Friday, April 4, 2008

Tendency to think back...

think it’s only natural as humans to think back and relive the moments in our lives.. some good, some outstanding... some just plain bad. But all in all these experiences we go through mold us into who we are. I just sometimes wonder when you go back, how do you conjure up the same emotions you felt when you were going through something even when you’re not trying to? It’s funny because if I think back on a lot of my experiences, I can feel how I felt...deeply. Sometimes it’s not so bad to relive a moment...especially if it was a good one. Things like that keep you sane sometimes. I know I shouldn’t worry about those who don’t worry about me... but sometimes you can’t help but ask yourself, "what in the heck happened?" or "How did we get to where we are now?" Crazy as it is, they say folks are in your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime... So I don’t dwell on it too long. They didn’t make it to my future for a reason, and usually if I think back enough...I am reminded of that reason... Either way, I intend to make today a wonderful day... it’s Friday.. I have my health, good people in my life, and can’t really complain. Hope you all do the same... Later~


"If you are what you say you are.. a superstar, then have no fear.. the camera’s here and the lights are on... and what a show...."

Superstar-Lupe Fiasco

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