Monday, January 28, 2008

After The Rain.. The Sun Always Shines...

It isn't enough to just know you'll be okay when things go funny in your life. You have to believe that things will be more than alright. When you put out that energy you simply get it back tenfold. Everything goes the way it goes for reasons other than what you expect or know. Don't put a door stopper on a door that needs to be shut for an even better door to open. Don't hold up space in your life for people who choose to be unproductive. They are taking up the room of the productive. Don't wonder why things went certain ways.. it is simply what was meant. I believe by nature people are generally control freaks. Folks want to control every aspect of their lives and in all reality.. you have no control. You have a path and it will be travelled whether you like it or not. Sometimes it's a cold, lonely road, but if it's meant for you to walk it alone you better have an IPOD with you. Just know that at the end of that journey, there will be a million others there who have travelled that same path and have a million different stories, but the end is there shining bright. To the folks who want to blame everyone else for their issues/addictions you can't do it an expect people to follow your lead! If you want the true answer to why things go sour, or plain not your way in life- Take a look in the mirror. YOU are your biggest set-back. If you are too busy trying to make yourself believe it is everyone else holding you down, you're in denial and headed for self destruction. Holding grudges, pointing fingers, and walking around like the world owes you something is nothing but your own ignorance manifested in your life. When will you wake up??? I was told by someone that I am "happy-go-lucky... always smiling...and I was envied because they once were the same way..." Those things don't go away... you avoid them. If you are a happy person- no matter what happens you will be happy even when you're in pain. Everyone is entitled to have "bad" days... But when it's your demeanor.. it's because you choose to be that way. I don't let anything or anybody dictate how my day goes. Why in the world should I give negativaty that kind of energy? I'm young, blessed, talented, beautiful, educated, and have way too much going to let someone elses cloud(s) hang over my head and make me miserable... Even if the saying misery loves company is true. I refuse to become part of that sad fact. I say let that nonsense go!!! This will only be a babble of words to those who want to be blind. The grown will understand all I said. Kna'mean?

"Don't speak... I know just what you're saying.. so please stop explaining.. Don't tell me cause it hurts...Don't speak.. I know what you're thinking... and I don't need your reasons.. Don't tell me cause it hurts..."

Don't Speak- No Doubt

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