Friday, June 20, 2008

Can You Say Nosey? (Confirmed)

11:18 p.m. UPDATE- nosiness confirmed. So when she comes home she starts to ask questions like so is that your "main guy friend"? Are we in a relationship... how long we been talking... what does he do... just being NOSEY AS HELL. I was like I am not in that man's business like that. Long as he ain't robbing-killin' or stealin' I ain't worried about what he do. HINT: When people answer you vaguely it probably means they don't want to answer you or you're asking too much. Funny enough- she didn't get it- she just kept on and hit the nail right on when she did say about herself, 'I guess i'm just nosey..." I said UH YEAH. It don't cost a dime to stay out of mine.Who do you work for? The FBI? I mean really, why do YOU need to know any of those things about anyone I deal with? Unless something happened in your home and he was involved- who he is.. what he does.. where I know him from... his dreams and goals... if he wants to be serious... how long i've known him..and whether we screw or not- IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. I'm seriously going to need this chick to get a hobby like knitting or something. BETTER YET- Worry about your dude up north, and what you know about him. Nikki's men friends should be of no concern to you. What made all of the questioning that much more funny was- the fact that she's trying to act like a big sister, talking about what she used to do too when she was 26... like I'm just dating some stranger and I need to know all these things about him... I don't need her to know- I know A WHOLE LOTTA ABOUT HIM- it's just not my place to discuss those details with you. That man's business is not yours to know, nor is it mines to discuss with you-whether I know or not. She just had no shame in being so nosey. Most people can tell when they are asking one too many questions but ooooooh boy.. not this one. THIS JOB IS MINE!!! I CLAIM IT!!!!

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