Friday, December 5, 2008

Damn Navy Federal...

I honestly do not know how many more times I am going to hafta curse Navy Federal Credit Union out about my funds. So about 3 or 4 weeks ago I had gotten a letter about a returned check in the amount of $481.10... now as many of you know, I do not fool with Navy Fed that often since my snatching of my funds... So I knew there was a problem soon as they said a check was returned because the last check I had written was in the amount of 53 cents ONLY. How a fifty three cent check turned into a four hundred eighty some odd dollar one is beyond me, but the point of what had happened was pretty friggin' evident. The check was stolen after I put it in the mail, and it was a fraudulent check! DUH!!! So at that point in time, I had promptly called NFCU and let them have it promptly, and that if them fund was taken out my account, or if they had assessed any fee that it better find it's way back into my acct, and of course after going back and forth inbetween hold and "thank you for holding ma'ams" they came to the conclusion magically that it was absolutely not Nicole who had written the check, but a Somebody Cruz... BTW our signatures didn't match- go figure... I'm like yeah.. you all need to fix that.

Anyway, they sent an affidavit for me to fill out, and I sent it back in and last week I got something basically dead-ending me into what was going to happen. So I called them and apparently they had sent the wrong form, so when they sent me the "correct" form, I promptly went to the branch office today which leads us to todays festive snap-off session. I walk in and explain the whole happening to the rep who was talking to me- seems she had to have a talk with the manager whom apparently was so busy she couldn't find the time to ask me anything... So she keeps sending this rep in there to ask dumb shit like, "Do you know who took it? Did you write another check afterward?" Like yes stupid- I still had topay the original folks the STOLEN check was written out to in the first place... WTF? So in the end of this conversatipon the rep feels the need to tell me that apparently the childrens place can try to cash the check again, so they were going to place a stop payment on the check... and logically I'm thinking well it don't matter you are aware that check 611 is STOLEN, so why wouldn't you just stop any payment on it anyway?

So the rep goes to tell the manager in place I am aware of this, as initially I was not, and the manager decided that she could credit me the $25 assessed fee, but it would cost me $15 to out a stop payment on a check I didn't authorize. So at that point I went from satisfied, to pissed off. How in the hell are you going to give me my money that you charged me for a stolen check, and then tell me that I must pay to put a stop payment on a stolen check??? Is there no grounds, or law in the book that says hello... the customer is not responsible for what happens with a STOLEN check, meaning any fees incurred should be reimbursed, and or waived. (Well Nicole will be exepmt from any fee incurred) So I promptly informed the rep that I am willing to fight about my 15 dollars! I proceeded to tell her that doesn't make sense. .. it's like giving someone a 25 dollar gift card and then telling them it costs 15 dollars to use it. What's the damn point??? So she goes back to the manager, and explains what I just told her, and she comes back to tell me that the manager says she cannot waive the fee, but she will put the money back in the account, but if I want a stop payment I have to pay for that- so at that point I was so heated I had to tell the rep to quit playing messenger and get her manager's azz in the office.

So this applehead bitch stroll in the office like she got that much stuff to do, and proceeds to tell me about how she cannot waive the money, and I broke it down for her again- I said, "Ain't no way in hell you telling me that you're giving me only 10 dollars because a check was forged. Realistically, if your representative wouldn't have said anything to me about having to put a stop payment on the check, as I was NOT aware that the bank that has the check could attempt to cash the check again, we wouldn't be having this conversation...point is, I don't feel I should have to pay the fee to stop payment on a check that the PROOF is is your damn face that it was stolen. matter of fact I ain't paying shit to stop payment on something that I didn't write. That check was for fifty three cents. Had it got to where it was addressed to originally, we wouldn't be talking now. So what's about to happen is that money is going to be back in my account and ya'll gonna put a stop payment on that check for free-99." So she thinks she can get jazzy and say, "well we are just giving you the money that was taken for insufficient funds as a courtesy becau-" I cut her ass straight off ( DO NOT PLAY WORD GAMES WITH ME My shit is superb...) I said, "You ain't do nothing as a courtesy- you put my money that you took back in my account because you saw that the check WAS forged- not seemed to be forged. I don't understand how you folks as a group or a BANK can sit up- see a check was forged, know that the other bank can present it again, and not automatically stop payment on it if it is a stolen check- you heard the key word in the sentence? STOLEN." So she want to get this look like she had just been insulted, and I am the one! So she says, "Well I can just take the money back out because I am trying to help you ma'am".. I said, "How in the hell are you helping me by taking money out of my account that was not authorized, and then trying to use round-about logic in why I am stuck with a fee? Talking about peace of mind they will not try to cash it again. You must think you talking to somebody stupid. No, that fee will be waived and my 25 dollars will be back in my account. If I gotta call headquarters then so be it, because apparently you ain't got no power as a manager, and I'm not paying for something I didn't do, and don't feel I should have to do if the BANK is aware that the check was stolen...And all that attitude is just unsat- I'm gonna call headquarters now, and I'm placing a complaint on your ass too" So she gets up and walks out and had the audacity to say "Well God bless you..." I said, "YEAH GOD BLESS YOU..." I was thinking-WHEN I PLACE THIS COMPLAINT ON YOUR ASS... You gonna need a blessing. So I call the regular old Navy Federal call center and within 5 minutes that stop payment fee was waived and within 10 minutes I was dropping the details of how rudes, and inadequate the so called branch assistant manager was in the scenario. I didn't understand how she couldn't see why I was irritated at her telling me such a thing. As many of you know, I don't do bad customer service, so before I walked out the door, I sure poked my head in her office and let her dumb ass know that the fee was waived,a nd if she knew her job worth a damn she would have spared a complaint on her and waived a fee. Is fifteen dollars worth the counseling you're about to get??? I thinks not, but I specifically said I want someone from that bank to call me personally- as this was UNSAT behavior for someone in her position. Then trying to insult my intelligence by trying to charge me for something I didn't authorize in the first place? PLEASE! The right answer would have been, "Ma'am I can only give you the 25 dollars back, but if you would like anything to be waived you may have to call headquarters as I am not personally authorized to do such a thing..." and I still would have promptly called HQ and let them know what was wassup, and boom it would have been waived and you wouldn't have that scratch on your employee record- DUMB HOE. WTFEEZY???

