Monday, February 18, 2008

Check Up On It...

So here we are restraining orders and crap later...How about this idiot got all mad because I went to the red & white party after valentines day with my friend? You didn't invite me, so what's the issue? Me and my friend were just standing there talking and he walked in and was milk and cookie-in' me I mean next time you'll say exactly where you're going won'tcha!? Funny thing is he acted like I was screwing the guy in his face, so I didn''t trip. The next day I just told him, "Hey.. let's not mess with each other because we not getting along again, and I don't want no issues." This fool hits me up all later in the night talking about..."yea we need to do that and not fuck with each other..." so I said, "no problem sweetie..." and left it alone. Yet he feels the need to tell me he's throwing my coat away.. I just said "okay." So at 5 am... this goofy fuck sends me a text message saying 'go to hell'... I'm like okay im not messing with you.. leave me alone. You said what you wanted to say so okay and goodnight... carry your ass to bed. This fool was straight tripping. So last night Bev, K, O, and myself went to club Rio to get our jig on... Why as soon as we walked up here he comes saying.. "You can't get in..." I said, "says who?" and kept walking to the front. So this fool power walks up to the security in front and proceeds with his bitchmade act of telling them he has a restraining order and we can't be 100 feet of each other... I laughed and said.. "Look at me what am I going to do? Let the truth be told I have a restraining order on HIS ass... he just mad because I don't want to fuck with him no more... (I knew the security guard) How about the security guard said, "Man.. Im sick of these niggas and their emotions. Let her in..." SO we walk upstairs and he tried to block at the entrance... gonna have some other security guard tell us we can't get in after Bev paid, and I paid.. but we got our money back and so K paid his money, said to wait, and went inside... I thought he was going to whip Danny's ass for a minute.. but I went down stairs like this dude is a bitch. So Danny's so called big bro came downstairs and was like "they can get in... they good..." So we went in... and K said out loud, "That nigga don't own shit.. he don't run shit." so we went in to have us some fun... So we got some drinks and we're chilling and how about Danny's real big bro was in there and spoke asking what's going on with his baby bro and I. I said, "Absolutely nothing- which is why he's tripping. I let him know he saw me at a party with my friend which he invited me out to.. and he's acting like we're screwing so he's all pissy... oh well. His brother was like I will talk to him...I said you don't have to.. he's going to act a fool alone. I didn't come out for all that bullsh*t he's going through... So he introduced me to his cousins and they was like he's on his period... I said well I have a bag of tampons if he needs one. So he's walking by looking at us all crazy but wouldn't say not a one word. So his play bro pulls me in the back and asks what's up.. I informed him of the same thing.. it all started at the red and white party while I was with my boy... I also interjected that if I was screwing someone else.. I'm grown and ain't gotta lie to him or anyone else for that matter... He don't even know why he mad. He just think he run stuff and tried to not have me in the club because my friend is sexy. I also told him to look at me... I let him also know that I can pretty much pick and choose who-the-hell-ever I want up in this damn club, and I ain't worried about his ass... Which is why he mad because I'm not chasing his ass. He is immature and can't let it go. So after that I went to finish my fun. Since he wanted to act like me and my friend was all boo'ed up.. we acted a little boo'ed up. Kick rocks fukka.. you like that jacket, are expendable. So all night he looked pissed and I was dying laughing like wow... you're going to deprive yourself of a good time because you thought you was going to get me boo'ed at the door again??? Please... So before we left Bev was chit chatting and we had went downstairs with K and who walks outside 1 minute later...? He can't help but want to know where I am at all times... poor thing. He need to grow up and find something else to do besides try to harass me. Mad because my friend happens to be sexy and just now that I think about it... also happens to have his sexy self around every time he was messing up... OH WELL... He'll get over it. Later~

"Aha!!! I know it's killin' you bitches...I know it's killin' you... She's back.. Oh my god...You had a voodoo doll and everythang worthless bitch! You just knew.. Don't let her come back, Jesus, please don't let her come back... but she's back bitches. Ok, look, just on the count of 3- stop focusing on her, and think about you for a second. Now ain't that depressing? Ain't it depressing? See, that's why don't nobody talk about you...Ain't nothing to talk about. Get yourself a hobby bitch, learn how to make a quilt or something. Is it really that you hate you? That's what it is ain't it? Just punch yourself in the mouth then bitch."

- Lil' Kim f/ Katt Williams- Shut Up Bitch

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