Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Make 2008 Great!!!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Here we are; a new year and lets not bring the same old bullshit from 2007 into this YEAR!!!! Man I feel so good... People asking why, why, why am I not out acting an ass...? Because tonight is the night all the REAL looney-tix come out and I am not in the business of getting scuffed up by the riff raff... If ya'll haven't noticed I have posted a new photo album as it has been a minute and I have been getting me sexy sexy on.. Had to remind ya'll in case you forgot! This is going to be a better year than any passed thus far.. Welcome 2008 with open arms....I Love allayall.. and in case you haven't caught it.. My profile is public so a few bitches can roam it and be nosey.. HEY BITCHES. nothing to see here.. so keep it moving! Daysha.. I love you mama.. You're my world.. everything I do I do it for that girl!!! Somebody step to her- my ass will be under the jail house for my baby girl. To my fam.. it's gonna be a better year!!! My WOMEN (cuz I don't hang with little girls) You all know you're the sh*t and ain't no heffa we seen doing it like us... Keep making them hoes hate..They know they can get on nor ever BE ON our level... Some act like they got a level to get on and all I got to say about that is... " You're right. I can't be on your level... because yours is beneath me.. My level has been above, beyond and surpassed the one you hold with high regards *tsk tsk*..". If a b*tch got beef, tell that h*e we got tortillas... we can make TACOS if they feel the need... Then again my mama told me not to fight ugly people cuz they ain't got NOTHING to lose...Let 'em keep staring and hating... I'm trying to get to 16 before the summer anyway. Hotghettomess (AKA HAM's) candidates need to stop hating on the sexy sistas 4 reeeeeely and get their bars up. If you don't know how... ASK. To my homeboys who have been here for me regardless of the BS I was going through, I love you guys for that sh*t... it's not a one mufukk@ I will put before any of you... because you haven't put any b*tch before me... That's real love. To the funky ass men that have been in and out my life... Can't make up their mind what they want.. Playing games... Phoney bones in every portion of their bodies... Keep it moving... leather coat in the summer time wearing ass nobodies...There's a reason you're not here with a sistah today and I guarantee it wasn't ME. Usta kiss me and all you can do now is miss me...Oh she's so sexy!!! HOLLA!!! Regret nothing and live for today... I'm going to MAKE 2008 GREAT!!!

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