Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yeah Dat...

So it's super official folks.. I am a bitch and everything else that goes with it... This fool goes off into a tangent last night because I asked for my belongings, and didn't want to drag out the inevitable.. which is we is not going to work... and voila' he decides to act like a female about it. Throwing sh*t, cursing, and acting a pure ass. Breaking cologne bottles and stuff.. I'm just like okay.. your ass is crazy. Now mind you this sh*t was super hilarious as it was happening because it was a straight movie scene out in front of military housing at 2 a.m. So I picked my things up and got in the car and drove off. Now I know this person is vindictive but to the degree that he said he was going to knock my jaw off... I turned my vehicle around and promptly asked why my jaw was attached to my face still.. then it becomes "you ain't even worth it..." No you wasn't never that crazy. Scary ass. Anyway, good to know that chapter is TRULY over and done... I don't need that kind of nonsense. So after all that was said and done why the fool kept texting me? Now i'm all kinds of b*tches... etc etc.. and I'm like that's okay because you know what you did with this b*tch... *lmao* Don't make me put you and your actions behind closed doors on blast nucca. Shame on it all... lol..

"Everything you own in a box to the left... In the closet that's my stuff (Yes) If I bought it n*gga please don't touch..."- Irreplaceable -Beyonce

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