thing... Positive!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Ode to Urban Decay...

For those who happen to know the latest love of my life comes in the form of a lovely silver tone with purple accents. Yes folks.. I'm talkin' Urban Decay... I stumbled upon this precious jewel of a brand while I was on a straight mission to revamp my makeup collection. M.A.C. had fulfilled it's destiny and I grew weary of 'I thought this worked good' items. From UD's primer potion, to the luxe shadows, and 24/7 liners which glide on so perfect and smooth; I have yet to try a cosmetic from them that I did not like. My latest addition to my already too darn steep collection is the lipstick and Urban Decay's most popular selling titled item (color as well) is- Midnight Cowboy... I have the shadow and now the lucious lipstick! It is a shimmering beige tone that goes awesome with a high gloss, or alone.

Before I even think about putting an shadow on- no matter who the manufacturer is.. The primer potion must go on the lids. This allows crease-free, long wearing shadows with vibrant colors to STAY.

On my eyes, the most beautiful... with the title of 'Roach', which sounds absolutely disgusting... is the most gorgeous color I have encountered in a long while! It's usually hard to find reddish brown colors that don't have too much of either. This was the perfect combination and worked wonderfully as a crease color!!!

When Im feelin' oily, or like my makeup simply needs a boost.. I reach for my De-Slicked blot powder. Though the color is almost white with a hint of lavender tone, it goes on colorless and picks up all the oil...making your make up look fresh a while longer. Who doesn't want that!? It also doesn't hurt that it comes in a gorgeous compact. I have dropped this thing a ton of times and havenever had the power fall or crack up- nor the case. Definitely worth every penny!

Do you remember the days when you used to have to burn the tip of your eyeliner to get it to glide? Oh but let us not forget you had to wait about 30 seconds after you did that for it to solidify itself again or else you'd have not only a mashed up pencil, but a mess on your eyelids. Those days are forever gone with 24/7 Glide-on Liner. These pencils are the truth! They go on true to color and don't wipe off too easily. However, when it is time for it to come off... & They do come off without having to rub your eyes out!

For those women of color who say, 'What the heck do I need a bronzer for? I have enough color....' I thought the same thing for a while until I took a look at my pictures when I wore makeup and looked almost like there was no warmth to my skin tone. I didn't look pale but it looked like something was missing! Until I found this wonderful Baked, 'Toasted'. Now, this doesn't give you that fake lookin' sun BURNT glow with way too much shimmer although I am sure they have that as well. However, if that's what you're lookin' for- this ain't the one for you. I just needed a hint of warth that was matte, and that is exactly what I got with this and I love it!

As you all know I must pencil my no eyebrow having self up with faux ones *lol* This wax with the Brow Box is awesome! After I use an angle brush to apply the brow, I go over it with the wax that is contained at the bottom pop out drawer, and voila! No more rubbed off eyebrows, and it darkens them a bit to make them more noticeable. The box also comes with a nice little applicating angle brush, and small, small, small tweezers. Just in case there is hair, that shouldn't be there. Ingenious!!!

When I am not wearing lashes, I like to front like mine can hang with the big gals.. well with the Multi-benefit Skyscraper mascara... they actually can. Oddly enough when a rep at Sephora showed me the tube, and was going to use some on a customer i did the same thing I normally do, as i have no brows, or lashes *lol* I though, 'what the ufck-ever..." until I saw him apply it... OMG! Yes... it is now in the collection and I love how it curls and lifts lashes while making them that much longer- which is definitely a BENEFIT to me!

When it's all said and done, and this girl is done having fun... All this stuff HAS to come off. Now I reach for my Clean & Sober makeup remover... This cleanes all my makeup off without the hard rubbing or sting. Smells wonderful while doing what it's supposed to. Though it's definitely one to reckon with MUFE's Sens-Eyes.. it does a darn good job second to. Either way it works.. wonderfully at that.

The point of it all is Urban Decay makes some FANTASTIC products! if you haven't given them a try- please do when you get an opportunity. This was my ode.. hope you liked it and saw something you want to give a try.

Until next time...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautiful Lies...

And we're off!!! I decided to do a section dedicated to the myths that surround beauty, and hair. There is so much information out there on how to do this and that, or why this that and the third isn't working. Again, I emphasize we are all different but there are common rules that need to be laid down in order to understand and decipher what is and is not real when it comes to beauty... I will explore the top 3 (in my opinion) myths when it comes to beauty and hair... Shall we???

