Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Give A Damn...

There are days that you really just dont give a damn, and today was one of those days.

DGAD 1- As few of you may know that I have gotten rid of my bad habit not too long ago... so when this individual felt the need to try to get back at me, talking shit like things was gonna go back to the way they was, I just acted a pure ass. I let that mofo know exactly what was on my damn mind. I must have called his broke, no car, or job having, weak minded, hostage/refugee ass everything but a child of God. He had to feel small as a fairy when I got through. Broke down aint got shit but dick going for yourself ass fool. Don't act like I damn need you because I do-not. Nikki is quite I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that mean???????? I changed my number on trickery status... which means it'll be back to what it was, but they won't know that. *lol* Fucker had the nerve to ask me for money to get a ticket to go home to LA.. im looking like go ask the bitch you sit your ass up under all day or her people you're doing dirt for to hand you 40 bucks to just your ass on a greyhound, not me. I have officially went BITCH on his hoe ass. Fuck with it.

DGAD 2- You know, I work on phones all day, and as the day goes on the last thing I wanna do is deal with someone who has an attitude at the end of my shift, beeping my line for help, when I am supposed to walking out the door at the time of the beep. This fool felt like he could just get jazzy, because he was giving jacked up info, that he could just ask to talk to a tier 2. Talking about... "can I just talk to a tier 2?" I simply said you sure can... stand by, pushed that release button, and hung up on his ass; logged off my phone and left for the day. You can call back and ask for a tier 2- you ain't gonna cop no 'tude and act like i'm incompetent asking for a tier 2 because you cannot formulate what your issue is in words. I'm so incompetent I hung up instead of transferred your ass. Asshole. That felt good. I did that for all the times I wanted to hang up on a muthasucka, and didn't..

I simply dont give A DAMN about petty shit no more. People are not considerate at all. They think your first priority should be them. Negative homie... my first priority is not you or your needs, and I won't act like you are. If you act shitty, I'm gonna treat you shitty... You act like you got sense, I will treat you with some sense. Don't think you're calling a center with a dummy on the other end of the line. Don't think you can play me like a soybean burger when I roll flame broiled. that's all I'm sayin'. LATE!!!

"You shoulda known better than to doubt me..."

-You Should Have Known- Monica