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Give A Damn...

There are days that you really just dont give a damn, and today was one of those days.

DGAD 1- As few of you may know that I have gotten rid of my bad habit not too long ago... so when this individual felt the need to try to get back at me, talking shit like things was gonna go back to the way they was, I just acted a pure ass. I let that mofo know exactly what was on my damn mind. I must have called his broke, no car, or job having, weak minded, hostage/refugee ass everything but a child of God. He had to feel small as a fairy when I got through. Broke down aint got shit but dick going for yourself ass fool. Don't act like I damn need you because I do-not. Nikki is quite I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that mean???????? I changed my number on trickery status... which means it'll be back to what it was, but they won't know that. *lol* Fucker had the nerve to ask me for money to get a ticket to go home to LA.. im looking like go ask the bitch you sit your ass up under all day or her people you're doing dirt for to hand you 40 bucks to just your ass on a greyhound, not me. I have officially went BITCH on his hoe ass. Fuck with it.

DGAD 2- You know, I work on phones all day, and as the day goes on the last thing I wanna do is deal with someone who has an attitude at the end of my shift, beeping my line for help, when I am supposed to walking out the door at the time of the beep. This fool felt like he could just get jazzy, because he was giving jacked up info, that he could just ask to talk to a tier 2. Talking about... "can I just talk to a tier 2?" I simply said you sure can... stand by, pushed that release button, and hung up on his ass; logged off my phone and left for the day. You can call back and ask for a tier 2- you ain't gonna cop no 'tude and act like i'm incompetent asking for a tier 2 because you cannot formulate what your issue is in words. I'm so incompetent I hung up instead of transferred your ass. Asshole. That felt good. I did that for all the times I wanted to hang up on a muthasucka, and didn't..

I simply dont give A DAMN about petty shit no more. People are not considerate at all. They think your first priority should be them. Negative homie... my first priority is not you or your needs, and I won't act like you are. If you act shitty, I'm gonna treat you shitty... You act like you got sense, I will treat you with some sense. Don't think you're calling a center with a dummy on the other end of the line. Don't think you can play me like a soybean burger when I roll flame broiled. that's all I'm sayin'. LATE!!!

"You shoulda known better than to doubt me..."

-You Should Have Known- Monica

Monday, September 15, 2008

Really good S-E-X...

WARNING: This is an adult blog... if you’re sensitive about sex talk.. or whatever you may want to stop reading right here... if not proceed.

Good sex...I haven’t had any of that this way in a while...Just wasting time. Seems like I can’t get no satisfaction these days, and it’s damn sad... I know I shouldn’t be looking but hell it’s too late for all that... Seems like the dudes be on some other stuff these days. No stamina... No nothing. They just got too many excuses and are just plain w-a-c-k in bed, and that pisses me off. I think the next time I get all hot and bothered I’ll read me an "erotic" novel or something... I get more excitement outta that... Because instead of getting a perfectly pretty pair of panties only have to ask a mugg was that it? Or are you done? (meaning I am/was not) I could have read a book, increased my read speed, and vocabulary, then had a fukkin’ V-8. This is the sh*t that makes a bitch want to be celibate. That is all. HOLLA~
"Then BANG!!! POW!!! BOOM!!! Nothing..."
- Do you really want me- Salt-N-Pepa

An Insensitive Blog...