Myth #1. In order to have healthy hair you can't relax it. - Some people use the word "perm" but it's called relaxer. Now to the nitty gritty. Healthy hair is attainable no matter HOW you wear your hair. It's all about maintenance. If you get a relaxer, you must maintain it. Period. Otherwise you're asking for breakage, and damage. And another thing... Your hair needs to be healthy before you get a relaxer anyway. See the pic on the left. Why put a chemical on damaged hair??? It is not in the condition it needs to be in to handle a chemical anyhow. Blame the bad stylist who put it on you, and yourself for allowing it, and then blaming the product!!! The product didn't damage your hair, bad practice did. The purpose of the relaxer is to 'loosen the curl'- not to make it straight. If the hair is straightened too much- it is OVERPROCESSED, and now porus. Which can also occur in coloring hair as well. See the pic on the right. Yes, your hair is in a more healthy state when it's natural, but if you do not know how to care for your natural hair, it'll break, and get damaged just like chemically processed hair. MAINTAIN your hair, and you'll have healthy hair. Period.

Myth #2. I can color my hair by box and it'll be fine. First, let's briefly go over how "PERMANENT" color works. There are 10 levels when it comes to color... 1 being black, and 10 being blond. In between is 5- red... Now when coloring hair you must understand what you can and CANNOT do (and maintain healthy hair...) In order for someone who has darker hair to go to a lighter color you must lighten your hair. Whether is it by "bleach" or a high volume peroxide. The color that is in the darker hair must be LIFTED.
<---- If you don't understand this wheel. DO NOT try to color your own hair!!!!! Meaning, you cannot slap a red color on top of your dark tresses and expect the color on the box. No sweetie, you'll have hints of red on your dark hair that may only be visible in the light. Blondies... no you can't just slap red on your head and think it'll be red either. You have a yellow tone, so your hair will turn orange... you need violet to cancel out yellows and green to cancel out red tones etc etc etc. And no you cannot color your hair jet black, and go back blond. Not without a pair of scissors you won't. Color does not lift color!!! Point is folks:If you do not understand how color works, or how the color wheel does play a HUGE role in the tones, and colors you'll get... leave hair coloring to the professionals. P.S. Box colors have lots of ammonia. Though there are some that don't but there are many more that do, and that ammonia is no bueno for your hair, that leaves an ashy cast on the hair when you finish. Henna is nice, but you must be careful with it as well, as it is a metallic. Relaxers and metallics are no go.

#3. It doesn't matter what kind of shampoo I use. OOOOHH contraire mu-fraire... There are not so many shampoos out there for so many purposes for no reason. Brands? That's on you to choose, but nothing less than the best for this beauty nut. Kera Care, Enjoy, Kenra, and fifty million other awesome lines out there. The key is finding what is going to work for your hair! Someone with fine hair shouldn't be using a moisturizing shampoo unless they have dry scalp: why? Because this will weigh their already fine hair down even further and make their hair stick to their heads. Use lots of product? A Clarifying shampoo would be best because it cleanses without stripping the hair of what it needs. Believe it or not many people think they have dandruff when they really don't. Shedding of the skin cells happens on the head just like anywhere else on the body. The best way to a nice fresh scalp is to use a comb to "get up" that skin prior to shampooing... that is sticking to the head, so that when you shampoo you also get that skin off your scalp! Viola! No Dandruff!!! And yes, conditioning is essential. Conditioning keeps the hair supple, detangles, and as long as you choose the right kind- helps maintain healthy hair.
How do you know all this Nikki??? Well let's see... did I mention I'm licensed stylist with ethics and I believe in educating clients? A stylist that just 'does your hair' and doesn't give vital information like 'RED is high maintenance' or have ethics like, 'your hair is a bit too damaged for chemical treatment...' is not a very good stylist.
Here are some things to look for in your stylist:
1. Professional- yet friendly.
2. Consults with you about the condition of your hair, and where you want to go with it.
3. Listens to what you want in a style but also informs you of what is and is not flattering. helps you make decisions on what's best for YOU- your hair, lifestyle, and maintenance.
4. Is not only out to make a quick buck, but have a lifetime client- because they are just that good at what they do: resulting in what you love, a head of healthy hair, and knowledge of how to maintain that beautiful hair in the event they are not availible.
Just know that I does this. OK... Now that we've covered that... On to the Make-up Myths...

