Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shattered Egos & Broken Glass...

So my girl Bev came down from the 818 to hang out and have a good time. She and I went to Tina's and then on after a few other folks decided that we should all go to the after hours spot to get some reggae on. Bev and myself had parked my car and then noticed that Danny's friend had just pulled up behind us and I sat in the car to watch the scene... How about this ass gonna run up like he want to kick my car and then walked across the street...? Then he threw something that hit my car and obviously cracked my windshield but I didn't know about it until I had left the club. So I bailed up the hill and busted that nigga in the head with my clutch. He wanna try to hit me and then as I kept walking try to trip me... So I turned around, got in his face, and let that boy know on the spot that I wasn't the one, and he better leave me the fuck alone and then I pushed him like a bitch should get pushed.. way back.. Lost footing in that busted down attire... Bitch ass muthafukka.... So all throughout the night he's milk and cookie-in' me worried about his friend speaking to me.. (as he had nothing to do with the bullshit) and whatnot... I'm not one to put my business out there but apparently folks was noticing he had the boo-boo face and was lookin' real Lawry-ish. (salty) Walking by my friends looking for me...All at the DJ booth in my business... I must have hurt his soul when I left his ass alone and his first attempt at breaking my things didn't work... So as the night came to an end Bev and myself walked out to the car and noticed that my windshield was busted... I must have went from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds because the next thing I know is I was on the 94 West headed to a familiar destination. I stopped a police officer on the way, who happened to take the report later... So he saw my windshield prior to the rest of the damage... which in turn covered my ass a lil bit... SO back to the story... Mind you it's close to 4:30 in the morning and as I pulled up I noticed he was peeping all out the blinds- meaning he saw what he did to my car before he left the club...and like a hurricane on radar... knew I was coming. So I got out of my car and promptly popped my trunk and got an umbrella... I banged on his screen door. Do you know the arrogant ass had the nerve to sit in the chair leaned back like he was GQ model of the year and say, "What?" I said, "Why in the fuck did you bust my windshield" he gone smirk and say, "I didn't do shit to your car... you better go on.." I said, "Okay you didn't do nothing huh? So my glass just broke on it's own...? You wanna break shit.. well let's break shit.." And with one swing busted his apartment window... I saw the glass fly in his face and the look of shock come over his ass. They must have thought it was a scene from a horror flick.. Thriller maybe.. I know he didn't think I had that kind of temper in me apparently. So I walked off and said, "You think you gonna just tear my shit up and you ain't got no muthafukking repercussions? Fuck that..." So he comes outside and picks up what is like a 4X4 and we tussle a little bit because I told Bev to drive off.. but she sat there saying she wan't going to leave me with that crazy fool... but I know he ain't dumb enough to hit me... (I forgive you Bev lol) So this jack ass throws it at my car busting the windows.. then Bev jumps out cursing his ass out... and what not... I ain't tripping because I'm insured... this is going to be taken care of... but your ass gotta explain to military housing why you got that heat at that complex like that, and 2, your wife who is out to sea- gotta hear about it because it's coming out of her check to fix that glass.. and finally I will see your ass in court...Your witness ain't gonna come.. he on probation and ain't have no business in that kind of drama... My witness will come. So the po-po come through and all the info gets taken and do you know the whole time this happened... ashy ankles was in the house and bet she didn't bring her ass out to fight her so-called mans battle... She must now know he ain't fucking with no punk bitch....and she better stay in her lane with his bitch ass. He likes drama and that's why shit is like it is now with him because he likes to keep shit up... Don't know how to leave well enough alone. I messed with you all of 5 months and you tripping like that??? Because I don't want you???? Man this thang must be GOOOOOD!!! The average everyday man would have been like okay you don't want me.. oh well and move on... but this fool tried to get a rise out of me that prior morning and apparently didn't get the reaction he was hoping for when he broke my other shit up, so he wanted to mess with Priscilla!?!? (that's my car) OH HELL NO! All this was- was a damn fool acting out over a bruised ego... GET OVER IT BUDDY- you ain't the first person to get handed walking papers, let go, dumped, terminated, dismissed etc etc and you damn sure ain't gonna be the last. So just MOVE ON and let it go!!! Usually I'm like Dr. Martin Luther King in my approach to violent situations.. non-violent non-violent... but I had to get Malcom X on his ass- By any means neccessary. Who in the hell do you think I am? Little Miss Nice? Im not going to run behind you.. chasing you... them hoes want you... not me. I can do WAAAAAAY better and he knows it. He must have thought doing dumb stuff like that was going to make me want him or something... No- you just made me want to kick your ass. The first edition of "Crazy folks" didn't come out in 1984... I can get just as crazy with your ass. Lesson learned: Don't mess with people who don't have nothing going for themselves.. because when it goes down, they don't respect your sh*t because they ain't got sh*t. Now...will someone please call VH-1? I needs me a reality show people.

P.S. I got like Lil Jon and was loose on that Grey Goose and cranberry juice...and Bev was gone on Patron... Not that that made us act a fool or nothing... Good-nite.

"And if my day keeps going this way I just might break something tonight... GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BREAK!!!"- Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit

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