Hello folks and I am damn sure here to write an insensitive blog! Now if you're a heal the world type, you might wanna go and navigate your mouse to that red 'X' in the corner, because what I am about to say may seem insensitive to you make it warm, and fuzzy folk.
Anyway, the issue I have is not with "homeless" people themselves, but the mentality that goes on that I wonder about. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some genuinely homeless people out there that had situations fall upon them that were beyond their control, and I understand that. What I do not and connot understand is the standing at a corner, turning island, or anywhere else for that matter-with a friggin' sign. It is this that irritates me. Why you ask, and I shall reply... If you can stand your ass at a corner, turning lane, or again, anywhere else ALL DAY with a sign... You can take your ass to work. Or better yet, take your ass to go look for some work. When the folks ask you what's your address and number, you drop the real on them; I don't have either or, which is why I am coming to you looking to find work so I can provide for myself. Maybe this lack of sensitivity comes from, being on the streets before and/or not having two nickles to rub together to having something and not sitting around asking nobody for sh*t, nor sitting up expecting or looking for a hand out. I got off my ass and went to look for some damn work. Guess what I found??? A job!!! I suppose having to get my grind on to get back on my feet, doesn't allow me to throw "pity parties"... I will now move on to 3 disturbing signs that I have actually seen and see, that I find hard to be like, "Awww let me drop 5 bucks down..."
1) 'Homeless veteran'- This one irks my nerve to no end in a city like San Diego. If you are not aware, this is a military city, meaning you are not in timbucktoo stranded with no resources as a veteran! (To be honest there really isn't very many places in the USA that doesn't have VA support. How do I know?? I AM a friggin' veteran my damn self. Now unless you have a dishonorable discharge (in which the gub-ment gives you no love, but you knew those consequences when you was fuggin' up) you have way too many benefits to be a homeless vet. Sorry, I will pass the light and you will not collect 2 dollars. NEXT...

2. "Homeless... followed by their life story" (Clean looking homeless folks)- Do you actually think folks are reading these signs for real??? they are either going to feel sorry and give you some change or money, or they aren't. Most folks don't care to know you lost your job after 17 years of working and you're losing this and that... dammit go grind and come up on a job again, and tell ya lazy ass wife to get off her ass too. *smh* Sheesh. That irks my frontal lobe nerve. NEXT...

3..."Pregnant & homeless".. Now I saved this disturbing one for last simply because I needed to know who exactly is thinking about dick, and they ain't got a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of??? Chick was showing so that means that the baby been in the belly, but has it just now hit you that you need money to pop a chld out your twat, and take care of it??? Or are you going to stand on a corner with a sign thinking JUST MAYBE people will feel a little more sorry for you because you're pregnant??? My thoughts were exactly this, and I may just burn in hell for it... Shoulda kept them legs & your eyes closed for sleep instead of open them up and getting nutted in. How you're in a double doozy. Pregnant and no job... that's a funked up combination. I know thee are shelters for you that you can get in a lot faster than the other two tho... Hell, I know folks who had hard times fall on them, and they wasn't on no damn corner asking for shit.. Hell last time I checked, they found themselves a damn job to take care of their "new" responsibility. CAN'T shouldn't be in your damn vocab when you ain't got shit. Ask me how I know.

I'm here to tell ya.. this is a cruel world, and believe you me I know it. I have been and am a product of it... But I will be DAMNED of the day that I stand around with a sign all day waiting for someone to give me some shit, that they take their ass to work for every single day. The craziest part is, everyday when I leave from work, it is this hella long light and this cat is there like everyday, and i'm thinking well if you can faithfully be here everyday you can faithfully take your ass to find a job. Or hell BE at a job like you are on this corner.. and I have put in a 10 hour work day, so I really have nothing to say beside good luck with that... It just damn irritates me. Then they look at you with this look of despair, and depression as if you are all they have, and I refuse to believe that they have nowhere else, and nothing else to do besides sit on a corner "begging" as some folks call it. Again, I have been there which is why I spoke on this... again, if you was offended, you were told to stop reading after the first paragraph; I cannot apologize for what I believe... and just as I believe that, I do believe that there are some seriously, cannot do nothing about it folks who are homeless, and jobless, disabled and cannot work for nothing, situations circumstances- out there... but it is more often than not that that is not the case, and they are the ones who suffer from my thoughts that will not allow me to take money I get up early as the birds do; to go out and work for everyday and just hand it to them. There are far too many scam artists, and plain LAZY people out there getting over because people do have the empathy embedded... deeply sometimes, but I think mines is so deep, I have to really feel bad to pay attention to a someone sitting at a freeway exit any mind. Sad I know.. pray for me.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ever Since I Let You Go...