Myth #1. People who wear makeup don't like how they look. Now if you wear so much makeup you no longer look like YOU- then maybe you're wearing "too much." The purpose of makeup is to enhance your already there features. False lashes, lip plumpers, and things of that nature are extras. They don't change you. they enhance. I love how I look...

Myth #2. Men like women who do not wear make up. *ROTFLMBAO..hahah hahhahhah hahahhh ...ok.. ok ok... ok...* Whew, had to catch my composure. For the record I just wanna say that's BUH-SHYT. I believe men prefer the "natural look" but believe you me- that's makeup made to look natural often times. Who wants to wear a fierce dress and look "natural"? Umm yeah glam is for glam wear, and for some glam is daily. It's up to you though! I have said before that it is a talent in wearing make up- Not looking like you have it on. I promise you if you ask a man who his top five women who are up there on their look good list is- chances are they are "made up" in some way... If a man say he don't like make up that's probably because he don't want you getting looks and/or attention from any other guys; Ask me how I know. *ding* No, it's not that you're not naturally beautiful, makeup simply plays up your features. Period. Nothing more- nothing less. If anything- a man should be happy you take the time to polish yourself up, so you're looking your best, and he's the one who has YOU on his arm. Taking over an hour may indicate a problem though *lol* SO- Yes, ladies wearing only eyeliner, lipgloss, and mascara still constitutes you wearing MAKE UP budda. Stop livin' in denial and explore some other items to perfect your 'natural' look. Here's natural looks... but guess what? They are still wearing makeup.

I never said you should look like you work at M.A.C... then again that wouldn't be a bad thing anyway that says you got skillz... sometimes. *lol*

Myth #3. I can't wear makeup because... Kill the excuses ladies. MEN wear makeup see than us sometimes. Yes, both of the pix below are MEN... Kill your excuses ladies.

OK! Prescriptives blends for your tone. Many ways of coverage powder, liquid, mineral. Need sunscreen? Heck it's in a lot of foundations and products these days. There are consultants all over Sephora, M.A.C., and Macy's counters. ASK for help if you need it. I promise you nobody came out the womb knowing how to apply their perfected shadow. Practice, be prepared to wipe it off and start over if it wasn't the look you wanted... get good products (for you) and see what works and doesn't work for YOU. Either way- stop with the excuses! Beautify your outside to match your inner beauty. There is no such thing as "day/night" make-up. Make-up is about fun and enhancing your representative, and goodness- making a lasting first impression on the world. How many people that you do not know- will walk by you today? Exactly. You may very well not care what they think, but I know what they won't be saying about Nikki. Goes like this: "Damn she was lookin' fugged up." *lol*

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just So Ya'll Know (off topic)

My life is like a damn reality show sometimes.. This blog is dedicated to beauty, and things of that nature... But if you want a dose of Nikki Smooth- Raw & in living color... Scream at me on myspace: nikkay2desire

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bathing Beauty...

There is nothing more relaxing than a good shower and/or bath. I have a tendency to take a nice shower and scrub the tub before soaking in a bubble bath or just soaking. Either way, we all have our routines, but what's used is also different. I have a ridiculous amount of bath items, which go beyond lathering. I am a LUSH fanatic! The first time I stumbled across this wonderful store I was in London... Good ol' UK. Fell in love with every scent that was there for my nose to smell. Not only is this stuff scented beautifully, it makes bathtime fun, and yes something to look forward to even more. Here are a few of my favorite Lush items.

1. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar

This Bubble bar works wonders and smells amazing! Relax in the blue water while the aroma does it's thing. Patchouli!!! MMMmmMM. Very relaxing and one bubble bar goes pretty far. I get about 4 baths out of one bar, and my skin is scented for hours. I like this bath after a tiring day, as it relaxes me like nothing else. Check out their other bubble bars like, Hot milk, Two Timing Tart, and The Comforter.

2. This is the SEX BOMB- aka a bath bomb that smells delightful! I have never had such a lovely bath until I met LUSH. The bomb begins to fizzle one it is plopped into your tub of water. Scents the water and this particular bomb is scented with lots of Jasmine!!! Try this and a few other great bath bombs. I love Sakura, Butterball, and of course Big Blue. They even have Ickle Baby bomb and Baby devil for children which contain lavender.

