Thursday, January 3, 2008

He's Laughing At Your Dumb Ass Too...

You know what I never understood about women who deal with men who obviously have more than one woman? I cannot front because I have been there... But I am never the last fool standing. It don't take but a bit for me to get the hint and move on to the next young buck that got it going on. I never understood in the end WHY oh why these women act like they just won the California Super Lotto. Running to tell the world about this so called love they found... Many of them talking silly on myspace... posting pictures like it's something when some other chick got pics of the same ni99@ in the same outfit or maybe the outfit your ass bought him just hugged up with her ass.. Oh I seen it folks *smh* I mean when you actually step back at look at the situation for what it is.. you realize that nobody is winning in it, besides the loser himself. He's sitting back.. doing what he wants, how he wants, with who he wants, and you better believe he's telling his boys what he got outta one and the other, and laughing at all of their dumb asses in the meantime. Why would you WANT to deal with it? I know I had to slap myself and wake the hell up. What is the female getting out of stressing herself out wondering why he's doing the things he's doing... Why she is feeling the way she feels.. and why in the blue hell she think she can't do better? As Katt Williams so nicely put it.. SELF ESTEEM bitch... lol. Exactly, nothing. so why do women act so hurt when these idiots choose another woman over them? Tell the trifling b*tch she can have his sorry ass.. Especially if he ain't got NOTHING going for himself besides "good dick", and "good dick" ain't hard to find (Holla if you hear me)...If you gotta pick him up, take him where he gotta go... feed and clothe his ass.. when you do go out & eat... you're the one doing all the doing plus all thee above.. he ain't a man. He's a little boy perping a man and your silly ass is allowing it. Sh*t- he's acting like he's got the pussy between his legs. That sh*t gets old quick, especially when they start acting like you owe their ass something...Getting bold enough to tell you what you should go out and do.. like you won't... Uh how about you pump your brakes in '08? The female is supposed to have those things done and those things done for her if she's a true QUEEN. The king is supposed to provide for the queen... get ya roles right! WHAT-CHU MAD CAN'T HANDLE THAT??? But if a chick want to act like his mama.. let her ass especially if she's old enough to be his damn mama *lmao*. Nine times out of ten he's telling her silly ass the same thing he told you...And it's only a matter of time before he's treating her like he treated you because he met a NEW fool. The only difference is, it's okay to be a young fool.... Don't be an old fool. I always say, it's okay to be a fool for love.. just don't be a DAMN fool. That's the point ladies!!! Take a long hard look in the mirror- state what you are worth... and go out and be worthy! I don't have not a one tree growing in my face, and I know what I'm capable of... and I can do bad by myself but hell, I can do good by myself as well(Thanks E). I'm too sexy.. got too much going for myself.. and I'm plain too fly for the bullsh*t some folks want to pull. I said it in the past... and I will say it again, when I walk away I have nothing to regret because I am always the person & lady I am supposed to be..beside LOOK at me *lmao* Comon now... I can do better! The bullshit... I'll leave that for for them ashy h*es... Yeah I said it...ASHY. The good thing when you leave situations like that alone... an even better deal ALWAYS comes along if you know what I mean...Mines certainly did. Goodnite folks!

"Like a perm that's been left on too- long it starts to burn- the result is it just won't take... You holdin' up traffic green means GO- So if you want -to you got the green light..." -

Green Light- Beyonce

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