You know, there are times when I sit back and I have to plain be thankful i let some people and some things go in my life. If I hadn't done that I'd prolly be in the nut house, down & depressed or plain mad for nothing. I have just come to realize over a period of time some folks just ain't worth it. Yeah I know it sounds so mean, or cruel to say it, but dammit imma say it: Some people ain't worth shit. Aint worth a second thought and not worth your fucking time. Which is why I am happy I have cleaned house on some muggs. Old back biting snitch ass, non speaking, trifling muthafukkas. I do not have the time! Some of you may have noticed that my friends list got real short, real quick. Once I identified the worthless.. they were removed, plain and simple. Hell don't think I didn't do the same thing on my real end spectrum either. I changed my number, and best believe there are whole lotta folks wo do not have it, and damn sure won't get it. To those muggs I say pluck allayall. You ain't about shyt, you ain't shyt in my book, and you ain't gonna be shyt in my book. Holla!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Thoughts Vol. 8

So here we are a week and some change into this job, and so far it's cool. The folks I started with are pretty chill too. Just wanna see how long we all last I suppose. There is this one cat though that stares at me all the time, and it's pretty creepy actually. It also doesn't help that he kinda sounds like Kermit the frog. I mean if you find someone attractive, damn, just say so, and they probably won't jump too bad- you'll just know a lot sooner than before you jump off Coronado bridge that they don't feel the same way. At any rate, I have no complaints. Daysha will be starting 2nd grade on the 18th of August... man that went quick. I caught up with some old navy buddies... and i'm just good good good like Destiny's Child. Just keepin' nonsense up out my cipher and doing me. Feel me?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Forthcoming Changes

Okay, so I didn't get the other job but the 18 per hour saved me a spot and I start working on Monday... Tonight I'm going out because I do not know what my schedule will be...So we gonna do it to it like Cherish. Now I am so beyond ready to be back in my own zone of privacy and thangs it is not even funny. I mean my roomies have been cool, but I am over other folks habits that conflict with my own, and over limiting having my company over for the sake that someone may be there, or sleep. Not that everytime you invite someone over it's a issue, it's just the comfort of your company and yourself not to feel pressed to get people out at a decent hour because someone else is sleep or gotta get up or whatever. I just know I am ret-ta-go. I honestly don't even care which shift I get... I just am so ready to have a check coming and have my stuff back in order!!! I must say that these crazy times have humbled me, and made me think about the "next time around" for real... So.. I am ready for the forthcoming changes to occur... Let's get it on!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Pregnant.. and I ain't even know it...

Yeah I get a message from a friend of mine...and apparently I am him, and according to the reporter- that's why he won't talk to or sleep with them. Oh My F-in' Goodness!!! People are so off, and so damn nosey. If the boy don't want to dick you down- blame yourself; don't blame Nikki. Nikki didn't do it. I just wanna know how I got pregnant though *lol* If I was pregnant, don't you think I would have told him and known??? Uh yeah Funny part is someone has come up to me and said this individual and I have a "strange relationship"... we talk to different people but be "booed up" when we together- then get at other folks. I am like ----> You think if he and I was together- I'd be sharing? Introducing women to him? Uh-no. *lol* That's my boi, we have an understanding- we are cool. People hate that we both sexxxy, we are wanted, and we got it like dat! Damn shame you can't even have homeboys without some old strange assed rumor to follow. What's next??? I can only wonder.

"Now you hoes don't be about sh*t.... (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) Ol' weak ass gurls always worried 'bout a bitch. (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) You type of hoes ain't gon' never have sh*t. (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) Ol' punk ass gurls always worried 'bout a bitch (je-je-je-je-jealous je-je-jealous) ---- You jealous gurl.. and you know it too- you arguin' with yo' man - fightin' about me boo."- Jealous Girls- Khia

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Effin' Technology & The Latest...

No this isn't a rant about how bad it is... I have began my online courses... gotten a "sidekick" and now I feel all like I'm in the "in" crowd... (yeah right) The kewl thing about technology these days is you damn near don't have to do SHYYYYT to get stuff done anymore. All you must do is type.. select and click... BADABOOM. Done. So what's left after that- eat good food and be lazy. Well anyway, my job interviews went pretty well. the VTC position i am waiting on a response, so I am stepping out on faith and telling the 18 per hour i'm waiting (so this mess better come thru) the good part is, when I told the other job I was waiting on an answer...he understood completely, and said just to let him know anyway so he could still have my naem on the list (yes!) so either way a chick will be employed soon. Now, I know a lot of ya'll are wondering well... what are you gonna do with those hands that work magical wonders??? Believe you, me- I am trying to get back in the game ASAP. But for the minute I got bills to pay and the economy is crappy, so the reality is simply this----> nobody but me pays my bills. I don't have 3 years to build a solid clientele... and until I do get there- I need a regular paycheck. Point blank. Trust that I didn't pay 12 grand to attend school for it to go down the drain. that is the latest.. so let me go use my unlimited texts and email on this damn phone... arghhh!!!!