3. The Sultana of Soap- I bought this soap actually thinking it maybe wouldn't be my favorite bar soap but was Nikki surprised!!! Now my favorite among soaps... Creamy with a hint of fruit such as apricots, cranberry and currant. This soap is the shiz-nit! When i say it leaves the most awesome smell on you- that's what the heck I mean. This among many other soaps like Snowfairy, The Godmother, Rockstar, and Honey I Washed The Kids make bath and shower an experience to behold.

These are just a few products from Lush that I absolutely LOVE. Check them out at and try a few new things out. Their fresh face masks are awesome too. Though you probably need to get ahold of some of those in an actual store (for those who are so lucky to live near one.) I use 'Sacred Truth' which does justice to a tired face. It is true- I traveled all the way from San Diego to Santa Monica to get ahold of Lush items... Sure I could order them online, but that would take away from the store experience... *sigh* What are some of your favorite bath items?

Until Next Time...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Crimes in Facial Care & Makeup...

I was simply surfing the web for new content and happened to think along the lines of my recent post about product reviews. I ended up doing a review on about a product by Smashbox, called 'eye illusion'. The purpose of the almost pale, barely there colors is to create new colors, or if your skin allows- to be worn alone.

I have said it once, and I will say it again; There are some genuinely crappy items out there, BUT most bad reviews come from improper use, or not using the product for what it was intended for. Today I'm going to go over a few 'crimes' (in my humblest opinion) to help relieve some product bashing.

Facial Care Crimes- 'Cuz you just need to know

If you know your skin is oily, why are you using a moisturizing moisturizer??? How about you use an 'Oil-Control' moisturizer? Different strengths, formulas, and pretty color bottles are for that purpose.-Different needs.

If your skin is easily irritated- it wouldn't hurt to try the patch test on a hidden part of your skin to ensure you don't have a reaction 24-48 hours after use of the product. Better to wait 2 more days before trying something that may possibly have your skin looking worse than what it started at; then saying you had a BAD reaction to the product.

Dry skinned people- if you do not exfoliate almost every other day and moisturize daily why are you complaining that your makeup looks dry? I know this first hand.

Weather changes, or skin changes require- change in your regimen as well. Yeah- it actually does- so stop complainin'.

Makeup CRIMES- These are the Stop go to jail- directly to jail- do not pass 'Go' nor collect $200 crimes.

YES, you need to moisturize before applying makeup. Allow your pre-makeup routine to have time to absorb if you feel oily. I confess the reason I previously did not apply moisturizer before makeup is because I felt like that stuff was going to make my makeup look oily. Indeed immediately applied afterward it does. Give your last item at least 10 minutes on your skin before applying your makeup- otherwise what do you expect to look like? Nothing for the skin to drink makes it attempt to drink the makeup. This in turn is why your makeup is sinking into your pores making your skin look dried out or look like a bad application. Adding moisture gives the pores their drink, and lets the makeup stay true to your skin, and actually helps it look better and last longer. No moisture is a CRIME!!!

Fading shadow or it won't stay put? Hmmm how about using a good base? Urban Decay's Primer Potion is the truth, and if you've got oily lids try Too Faced- Shadow Insurance. I almost promise that your eye make up won't go anywhere, or crease for at least 5 or 6 hours. Though I have worn mine longer without either happening until I TOOK it off- I only can place so much faith in a product! It really upsets me that I just found these items because now that I look back on older pictures where my makeup was off the hook- I used way too much product and it still faded because I didn't have or was not wearing a great base. Eyeshadow without base is a CRIME!!!

Skin bumping up because of your makeup? Well, I'm going to need you to thoroughly cleanse your face; Especially after wearing makeup. I probably wash my face 4 times after I have worn makeup. Due to the fact your skin kinda goes into GANXTA MODE while you sleep, those products if you did not get the majority of them off, can get into your pores an can cause a breakout. Yes, you may be tired from partying, but Better to stay up an extra 5 minutes, than wait a week for a breakout to clear up fully. Non-thorough cleaning is a CRIME!!!!
BLACK LIPLINER- NO, NO, NO... unless you are an avant garde model in a show; which 20 times out of ten you are not- Don't do this-for it is a CRIME!!!
What are your no-no's and crimes when it comes to fashion and beauty???
Until Next Time...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Soft-Spoken Eyes... How To Do them...(tutorial)

Starting with a clean and yet again, booger free eye. Apply a primer to the entire eye.

