Saturday, July 19, 2008

Forthcoming Changes

Okay, so I didn't get the other job but the 18 per hour saved me a spot and I start working on Monday... Tonight I'm going out because I do not know what my schedule will be...So we gonna do it to it like Cherish. Now I am so beyond ready to be back in my own zone of privacy and thangs it is not even funny. I mean my roomies have been cool, but I am over other folks habits that conflict with my own, and over limiting having my company over for the sake that someone may be there, or sleep. Not that everytime you invite someone over it's a issue, it's just the comfort of your company and yourself not to feel pressed to get people out at a decent hour because someone else is sleep or gotta get up or whatever. I just know I am ret-ta-go. I honestly don't even care which shift I get... I just am so ready to have a check coming and have my stuff back in order!!! I must say that these crazy times have humbled me, and made me think about the "next time around" for real... So.. I am ready for the forthcoming changes to occur... Let's get it on!

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