"Slowly..surely..."- Jill Scott

Friday, June 20, 2008

Can You Say Nosey? (Confirmed)

11:18 p.m. UPDATE- nosiness confirmed. So when she comes home she starts to ask questions like so is that your "main guy friend"? Are we in a relationship... how long we been talking... what does he do... just being NOSEY AS HELL. I was like I am not in that man's business like that. Long as he ain't robbing-killin' or stealin' I ain't worried about what he do. HINT: When people answer you vaguely it probably means they don't want to answer you or you're asking too much. Funny enough- she didn't get it- she just kept on and hit the nail right on when she did say about herself, 'I guess i'm just nosey..." I said UH YEAH. It don't cost a dime to stay out of mine.Who do you work for? The FBI? I mean really, why do YOU need to know any of those things about anyone I deal with? Unless something happened in your home and he was involved- who he is.. what he does.. where I know him from... his dreams and goals... if he wants to be serious... how long i've known him..and whether we screw or not- IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. I'm seriously going to need this chick to get a hobby like knitting or something. BETTER YET- Worry about your dude up north, and what you know about him. Nikki's men friends should be of no concern to you. What made all of the questioning that much more funny was- the fact that she's trying to act like a big sister, talking about what she used to do too when she was 26... like I'm just dating some stranger and I need to know all these things about him... I don't need her to know- I know A WHOLE LOTTA ABOUT HIM- it's just not my place to discuss those details with you. That man's business is not yours to know, nor is it mines to discuss with you-whether I know or not. She just had no shame in being so nosey. Most people can tell when they are asking one too many questions but ooooooh boy.. not this one. THIS JOB IS MINE!!! I CLAIM IT!!!!

Can You Say Nosey?

You know I have no immediate complaints in regards to my new roomie.. but one thing Nikki has learned about her is.. she's quite a nosey one. Now, granted it is understood when we initially talked that 'NO' I do not have a 'steady" boyfriend.. and no I will not have folks in and out of your home- as I do not like everyone knowing where I live either. However comma please be aware that I do have friends and if i am paying to stay here... With courtesy to your privacy as well, I will invite them over occasionally. Not to the point that you feel like they live there but once in a while- I like my company to sit with me opposed to going to their home. Usually, I would try to invite my company over when she is not here, gone to work or something simply because I don't like my company feeling uneasy either. Now, once in a while that friend might just be a male so I'm gonna need you to get a little used to the idea that I am not in a steady relationship with NOBODY... I am 26, and believe it or not I am sexually active. So you may meet 2 different people, but assume nothing about either. However this particular case isn't even about meeting let's play todays scenario out. OK, i have a friend over this morning at about 10 am... she says she and her folks are going to go kick it for the day... at about 12ish... OK cool.. meaning you'll be gone for about 2-4 hours maybe.. but when you leave I should have to really be all uptight with my company after 45 minutes have passed. I ASSUMED you were g-o-n-e. So of course the particular company I had we are on "that level" so of course you know what happened. But how about like 5 minutes after we we done- NO I WAS NOT LOUD *lmao* I feel like the a/c has been turned off. Low and behold it sure was... funny thing is he was saying it sound like somebody is here... but ummm I was in a moment so if it was... Oh well. I pay cash money monthly for this cube of a room- and as long as im not disrespecting your furniture-room-bed-kitchen-bathroom or any area you're using immediately- what goes on in here.. is none of your business as far as i'm concerned. Besides, you said you was Audi 5000G. Personally if I was in the position... I wouldn't have came back to the house regardless if my folks was running late if my roomie had male company- you don't know WHAT you'll walk into... but I asked.. what in the blue fuck was your reason for turning the air off??? It wasn't like she ain't know we was still there- my car is parked dead in front of the house. Was that her way of letting me know she was here? Or was she plain eavesdropping? I mean she is in a long distance relationship- so she ain't been getting any. And this would make it 2nd time if she did hear something... WHY 2nd you ask??? One night I had company and she brought it up over breakfast. saying some mess about not wanting it to be akward, but she could "smell" a man??? WTF??? However, it was 3 a.m.. what is you doing up at that hour worried about what i'm doing anyway? Either way- after I realized the air was off, I went to the garage, and noticed her car parked boom there.. and she was nowhere to be found. Meaning she came in.. prolly heard a lil su-in su-in and left to her mama's next door.. even though she should have just went there period instead of trying to be nosey worried about what's happening up in here? We ain't doing nothing out of order- You was supposed to been gone- what was happening in here should be none of your concern. As long as ain't no drugs or nothing like that going on... shouldn't be an issue. either way i'm kinda just waiting for her to say something about it...Just like she did last time. One thing I do know is I am so praying this job with EDS falls through so I can get what they call the hell on. I see now that this is not where I am trying to be more than 3 months. I claim that job. It is mine!!! All I need to save is 4 good paychecks, as I will be enrolled in school plus getting my VA benefits- and I am GONE. 1 bedroom it don't matter... This roomate thing is not for me; the season of living with others is over and done... I now know what I need to be doing to keep from getting into a situation like this again. LESSON LEARNED. I need my privacy and space from any nosiness. That's just plain irritating to have to look at someone you live with knowing they might have been listening to you get your bump and grind on.

