Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Pregnant.. and I ain't even know it...

Yeah I get a message from a friend of mine...and apparently I am him, and according to the reporter- that's why he won't talk to or sleep with them. Oh My F-in' Goodness!!! People are so off, and so damn nosey. If the boy don't want to dick you down- blame yourself; don't blame Nikki. Nikki didn't do it. I just wanna know how I got pregnant though *lol* If I was pregnant, don't you think I would have told him and known??? Uh yeah Funny part is someone has come up to me and said this individual and I have a "strange relationship"... we talk to different people but be "booed up" when we together- then get at other folks. I am like ----> You think if he and I was together- I'd be sharing? Introducing women to him? Uh-no. *lol* That's my boi, we have an understanding- we are cool. People hate that we both sexxxy, we are wanted, and we got it like dat! Damn shame you can't even have homeboys without some old strange assed rumor to follow. What's next??? I can only wonder.

"Now you hoes don't be about sh*t.... (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) Ol' weak ass gurls always worried 'bout a bitch. (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) You type of hoes ain't gon' never have sh*t. (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) Ol' punk ass gurls always worried 'bout a bitch (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) ---- You jealous gurl.. and you know it too- you arguin' with yo' man - fightin' about me boo."- Jealous Girls- Khia

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