After you have applied the base. Apply a light pink shadow across the eye lid, as before 3/4ths of the way up.

Now apply a dark brown shadow to the crease to show depth.

After you have finishes blending use a small shadow brush to add the highlight on the eyebrow.

After blending all colors you should again have a gradient look from top to bottom.

You know I must draw my eyebrows on *lol*. Lastly ensure it is well blended and to make the colors stand out. I apply a hot pink after blending to make the pink stand out a bit more. Finally a nice Black line of liquid liner.

And there you have it... Brown w/Pink...Hope this helped.

Until Next Time....

Sunday, May 31, 2009


No, I have not abandoned you all; I was just on a quick hiatus. And Ms. Clsssy your tutorial is next up. PROMISE. I want to address some bronzing and shimmer items that are all that and some! It is sometimes hard to find a nice shimmer for your skin wihout walking around looking like a flippin' disco ball. That is not the look most of us are going for, but maybe some don't know any better. Let me introduce you to my newfound friend: Shimmer Brick for Body by Bobbi Brown. Now, originally I looked at the price on this beautiful piece of uhhhh sparkly goodness... and my eyes about fell out my head at a whopping $75.00 price tag. I was thinking to myself- this brick can't possibly be all that. Oh, but was I foolish to doubt the ever shimmering powers of this tool. Have you ever wanted a soft glow, or bronze without looking like too much sparkle is on you, or just a dewy look to your everyday shine? Well, this is it! With an oven baked contraption of makeup and it gives your skin a sun-kissed glow that is UNTOUCHABLE!!! It doesn't look fake or overly shimmery, just enough sheer coverage to give the skin, face, and body enough glow... It was love at first application. NOW the brush I can do without- it cost more than the brick... $85.00??? WTBF??? How about... no? Yes Bobbi, the brush is soft, and all that gooey jazz goodness, but the brick already costs an arm; the least you could have done, especially since this is supposedly "limited" was throw in a decent quality brush to apply the wonderous shimmer for free-99. Let's keep it really real... in my humble opinion the over priced brush pulls too much dust off the shimmer brick and is actually quite messy. That could be because it's rounded, so you feel the need ot rub all into it... No, I'm not hating on the brush, I'm just amazed that the already rapist price doesn't include a decent brush. nope you just take it- no vaseline... *lol* NOW... here is my new brick's companion, and it didn't cost my left lung... Jeeze.

Yes, the Big Budda Brush by Urban Decay, works perfectly with my brickfor $36.00 and it is also soft taklon hair, and ANTI-BACTERIAL. You can't beat that with a stick!!! I have just been getting so many awesome items, and it's almost like there isn't enough time in the day or week to use all of it, but eventually I will. However, I think I found my daily glow with this one here... I LOVE this shimmer brick. I highly suggest you add this to your collection. I promise it'll become you favorite daily accessory soon enough.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Truth About Most Cosmetic Reviews...

I do believe most people should look into reviews prior to purchasing a product; especially if it costs a pretty penny. The truth of the matter is- we're all different so what one raves about someone else is going to think is GARBAGE.

I laugh all the time when I read the "ridiculously bad" reviews on products. Most of those are user error in application or how to use the product, and also a lot of the time, not taking the time to read about the product and what it's specialty really is. I have never had a product that I was like- HORRIBLE... Why you ask? Because I (try to) never buy something before I try it. Period. When you purchase things that are backed by a good return policy- they most than likely also allow you to try it. Why not try it first? DUH... that's what the testers are for.

Who in the hell just sees a product, a tester right there, doesn't try it and says I want that- then complains about it? Idiots do...That's who. You got what you paid for. It is not the company's fault that your skin is retardedly dry or oily. So don't bash the company for not being able to tame your oily face or your sahara desert patches...

Instead of looking for the quick fix- Find a cleanser that targets that, and a product you can live with until it is corrected or at least at bay. There is no quick fix to a lot of our problems, but more of a range of things that can assist while you TREAT the original issue. Things like oiliness is usually sebum glands producing too much oil, and believe me; there are products out there that help and yes even oily people need to use a moisturizer. the skin is over producing because it is deprived. I just wanted to point that out because online while looking for new products to review, and try I always run across some janky reviews on fantastic products. Some are legit complaints- walks like a duck talks like a duck... But most of the time- it's rants from people who don't know where to start. Out out of 100 reviews- 6 are bad and bashing the hell out of the product. Then you read on to find out these people have problematic skin, or issues that that mighty little product was not meant to fix. People need to read.