"It's none of your business!!!!"- Salt N' Pepa- None of your business

Monday, June 2, 2008


You know it's pretty early and I am up because some fool I met girlfriend (mind you... on a homeboy tip) decided to call me at 3 am... Well if she were grown there are a few things she should have and/or would have done to avoid the free late night curse out special she got. You see the simple person who cheats mind is constantly trying to find a way to disguise or hide what it is they are doing; and let's face it... some women make it so easy for men to cheat on them, and/or with them. Personally, if I am going to be getting the back end of the relationship (meaning on the side) he better be doing something for me to be on the side ANYWAY... now 1 I knew this girl was young.. simply because if the hour she decided to call. 2 Her whole approach was just childish and 3 Apparently, she didn't know who's number she just dialed. She didn't know she had just stepped into the twilight zone. First off and foremost, unless I know you and it's an emergency... you ain't got no reason to call nobody at 3 am. It's just not that serious. it's not like he's your husband secondly... He's showing you he ain't husband material if this is something you go through regularly...HELLO!!! If you were foolish enough to go snooping through your man's phone and ran across a suspicious entry or a number you thought you ain't know.. write the shit down then do what you gotta do between 9 am and 5 pm. (on another note as they say... If you go looking, and you're eventually going to find what you're looking for.) Secondly, you don't call people's phone at 3 am telling them you're somone's girlfriend... DO YOU THINK THEY CARE WHO YOU ARE AT THAT HOUR????? All a person cares about is why in the fuck you're calling them. And since she was not prepared to give me a legit reason for calling me; the end result was her getting cursed out. So of course after she was told to shut the fuck up and listen, and ask ya man who I am because the last time I checked I wasn't your man... it was THEN she decided to ask him who I was while apparently hitting him or something. You see, this must be something she does on the regular- simply because you could tell she's mad, used to him lying, and calling people is how she finds out about whatever it is he's doing "behind her back"- but you're silly enough to remain his girlfriend right??? Cuz you got a baby with him right??? Dumb bitches I tell ya..The sad part is when dealing with someone like that soon as you seen the entry- she should already know what he doing. Especially, if he's a usual liar she would have approached him and only him about it; and If he evaded it- then you know what's up.. what you calling the other person for??? ANYWAY- I just laughed and hung up the phone and called back to leave a message.. I said "you better tell your bitch don't dial my number again; if she was smart she would have shut up like I told her so she would have known you wasn't doing nothing.. but let her dumb ass think what she wants... And since apparently you wanna be lying don't you dial my number again either," And left it at that. That kind of mess pisses me off to no end!!! Don't call people at no ungodly hour asking dumb shit, especially if you ain't prepared for the answer or don't want to know because you already made your mind up about what you believe is going on. So just a little advice from the wise... don't call people asking stupid questions at 3 in the morning. If you are going to call.. call at a decent hour and act like you got some sense. If you going to ask me who I am...Shut up and don't try to over talk people like you know who they are already because you might just be- insecure. Finally- check with ya peoples before calling other people. It saves you from getting your face cracked and your feelings hurt.

"Get O-U-T... farewell... history.. cuz I can do bad all by myself..."- Changing Faces

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dating Chronicles..(I still need a reality show)

So ever since goodness knows when the world knows I have had some crazy "dates" and dating experiences. I was just sitting here thinking and laughing to myself about things that have happened... Let's do a quick recap... These are things, actually I will categorize the top 5 (in no particular order) that have happened in the past, so unless you were there, you may not know exactly what I'm talking about... but hopefully, you can laugh amd reminisce with a sistah.

1. My Baby-daddy- Now I hate to use that term but that's what he is.. a sperm donor. Anyway, I was about 17 years old walking up Crenshaw BLVD in Los Angeles with my fam, and that's how I met this fool. We hung out, and he used to just "blow my mind". If you asked me what time it was I would tell you it was "john john" time... Sprung wasn't even the word for how that boy had me... That was my first taste of the "bad boy" life...Though it was a wild ride... it came to an end when I got my ass up and joined the Navy- but came home before going to Japan, and my dad left my ass at the LAX sending my dumb brother to "look for me"... So the only other person I knew was WHO... yeah so that's how Daysha was made..

