Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Pregnant.. and I ain't even know it...

Yeah I get a message from a friend of mine...and apparently I am him, and according to the reporter- that's why he won't talk to or sleep with them. Oh My F-in' Goodness!!! People are so off, and so damn nosey. If the boy don't want to dick you down- blame yourself; don't blame Nikki. Nikki didn't do it. I just wanna know how I got pregnant though *lol* If I was pregnant, don't you think I would have told him and known??? Uh yeah Funny part is someone has come up to me and said this individual and I have a "strange relationship"... we talk to different people but be "booed up" when we together- then get at other folks. I am like ----> You think if he and I was together- I'd be sharing? Introducing women to him? Uh-no. *lol* That's my boi, we have an understanding- we are cool. People hate that we both sexxxy, we are wanted, and we got it like dat! Damn shame you can't even have homeboys without some old strange assed rumor to follow. What's next??? I can only wonder.

"Now you hoes don't be about sh*t.... (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) Ol' weak ass gurls always worried 'bout a bitch. (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) You type of hoes ain't gon' never have sh*t. (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) Ol' punk ass gurls always worried 'bout a bitch (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) ---- You jealous gurl.. and you know it too- you arguin' with yo' man - fightin' about me boo."- Jealous Girls- Khia

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Effin' Technology & The Latest...

No this isn't a rant about how bad it is... I have began my online courses... gotten a "sidekick" and now I feel all like I'm in the "in" crowd... (yeah right) The kewl thing about technology these days is you damn near don't have to do SHYYYYT to get stuff done anymore. All you must do is type.. select and click... BADABOOM. Done. So what's left after that- eat good food and be lazy. Well anyway, my job interviews went pretty well. the VTC position i am waiting on a response, so I am stepping out on faith and telling the 18 per hour i'm waiting (so this mess better come thru) the good part is, when I told the other job I was waiting on an answer...he understood completely, and said just to let him know anyway so he could still have my naem on the list (yes!) so either way a chick will be employed soon. Now, I know a lot of ya'll are wondering well... what are you gonna do with those hands that work magical wonders??? Believe you, me- I am trying to get back in the game ASAP. But for the minute I got bills to pay and the economy is crappy, so the reality is simply this----> nobody but me pays my bills. I don't have 3 years to build a solid clientele... and until I do get there- I need a regular paycheck. Point blank. Trust that I didn't pay 12 grand to attend school for it to go down the drain. that is the latest.. so let me go use my unlimited texts and email on this damn phone... arghhh!!!!

"Slowly..surely..."- Jill Scott

Friday, June 20, 2008

Can You Say Nosey? (Confirmed)

11:18 p.m. UPDATE- nosiness confirmed. So when she comes home she starts to ask questions like so is that your "main guy friend"? Are we in a relationship... how long we been talking... what does he do... just being NOSEY AS HELL. I was like I am not in that man's business like that. Long as he ain't robbing-killin' or stealin' I ain't worried about what he do. HINT: When people answer you vaguely it probably means they don't want to answer you or you're asking too much. Funny enough- she didn't get it- she just kept on and hit the nail right on when she did say about herself, 'I guess i'm just nosey..." I said UH YEAH. It don't cost a dime to stay out of mine.Who do you work for? The FBI? I mean really, why do YOU need to know any of those things about anyone I deal with? Unless something happened in your home and he was involved- who he is.. what he does.. where I know him from... his dreams and goals... if he wants to be serious... how long i've known him..and whether we screw or not- IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. I'm seriously going to need this chick to get a hobby like knitting or something. BETTER YET- Worry about your dude up north, and what you know about him. Nikki's men friends should be of no concern to you. What made all of the questioning that much more funny was- the fact that she's trying to act like a big sister, talking about what she used to do too when she was 26... like I'm just dating some stranger and I need to know all these things about him... I don't need her to know- I know A WHOLE LOTTA ABOUT HIM- it's just not my place to discuss those details with you. That man's business is not yours to know, nor is it mines to discuss with you-whether I know or not. She just had no shame in being so nosey. Most people can tell when they are asking one too many questions but ooooooh boy.. not this one. THIS JOB IS MINE!!! I CLAIM IT!!!!

Can You Say Nosey?

