Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playa Decisions

Well I have had to make a few playa decisions... for the slow people... TUFF ones. You can technically say I am out of the beauty industry for a short time (I hope). I had to leave my salon today as I can't afford to pay nobody 170 bucks a week for no clients to be coming in to give me 170 a week... A sistah can't sit up praying folks walk in the door and they sit in my chair... I have done all the promoting... walking around.. and calling I can do... It's simply a shitty economy right now, and when folks can buy a 20 dollar wig and be cool, it's no bueno for a 200 dollar weave these days... People have to make playa decsions: Get my hair combed or eat... get my wig split or put gas in the car... Ya know it's just hard. People are too broke to get their hair done on a consistent basis really... though everyone keeps saying to take my black ass to a "white" salon...I think I just need to get back in escuela and handle bisnas... I might try that "white salon" thing though On a serious note... I have for find me a 4-reel job that's paying my ass. I can't live on the here and there money right now... Here and there is okay when you have a steady income ANYWAY. Another playa decision.... I'm thinking about going Active Reserves in the ARMY; Yeah i said it.. military- it's so tuff right now.. yeah i'm 5 pounds off... don't make me lose it and go str8 up active duty. Yet another playa decsion... as some of my regular readers know I am pretty much in limbo with the date that I may have to spread my wings and move yet again... Though I have been offered to come along that'll only be 2 months or so... Then, a person I really don't want to deal with on that level offered me a space... but I am seriously not feeling that move... Maybe I can just get section 8??? That would be SWEET. Hey a girl can dream can't she? Outside of that.. I just been trying to keep my head and keep from cursing people out. Folks are killing me with these "pat on the back" or " "stick it out" comments... SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE. Thank you. I don't need encouragement.. I need money...Stick it out...? Stick it out in SD huh??? I guess it's easy to stick it out when you got folks you can TRULY lean on in a desperate time like this here. When people are actually willing to help you out, or when all your family is in the same city-you're kinda in there like swimwear in the 'stick it out' game huh??? My situation ain't so... Can't say that's happening.. Stick it out means live in a mo-mo on this side of the fence... Live in my car... Be homeless... right- just stick it out. PUH-LEESE!!! Reality check: I'm broke... Not working... Nobody is truly just hiring folks out the blue... and if you do get hired you gotta have somewhere to call home... you still gotta go through the process... before you collect a check. When you're a hop, skip and a jump away from having no ADDRESS...while busting ass trying to make it... & don't have the luxury of someone elses help. it's kinda hard to stick it out-yeah??? I damn sure ain't selling no ass. Hell, that might be the way to go these days though... *lol* Anyway, as I said... Life is taking it's turn... whatever reason it's for it better be DAMN good... That is all.

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