2. WLJ- Now this idiot was a Chief in the Navy- well he was an E-6 when I met him... but if you ever knew a chameleon this was it... This cat was so in denial about everything he did it wasn't even funny. I could bust him out on tape and he'd still try to make it seem justify-able... This was the first time I actually called myself talking to an "ugly" dude...but hell if I'm going to get played, it can at least be by a fine guy.. (that's just my attitude) I actually kinda cared about the guy until I met someone else...& he was just too unattentative... So one night I went out to a club and ran into another one of the honorable mentions... and the rest of that was history. I tried and tried to tell this arrogant ass, he's pushing me away, but do you think he took heed??? Of course not. so when I broke it to him that I was seeing someone else.. he had the audacity to almost cry. Honestly, he lied so much I, TO THIS DAY do not know if he's married or not.... Sad, yeah I know.

3. The Love Of My Life- The rest of ya'll may know him as Mr. Frazier... This is who I met when I was dealing with dummy above. This was the perfect gentleman, and Daysha loved him. What a combo! Though I didn't treat him how I should have in the beginning, he never changed, and remain a cool guy. So when he couldn't take anymore of me liking the ass I was with he got on a plane back to VA. Boy I was sad then.. but we kept in touch through the close to 2 and a half years later... Made the decision to take a trip to London for Valentine's day for 3 weeks. That wa the best trip ever. Nevertheless we emerged as a couple from that... that lasted about 4 months because he was just too busy... a year later ? He lied to me about some chick *smh* That broke my little heart becasue I truly was in love. Oh well in the end we still are friends... He's always been that much to me nevertheless...

4. The Old Man- Boy what a ride this was. I met this dude on an outing for my girls birthday. I really didn't want to speak to him initially, but we ended up hanging out and being cool. This cat was funny and actually looked like an older version of that guy from Kenan and Kel- KEL. We went at a lightening pace, but ended up clashing possibly because of the age difference... I'd be like dude I know you're old enough to be my dad but you're not my dad. SO you need to let me do me... He was just real crazy acting sometime, and I guess that comes with the territory, he was a marine. Go figure. It was a hilarious ride... He would swear to goodness that he was the best thing I have ever dealt with since sliced buttered bread... Uh- no. Never that. But let him tell it.. he was. Whatever.

5. Bullet Loco- You know... me and this cat have been THROUGH IT. Busted windows, restraining orders, and everything else... I mean everything, but that's still my dude. That'll always be my Jody though. Yeap you already know who it is.. so I have to mention no names. We have no issues, and we cool- but we just know we have to "stay away"... Goodness knows that!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed reading my sick sad love life tales... but hey it was a lesson learned in each one of them, but all-in-all without those experiences... why else would I need a reality show? Anyway, hope your weekend is going, and goes well. later~

"I've seen you before baby.. Is it deja vu honey.. don't you know that you remind me..."- You Remind Me- Mary J. Blige

Friday, May 9, 2008

Unnecessary Egos...

Have you ever dealt with someone in your past who just had way too much ego for your taste...? The kind that don't know the difference between confident, and cocky for no reason? I quit talking to this cat, and he got back in touch with me after a while, and of course it's all about him... Constantly trying to remind me of how great he thinks he is, but as I am chit chatting with this idiot, he's just quickly reminding me of why I stopped talking to his a$$ in the first place. I got so disgusted... because it's just not needed.. I don't care to hear about what you THINK you are, because you're not all that you think you are... I found myself putting him in his place, letting him know I'd rather go back to 'not speaking' terms, because it's not, nor was it all that over 5 years ago. Dude throws a sissy fit because I see past the GAS in his head This fool had the audacity to have an excuse for why they contacted me again or dealt with me at all...Talking about he was just cleaning out his email inbox, that's why he emailed me.. He was supposedly sleeping with someone I worked with in Japan... Suuuuure. How he thought I was so whipped.... yeah right... that's why I was dealing with someone else, and he was about to cry when I told him about it... Oh and the best one- he had a hidden cam on an sex-escapade!!!??? COME ON! I just said post it on youtube then so I can get some exposure dammit... Excuses, Lies, and more excuses... right on down to how he think he got away with this that and the third when dealing with me... : I just busted up laughing, I'm like- so that's all you got...? Okay and I am supposed to feel bad because you were thinking you was playing me, by being a hoe while dealing with me over 5 years ago? Uh no... Sistah don't really care about that buddy... betcha can't do that it today. How about you let go of your "I think I played a 20 year old young lady" days go... and move on... I can't stand people who's ego's are so big they can't separate fact from fluff...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playa Decisions