You know I have no immediate complaints in regards to my new roomie.. but one thing Nikki has learned about her is.. she's quite a nosey one. Now, granted it is understood when we initially talked that 'NO' I do not have a 'steady" boyfriend.. and no I will not have folks in and out of your home- as I do not like everyone knowing where I live either. However comma please be aware that I do have friends and if i am paying to stay here... With courtesy to your privacy as well, I will invite them over occasionally. Not to the point that you feel like they live there but once in a while- I like my company to sit with me opposed to going to their home. Usually, I would try to invite my company over when she is not here, gone to work or something simply because I don't like my company feeling uneasy either. Now, once in a while that friend might just be a male so I'm gonna need you to get a little used to the idea that I am not in a steady relationship with NOBODY... I am 26, and believe it or not I am sexually active. So you may meet 2 different people, but assume nothing about either. However this particular case isn't even about meeting let's play todays scenario out. OK, i have a friend over this morning at about 10 am... she says she and her folks are going to go kick it for the day... at about 12ish... OK cool.. meaning you'll be gone for about 2-4 hours maybe.. but when you leave I should have to really be all uptight with my company after 45 minutes have passed. I ASSUMED you were g-o-n-e. So of course the particular company I had we are on "that level" so of course you know what happened. But how about like 5 minutes after we we done- NO I WAS NOT LOUD *lmao* I feel like the a/c has been turned off. Low and behold it sure was... funny thing is he was saying it sound like somebody is here... but ummm I was in a moment so if it was... Oh well. I pay cash money monthly for this cube of a room- and as long as im not disrespecting your furniture-room-bed-kitchen-bathroom or any area you're using immediately- what goes on in here.. is none of your business as far as i'm concerned. Besides, you said you was Audi 5000G. Personally if I was in the position... I wouldn't have came back to the house regardless if my folks was running late if my roomie had male company- you don't know WHAT you'll walk into... but I asked.. what in the blue fuck was your reason for turning the air off??? It wasn't like she ain't know we was still there- my car is parked dead in front of the house. Was that her way of letting me know she was here? Or was she plain eavesdropping? I mean she is in a long distance relationship- so she ain't been getting any. And this would make it 2nd time if she did hear something... WHY 2nd you ask??? One night I had company and she brought it up over breakfast. saying some mess about not wanting it to be akward, but she could "smell" a man??? WTF??? However, it was 3 a.m.. what is you doing up at that hour worried about what i'm doing anyway? Either way- after I realized the air was off, I went to the garage, and noticed her car parked boom there.. and she was nowhere to be found. Meaning she came in.. prolly heard a lil su-in su-in and left to her mama's next door.. even though she should have just went there period instead of trying to be nosey worried about what's happening up in here? We ain't doing nothing out of order- You was supposed to been gone- what was happening in here should be none of your concern. As long as ain't no drugs or nothing like that going on... shouldn't be an issue. either way i'm kinda just waiting for her to say something about it...Just like she did last time. One thing I do know is I am so praying this job with EDS falls through so I can get what they call the hell on. I see now that this is not where I am trying to be more than 3 months. I claim that job. It is mine!!! All I need to save is 4 good paychecks, as I will be enrolled in school plus getting my VA benefits- and I am GONE. 1 bedroom it don't matter... This roomate thing is not for me; the season of living with others is over and done... I now know what I need to be doing to keep from getting into a situation like this again. LESSON LEARNED. I need my privacy and space from any nosiness. That's just plain irritating to have to look at someone you live with knowing they might have been listening to you get your bump and grind on.

"It's none of your business!!!!"- Salt N' Pepa- None of your business

Monday, June 2, 2008


You know it's pretty early and I am up because some fool I met girlfriend (mind you... on a homeboy tip) decided to call me at 3 am... Well if she were grown there are a few things she should have and/or would have done to avoid the free late night curse out special she got. You see the simple person who cheats mind is constantly trying to find a way to disguise or hide what it is they are doing; and let's face it... some women make it so easy for men to cheat on them, and/or with them. Personally, if I am going to be getting the back end of the relationship (meaning on the side) he better be doing something for me to be on the side ANYWAY... now 1 I knew this girl was young.. simply because if the hour she decided to call. 2 Her whole approach was just childish and 3 Apparently, she didn't know who's number she just dialed. She didn't know she had just stepped into the twilight zone. First off and foremost, unless I know you and it's an emergency... you ain't got no reason to call nobody at 3 am. It's just not that serious. it's not like he's your husband secondly... He's showing you he ain't husband material if this is something you go through regularly...HELLO!!! If you were foolish enough to go snooping through your man's phone and ran across a suspicious entry or a number you thought you ain't know.. write the shit down then do what you gotta do between 9 am and 5 pm. (on another note as they say... If you go looking, and you're eventually going to find what you're looking for.) Secondly, you don't call people's phone at 3 am telling them you're somone's girlfriend... DO YOU THINK THEY CARE WHO YOU ARE AT THAT HOUR????? All a person cares about is why in the fuck you're calling them. And since she was not prepared to give me a legit reason for calling me; the end result was her getting cursed out. So of course after she was told to shut the fuck up and listen, and ask ya man who I am because the last time I checked I wasn't your man... it was THEN she decided to ask him who I was while apparently hitting him or something. You see, this must be something she does on the regular- simply because you could tell she's mad, used to him lying, and calling people is how she finds out about whatever it is he's doing "behind her back"- but you're silly enough to remain his girlfriend right??? Cuz you got a baby with him right??? Dumb bitches I tell ya..The sad part is when dealing with someone like that soon as you seen the entry- she should already know what he doing. Especially, if he's a usual liar she would have approached him and only him about it; and If he evaded it- then you know what's up.. what you calling the other person for??? ANYWAY- I just laughed and hung up the phone and called back to leave a message.. I said "you better tell your bitch don't dial my number again; if she was smart she would have shut up like I told her so she would have known you wasn't doing nothing.. but let her dumb ass think what she wants... And since apparently you wanna be lying don't you dial my number again either," And left it at that. That kind of mess pisses me off to no end!!! Don't call people at no ungodly hour asking dumb shit, especially if you ain't prepared for the answer or don't want to know because you already made your mind up about what you believe is going on. So just a little advice from the wise... don't call people asking stupid questions at 3 in the morning. If you are going to call.. call at a decent hour and act like you got some sense. If you going to ask me who I am...Shut up and don't try to over talk people like you know who they are already because you might just be- insecure. Finally- check with ya peoples before calling other people. It saves you from getting your face cracked and your feelings hurt.

"Get O-U-T... farewell... history.. cuz I can do bad all by myself..."- Changing Faces