Though I know it's all personal opinions and we are entitled to them; I just want to point out majority of the people who do shop at these stores, online, and department stores haven't a clue about makeup, skin conditions, or what is really the issue they need to correct for everything else to work in accordance with their "makeup". The best thing to having your makeup look great is a great canvas, and if all you're doing is slapping makeup on top of other problems to quickly make it 'look' good- you're headed for even bigger problems. Fix the main issue, then move on to smaller "fixes".

Until next time...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh M.A.C... Am I Falling Out Of Love With Thee...???

I am at work and decided to do a bonus blog... As a few of you know I have always been a M.A.C. fanatic, and know that they are a "superior" makeup brand. Well- sometimes they are superior. I just have lately been on this rampage at other places, and especially Sephora, which has placed a ridiculous amount of other fantasic products in one place...and at my flipping fingertips! What's a girl to do???

Though there are some products that I will never abandon M.A.C. for such as my 'Pinch Me' blush, Fix +, and my dazzleglass/lipglass; Ol' Nikki has gone astray from the foundation and yes, even some of the eyeshadows. Though there are some shadows you'll find nowhere else but M.A.C. like 'Shimmer'- Jeeze that color is just beautiful! It just seems as though none of the foundations provided coverage I needed without it feeling like I had tons of it on. Heck- sometimes at the cost of looking like it as well. *sigh* Their shadows, could simply need replacement, but my colors still go on fantastic. So there is nothing wrong with them... I think I'm just over the 'it must be M.A.C.' phase.

Though their products render outstanding reviews, I am no longer impressed. I used to get excited to see the latest celeb promoting it, and what colors were coming next... I got extra happy when I received those invites to M.A.C special events for upcoming collections. Alas, I no longer get excited in the mall when I see a M.A.C. store, I no longer feel the urge to simply go inside and test anything on my skin. I simply do not get moist when M.A.C. is whispered in the air. I just feel the affair is over, and it's time to move on to the other products that are just as great if not better... I'll be seeing you around old faithful M.A.C... I loved you...


Nikki T.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Gotta Haves...

So we all are different... yeah we know. *lol* I just wanted to share some recent purchases and some new faves of mine... Shame isn't it? At my most recent Sephora rampage- I found some items that absolutely and positively blow my mind and already cannot live without! It is so hard to find diversity in your products, but that I have found... Shall we???

Oh my goodness. This stuff makes my skin feel FABULOUS!!! by Juice beauty. This is organic and an antioxidant...which helps with those blemishes, and spots you get here and there. Gotta have it. $45.00 <---Worth every penny.

The colors in this palette by URBAN DECAY... If these don't have ridiculous pigment... then I don't know what pigment is. The only other company I have seen thus far in Sephora that had pigment like this is Make Up For Ever... $38.00 <---Cop that unit.

Speaking of Make Up For Ever... This HD foundation is the shiznit in all areas. Unlike my recently retired, and deceased M.A.C. studio fix, this one is very lightweight with a whole lotta coverage. I need that with my blotchy skin... Though I love M.A.C- M.U.F.E. has them beat hands down, and the photo outcome using this product is- incomparable. $40.00 <--- Pricey but well worth it!

And while I'm on M.U.F.E. this micro finish powder is the shyt on top of the HD or all alone. Pure Silica evens and smooths the skins texture and appearance. You can apply this before-or-after make-up or wear it alone for a soft finish on the face. A definite must have! $30.00 <----Yes, 30, but a little powder goes a long way.

So I decided to go ahead and buy into the hype that this URBAN DECAY eyeshadow primer potion was the end be all of your eye shadow staying on or creasing up on ya... Well guess what? It is. I not cannot live without this stuff already. I have this in the original color and if you like champagne undertones try this primer in 'SIN'...which I confess- I purchased as well. Cool thing is, before I bought this they gave me a sample of both colors which are now in my "car makeup kit"- DAMMIT yes. Whatever they have in here gives eye make up staying power like no other! $17.00 <--- You can't afford not to have this!

