Monday, August 18, 2008

Ever Since I Let You Go...

You know, there are times when I sit back and I have to plain be thankful i let some people and some things go in my life. If I hadn't done that I'd prolly be in the nut house, down & depressed or plain mad for nothing. I have just come to realize over a period of time some folks just ain't worth it. Yeah I know it sounds so mean, or cruel to say it, but dammit imma say it: Some people ain't worth shit. Aint worth a second thought and not worth your fucking time. Which is why I am happy I have cleaned house on some muggs. Old back biting snitch ass, non speaking, trifling muthafukkas. I do not have the time! Some of you may have noticed that my friends list got real short, real quick. Once I identified the worthless.. they were removed, plain and simple. Hell don't think I didn't do the same thing on my real end spectrum either. I changed my number, and best believe there are whole lotta folks wo do not have it, and damn sure won't get it. To those muggs I say pluck allayall. You ain't about shyt, you ain't shyt in my book, and you ain't gonna be shyt in my book. Holla!


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