Monday, March 24, 2008

Peace of Mind...

They say you can't put a price on peace of mind.. and I found out how true that really is within a matter of 24 hours. Easter Sunday seemed like it would be yet another trip to the boondocks ended come Wednesday. Little did I know I got a hater throwing monkey wrenches in my day to day life actions by repeating things to folks that aren't even worth repeating. In other words instigation bullsh*t. Maybe because they are stuck in life not knowing what they want to do, or even have a clue how to get where they would like to go. So I get hated on because I have YET to have to go back to mommy or daddy to stay.. baby girl may have, but my ass certainly by the grace of GOD will not. They say family will bring you down quicker than anybody else and I see that, that is also a true thing. Long story short a statement about a jacket I made on my way out the door turned into I said... "all of her clothes are raggedy"... and next thing I know I'm getting called by my mom saying if I feel that way to keep my daughter down here etc etc.. as if I have an issue with that. What the hell ever... I'm not about to sit up here and argue with you, or anyone else for that matter about what I did and didn't say. I don't bite my tongue when I speak to you.. so why would I lie about what I said about her jacket??? ANYWAYZ... PEACE the fuck out. So we enjoyed the rest of our Easter Sunday & she will be down here PERIOD. The next fool is "you know who"... this fool had the audacity to tell me he was hungry today... I'm like okay and??? I'm thinking and said.. don't you have company? Well you better tell her to get up and cook something.. He claims he don't want nothing from her...and I said it sounds like you need to make an adjustment... or send her to the sto' and have her order you some food... Basically she need to go hard or go home... He gonna send me a message back saying "real talk". So I said, "sounds like you need to send your friend home if you intend to eat anytime soon..." so he sends a message back saying, "nope.. not gonna happen"... So I said " Well if that's who you spending all your time with, then she needs to be providing the 3 F's for you...not me" (for the 'F' challenged Feed, Fuck, and Finance) A mugg need to provide at least 2 out of the 3... If they don't. you're wasting your time. ANYWAY- So he hits me back saying "Ok I'm done.. thanks for your input. Have a good day..." Just then it clicked, and I was immediately, and truly disgusted by this character...I thought to myself... Girl, WHY are you even wasting your time being cool with this idiot? It is such a turn off to be put on some side rail like you asked for something to begin with... When you keep it real with this jerk, he gets mad, but he thinks you're going to just put up with him and the bullshit he brings...What nerve. So right then... I hit him right back without thinking twice about hitting send, "Actually, i'm done period. Ciao." So he sends a message back saying, "OK... stop texting me then.." (because usually I go back on my word... when I talk to this dummy... So this is why he felt as though he could be snappy...) I sent him a text back that just said , "MUAH! lol" - What a fucking idiot. *smh* I know he probably thinks I'm playing, but I am so disgusted it's not even funny. I dont want to deal with him on ANY level. I thought it wasn't possible but here it is. I felt at that point...he was trying me.. disrespekkin' me if you will... And ya'll know I ain't with the disrespek. That was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back... I know he didn't think he had it like that or had it going on so tuff that he grew the nutsacks to even conjure up the thought that I would bring him some food.. knowing it's some broad sitting up under his lazy ass, and I'm supposed to spend my money, drop it off to his broke ass and it wasn't like he was gonna give me my money back, but I was supposed to just bring it...and then, keep it pushing- I suppose I should be feeding you and your hoes too??? Muthafukka please. he must have ate a bowl of 'I'm Dreamin' Flakes' or 'Test Nikki O's' this morning...You must have woke up fell off that raggedy ass bed someone gave your broke ass, and bumped your big ass head on the short way down. That, or you got me fukked up with one of your other bitches. I can't believe you even fathomed the idea that I would be that damn foolish... What kind of shit is that??? We are not in a relationship.. so why would you even think of asking me to anything for you outside of be cool with you? Does it look like 'boo boo the fool' is written on my body anywhere? Yeah, get to an optometrist because apparently, your vision needs to be checked buddy. People be doing the MOSTEST!!!

Woosah!!! Anyway------------------------------> on to new paths and trails... the petty people and petty ish can stay behind... CHUNK EM.

"I changed my mind... I don't love you no more... Don't waste my time..."

- I Changed My Mind- Keyshia Cole