Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dating Chronicles..(I still need a reality show)

So ever since goodness knows when the world knows I have had some crazy "dates" and dating experiences. I was just sitting here thinking and laughing to myself about things that have happened... Let's do a quick recap... These are things, actually I will categorize the top 5 (in no particular order) that have happened in the past, so unless you were there, you may not know exactly what I'm talking about... but hopefully, you can laugh amd reminisce with a sistah.

1. My Baby-daddy- Now I hate to use that term but that's what he is.. a sperm donor. Anyway, I was about 17 years old walking up Crenshaw BLVD in Los Angeles with my fam, and that's how I met this fool. We hung out, and he used to just "blow my mind". If you asked me what time it was I would tell you it was "john john" time... Sprung wasn't even the word for how that boy had me... That was my first taste of the "bad boy" life...Though it was a wild ride... it came to an end when I got my ass up and joined the Navy- but came home before going to Japan, and my dad left my ass at the LAX sending my dumb brother to "look for me"... So the only other person I knew was WHO... yeah so that's how Daysha was made..

2. WLJ- Now this idiot was a Chief in the Navy- well he was an E-6 when I met him... but if you ever knew a chameleon this was it... This cat was so in denial about everything he did it wasn't even funny. I could bust him out on tape and he'd still try to make it seem justify-able... This was the first time I actually called myself talking to an "ugly" dude...but hell if I'm going to get played, it can at least be by a fine guy.. (that's just my attitude) I actually kinda cared about the guy until I met someone else...& he was just too unattentative... So one night I went out to a club and ran into another one of the honorable mentions... and the rest of that was history. I tried and tried to tell this arrogant ass, he's pushing me away, but do you think he took heed??? Of course not. so when I broke it to him that I was seeing someone else.. he had the audacity to almost cry. Honestly, he lied so much I, TO THIS DAY do not know if he's married or not.... Sad, yeah I know.

3. The Love Of My Life- The rest of ya'll may know him as Mr. Frazier... This is who I met when I was dealing with dummy above. This was the perfect gentleman, and Daysha loved him. What a combo! Though I didn't treat him how I should have in the beginning, he never changed, and remain a cool guy. So when he couldn't take anymore of me liking the ass I was with he got on a plane back to VA. Boy I was sad then.. but we kept in touch through the close to 2 and a half years later... Made the decision to take a trip to London for Valentine's day for 3 weeks. That wa the best trip ever. Nevertheless we emerged as a couple from that... that lasted about 4 months because he was just too busy... a year later ? He lied to me about some chick *smh* That broke my little heart becasue I truly was in love. Oh well in the end we still are friends... He's always been that much to me nevertheless...

4. The Old Man- Boy what a ride this was. I met this dude on an outing for my girls birthday. I really didn't want to speak to him initially, but we ended up hanging out and being cool. This cat was funny and actually looked like an older version of that guy from Kenan and Kel- KEL. We went at a lightening pace, but ended up clashing possibly because of the age difference... I'd be like dude I know you're old enough to be my dad but you're not my dad. SO you need to let me do me... He was just real crazy acting sometime, and I guess that comes with the territory, he was a marine. Go figure. It was a hilarious ride... He would swear to goodness that he was the best thing I have ever dealt with since sliced buttered bread... Uh- no. Never that. But let him tell it.. he was. Whatever.

5. Bullet Loco- You know... me and this cat have been THROUGH IT. Busted windows, restraining orders, and everything else... I mean everything, but that's still my dude. That'll always be my Jody though. Yeap you already know who it is.. so I have to mention no names. We have no issues, and we cool- but we just know we have to "stay away"... Goodness knows that!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed reading my sick sad love life tales... but hey it was a lesson learned in each one of them, but all-in-all without those experiences... why else would I need a reality show? Anyway, hope your weekend is going, and goes well. later~

"I've seen you before baby.. Is it deja vu honey.. don't you know that you remind me..."- You Remind Me- Mary J. Blige

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