Friday, December 5, 2008

Damn Navy Federal...

I honestly do not know how many more times I am going to hafta curse Navy Federal Credit Union out about my funds. So about 3 or 4 weeks ago I had gotten a letter about a returned check in the amount of $481.10... now as many of you know, I do not fool with Navy Fed that often since my snatching of my funds... So I knew there was a problem soon as they said a check was returned because the last check I had written was in the amount of 53 cents ONLY. How a fifty three cent check turned into a four hundred eighty some odd dollar one is beyond me, but the point of what had happened was pretty friggin' evident. The check was stolen after I put it in the mail, and it was a fraudulent check! DUH!!! So at that point in time, I had promptly called NFCU and let them have it promptly, and that if them fund was taken out my account, or if they had assessed any fee that it better find it's way back into my acct, and of course after going back and forth inbetween hold and "thank you for holding ma'ams" they came to the conclusion magically that it was absolutely not Nicole who had written the check, but a Somebody Cruz... BTW our signatures didn't match- go figure... I'm like yeah.. you all need to fix that.

Anyway, they sent an affidavit for me to fill out, and I sent it back in and last week I got something basically dead-ending me into what was going to happen. So I called them and apparently they had sent the wrong form, so when they sent me the "correct" form, I promptly went to the branch office today which leads us to todays festive snap-off session. I walk in and explain the whole happening to the rep who was talking to me- seems she had to have a talk with the manager whom apparently was so busy she couldn't find the time to ask me anything... So she keeps sending this rep in there to ask dumb shit like, "Do you know who took it? Did you write another check afterward?" Like yes stupid- I still had topay the original folks the STOLEN check was written out to in the first place... WTF? So in the end of this conversatipon the rep feels the need to tell me that apparently the childrens place can try to cash the check again, so they were going to place a stop payment on the check... and logically I'm thinking well it don't matter you are aware that check 611 is STOLEN, so why wouldn't you just stop any payment on it anyway?

So the rep goes to tell the manager in place I am aware of this, as initially I was not, and the manager decided that she could credit me the $25 assessed fee, but it would cost me $15 to out a stop payment on a check I didn't authorize. So at that point I went from satisfied, to pissed off. How in the hell are you going to give me my money that you charged me for a stolen check, and then tell me that I must pay to put a stop payment on a stolen check??? Is there no grounds, or law in the book that says hello... the customer is not responsible for what happens with a STOLEN check, meaning any fees incurred should be reimbursed, and or waived. (Well Nicole will be exepmt from any fee incurred) So I promptly informed the rep that I am willing to fight about my 15 dollars! I proceeded to tell her that doesn't make sense. .. it's like giving someone a 25 dollar gift card and then telling them it costs 15 dollars to use it. What's the damn point??? So she goes back to the manager, and explains what I just told her, and she comes back to tell me that the manager says she cannot waive the fee, but she will put the money back in the account, but if I want a stop payment I have to pay for that- so at that point I was so heated I had to tell the rep to quit playing messenger and get her manager's azz in the office.

So this applehead bitch stroll in the office like she got that much stuff to do, and proceeds to tell me about how she cannot waive the money, and I broke it down for her again- I said, "Ain't no way in hell you telling me that you're giving me only 10 dollars because a check was forged. Realistically, if your representative wouldn't have said anything to me about having to put a stop payment on the check, as I was NOT aware that the bank that has the check could attempt to cash the check again, we wouldn't be having this conversation...point is, I don't feel I should have to pay the fee to stop payment on a check that the PROOF is is your damn face that it was stolen. matter of fact I ain't paying shit to stop payment on something that I didn't write. That check was for fifty three cents. Had it got to where it was addressed to originally, we wouldn't be talking now. So what's about to happen is that money is going to be back in my account and ya'll gonna put a stop payment on that check for free-99." So she thinks she can get jazzy and say, "well we are just giving you the money that was taken for insufficient funds as a courtesy becau-" I cut her ass straight off ( DO NOT PLAY WORD GAMES WITH ME My shit is superb...) I said, "You ain't do nothing as a courtesy- you put my money that you took back in my account because you saw that the check WAS forged- not seemed to be forged. I don't understand how you folks as a group or a BANK can sit up- see a check was forged, know that the other bank can present it again, and not automatically stop payment on it if it is a stolen check- you heard the key word in the sentence? STOLEN." So she want to get this look like she had just been insulted, and I am the one! So she says, "Well I can just take the money back out because I am trying to help you ma'am".. I said, "How in the hell are you helping me by taking money out of my account that was not authorized, and then trying to use round-about logic in why I am stuck with a fee? Talking about peace of mind they will not try to cash it again. You must think you talking to somebody stupid. No, that fee will be waived and my 25 dollars will be back in my account. If I gotta call headquarters then so be it, because apparently you ain't got no power as a manager, and I'm not paying for something I didn't do, and don't feel I should have to do if the BANK is aware that the check was stolen...And all that attitude is just unsat- I'm gonna call headquarters now, and I'm placing a complaint on your ass too" So she gets up and walks out and had the audacity to say "Well God bless you..." I said, "YEAH GOD BLESS YOU..." I was thinking-WHEN I PLACE THIS COMPLAINT ON YOUR ASS... You gonna need a blessing. So I call the regular old Navy Federal call center and within 5 minutes that stop payment fee was waived and within 10 minutes I was dropping the details of how rudes, and inadequate the so called branch assistant manager was in the scenario. I didn't understand how she couldn't see why I was irritated at her telling me such a thing. As many of you know, I don't do bad customer service, so before I walked out the door, I sure poked my head in her office and let her dumb ass know that the fee was waived,a nd if she knew her job worth a damn she would have spared a complaint on her and waived a fee. Is fifteen dollars worth the counseling you're about to get??? I thinks not, but I specifically said I want someone from that bank to call me personally- as this was UNSAT behavior for someone in her position. Then trying to insult my intelligence by trying to charge me for something I didn't authorize in the first place? PLEASE! The right answer would have been, "Ma'am I can only give you the 25 dollars back, but if you would like anything to be waived you may have to call headquarters as I am not personally authorized to do such a thing..." and I still would have promptly called HQ and let them know what was wassup, and boom it would have been waived and you wouldn't have that scratch on your employee record- DUMB HOE. WTFEEZY???

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