Thursday, June 26, 2008

Effin' Technology & The Latest...

No this isn't a rant about how bad it is... I have began my online courses... gotten a "sidekick" and now I feel all like I'm in the "in" crowd... (yeah right) The kewl thing about technology these days is you damn near don't have to do SHYYYYT to get stuff done anymore. All you must do is type.. select and click... BADABOOM. Done. So what's left after that- eat good food and be lazy. Well anyway, my job interviews went pretty well. the VTC position i am waiting on a response, so I am stepping out on faith and telling the 18 per hour i'm waiting (so this mess better come thru) the good part is, when I told the other job I was waiting on an answer...he understood completely, and said just to let him know anyway so he could still have my naem on the list (yes!) so either way a chick will be employed soon. Now, I know a lot of ya'll are wondering well... what are you gonna do with those hands that work magical wonders??? Believe you, me- I am trying to get back in the game ASAP. But for the minute I got bills to pay and the economy is crappy, so the reality is simply this----> nobody but me pays my bills. I don't have 3 years to build a solid clientele... and until I do get there- I need a regular paycheck. Point blank. Trust that I didn't pay 12 grand to attend school for it to go down the drain. that is the latest.. so let me go use my unlimited texts and email on this damn phone... arghhh!!!!

"Slowly..surely..."- Jill Scott

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