Thursday, January 31, 2008

B2K refernce.. what was that movie called???

Well I feel 120% better. I tried to go out and have some fun on Tuesday and ya boy decided to flex his little security shirt and tell the ID man I couldn't get in... Claiming he had a restraining order on me... So I didn't cause no ruckus... I just laughed and said if he wants to act like a bia bia... and security want to do it with him, let him. We know his feelings are still attached... he still so brokenhearted he can't even stand to see me come out and have a good time... Awwww poor baby.. He's dealing with that. So my attitude about it is..since you want to act like a dinky then I will be the tamer. So when the night came to an end because I went over my friends house... I had to police escort me to his home to get the rest of my which he lied and said nothing of mines is there... Which in turn I laughed yet again.. He looked like he was about to sh*t on himself when he seen the cops and then seen Chyna He's already doing waaaay too much.. He gonna say "I just want her to leave me alone..." I'm lke well give me my things and stop bothering me when I'm trying to have fun with my friends... Ain't nobody thinking about you. SO that following morning (meaning yesterday) I went and did what I had to do... . I decided to make the lie he claimed the truth.. I went and put a restraining order on his ass. Come to find out he already has 2 on him from 2007... hello!!! But ummm I don't want you nowhere near, me, my house, my car, or my job... Meaning when you see me, you better bend a corner. Because if you even breath in the wrong way in my direction I will call the C-O-P-S... I watch my back at all times and know that piece of paper don't mean shit. However comma it is a pass to bust your ass you run up on me. So don't bother me So since you wanna be a "sociopath"- (Thanks T...) and feel like you're untouchable... and wanna play little mess with me games.. let's play. As they say in checkers.. KING ME. Either way.. I remembered the name of the movie... After he gets them papers in a day or so... I will say it out loud... YOU GOT SERVED. Watch your step punk. You are more than touchable.

"Hey ladies.. when ya man wanna get buckwild. just go back and hit 'em up style..."

Hit Em Up Style- Blu Cantrell

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