Too-Faced has a smoky eye shadow box that is pretty friggin' handy! This box comes with a total of 9 shadows to create 3 different smokey looks; Day, Fashion, and Classic. It also comes with a 3 card set which shows you HOW to create the looks. A must have for those who like the smoky eye. $32.00 <--- Showstopper eyes!

OK... Smashbox gloss... That isn't the color I have-but I purchased FLESH.. and it is a flesh tone and it is GORGEOUS!!!
Very nude, and very SEXY. $18.00 <--- So beautiful...
These are just a few of the items I picked up. As you all know I love colors and make up products and there is nothing like a color nobody else has! If you have some colors or items you cannot live without, love or plain want to try- SHARE.
Until Next Time...
P.S. Ms. Classy I haven't forgot about you! Tutorial soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life With The Clarisonic...

Hello World,

Ok.. so it has officially been a week since I have purchased my latest splurge item - the Clarisonic, and I do LOVE it. As I had stated previously, I noticed a softer texture to my skin, and my moisture level in my skin has been awesome. My products such as moisturizers, and sunscreen don't feel like they are just sitting on top of my skin anymore either. I am not greasy feelin' when I apply anything anymore!!! How cool is that!? Below is the one I purchased (Gotta have PINK and contribute to THE CURE) This has also been an awesome spa type treatment before application and after makeup removal. The biggest improvement after a week of use has been the smoothed texture. I have seen the dry patches of skin go away, and the overall appearance of the skin is simply brighter. Therefore, out of 5 stars: I'll give it 4.5 simply because it is an awesome product, but hella pricey. *cringe* But if you intend to use it regularly- you'll get your moneys worth for sure.
Until next time...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smile... It Does Make Others Do It Too...

I haven't had much to say lately- I am going to come up with some other things soon. I just wanted to leave a basic note for people and say to smile. A smile can mean a lot to someone. Yes, Softspoken Beauty... I will do a tutorial with the pinks and browns- Just for you :o)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Living Beautifully... By the Bottle...

So, my confessional was that I did feel froggish and leapt on the $200 Clarisonic cleansing brush. Now, most products are carrying the timeline of a week, or so before you see some results, I have noticed an improvement in texture, more than anything and it's only been about 3 days. Yes, it feels nice in the shower, and makes use of your cleanser. By using less, I guess your investment goes further too. Now, I do not by any means have buyers remorse, but I do think a cost of 85 would be reasonable, but apparently they felt otherwise *lol* - but oh well. I am sure soon enough I should have facinating stories to tell you all about it. I'm sure with repeated use, cleansing gets better as well. I was never one to expect a miracle in a bottle... I'm lying.

I want to discuss some things I have used, along with their supposed purpose. Trial & Result. Shall We???

This Crap in a Box... Now I have struggled with hyperpigmentation for a while. After using this on my skin for about a month and a half I tossed it. It didn't seem to be working at all, and believe it smells just like BLEACH too. luckily I didn't spend more than about 5 dollars on it. It was recommended by a friend whom had said they used it and it worked for them. Oh well.

Mama Lotion had so much hype behind it. Supposedly almost made for those suffering (I hate when they say that from the dreaded melasma. I decided to go ahead and try it. Well- I think I used this for about the same amount of time, and yet- again saw no results. And this mess is NOT cheap. $45 bucks down the drain. I coulda had a V-8. *smh*

What kind of trial would this be without good ol' Lie-Active??? This 'Lean on Me' method worked for about 2 weeks. You see the trick to proactive is it becomes a dependency. In most cases the purpose of the person seeking the product is to correct and then prevent it from reoccuring. But lie-active is all about continuous use. If you stop... you're right back where you started. A cash cow extraordinaire!!! Beware... I had a friend try this and his face bumped up so terribly he had to take off from work for 2 days for his face to calm down. In the word of his boss, "He had to go home. Do you remember that Martin Lawrence episode when he fought that boxer Tommy Hearns??? Well-that's what he looked like- don't use that proactive mess on your face." So I guess it dubs as an industrial cleaner.

No, I'm not going to bash Ambi. Ambi is actually a decent product. Cleaning wise and leaving the skin soft. I'll give it 3.5 stars out of 5. I still however comma will not buy it anymore. Maybe.

So that's just a few out of a billion things I have tried. I just want to know when they will seriously come up with a product that IS for ALL SKIN TYPES that works. *sigh* A day in my life... What have you tried to correct any skin issues you may have had? I would like to know.

Until Next Time...