Well I have had to make a few playa decisions... for the slow people... TUFF ones. You can technically say I am out of the beauty industry for a short time (I hope). I had to leave my salon today as I can't afford to pay nobody 170 bucks a week for no clients to be coming in to give me 170 a week... A sistah can't sit up praying folks walk in the door and they sit in my chair... I have done all the promoting... walking around.. and calling I can do... It's simply a shitty economy right now, and when folks can buy a 20 dollar wig and be cool, it's no bueno for a 200 dollar weave these days... People have to make playa decsions: Get my hair combed or eat... get my wig split or put gas in the car... Ya know it's just hard. People are too broke to get their hair done on a consistent basis really... though everyone keeps saying to take my black ass to a "white" salon...I think I just need to get back in escuela and handle bisnas... I might try that "white salon" thing though On a serious note... I have for find me a 4-reel job that's paying my ass. I can't live on the here and there money right now... Here and there is okay when you have a steady income ANYWAY. Another playa decision.... I'm thinking about going Active Reserves in the ARMY; Yeah i said it.. military- it's so tuff right now.. yeah i'm 5 pounds off... don't make me lose it and go str8 up active duty. Yet another playa decsion... as some of my regular readers know I am pretty much in limbo with the date that I may have to spread my wings and move yet again... Though I have been offered to come along that'll only be 2 months or so... Then, a person I really don't want to deal with on that level offered me a space... but I am seriously not feeling that move... Maybe I can just get section 8??? That would be SWEET. Hey a girl can dream can't she? Outside of that.. I just been trying to keep my head and keep from cursing people out. Folks are killing me with these "pat on the back" or " "stick it out" comments... SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE. Thank you. I don't need encouragement.. I need money...Stick it out...? Stick it out in SD huh??? I guess it's easy to stick it out when you got folks you can TRULY lean on in a desperate time like this here. When people are actually willing to help you out, or when all your family is in the same city-you're kinda in there like swimwear in the 'stick it out' game huh??? My situation ain't so... Can't say that's happening.. Stick it out means live in a mo-mo on this side of the fence... Live in my car... Be homeless... right- just stick it out. PUH-LEESE!!! Reality check: I'm broke... Not working... Nobody is truly just hiring folks out the blue... and if you do get hired you gotta have somewhere to call home... you still gotta go through the process... before you collect a check. When you're a hop, skip and a jump away from having no ADDRESS...while busting ass trying to make it... & don't have the luxury of someone elses help. it's kinda hard to stick it out-yeah??? I damn sure ain't selling no ass. Hell, that might be the way to go these days though... *lol* Anyway, as I said... Life is taking it's turn... whatever reason it's for it better be DAMN good... That is all.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Buggaboo ass dudes...

Have you ever met someone and thought they was cool... nice even, but maybe not cool enough for you to REALLY want to get to know... but you try to be nice and give them your number anyway thinking they will not do too much trying to get your attention??? Just a call here and there, and eventualy will stop calling you because they get that you not trying to holla at them, so they taper off... Then- you realize just how wrong you were, and you start kicking yourself in the ass for giving them your number in the first place... I should have known by the way he wouldn’t leave me alone about my number and how he stayed in my face afterward... he’d easily become a pest...The second time I saw him in a club he all in my grill like I’m a superstar trying to take a pictures with me and shit... I’m like- Damn man go sit your ass down somewhere, and keep your hands off and away from my lower back trying to make folks think you’re with me or some shit. If I’m not trying to hug you...stand next to you.. hell talk with you much out and about.. chances are I have already realized I shouldn’t have spoken to you in the first place, because you don’t get it!!! I am seriously trying to calculate in my mind how a person just doesn’t get the hint that someone is not trying to get with them. Maybe just be cool with ya... as along as you don’t keep trying to get with me everytime I look up, and that’s all. If you’re calling/texting me everytime I blink, and half the time I don’t answer or respond. The feeling ain’t mutual. If you’re always asking me when can you get a date, and I tell you I’m busy and can’t really say... Chances are I’m not feeling you like that, and I don’t want to give you the false hope that I’m looking out for your calls or texts; Nor am I trying to be hanging out with you making you believe I like you more than what I do. I just don’t have the heart to just say, "Look- I don’t like you like that.. Quit calling me like you are first in line or some shit. There are a whole lotta other muggs trying to get with me too... what makes your ass so special? Why do we need to link up like tomorrow? Hell, haven’t you noticed I ain’t got no time for you? Why are you constantly calling me? This is probably why your ass is single now, you’re a damn bugaboo. What in the hell makes you think I want to be bothered with someone who is already breathing down my back, after 4 days acting all clingy like he GONNA be my man whether I like it or not?" Yeah, I know it’s sad but the truth of the matter is, when you dig someone you magically seem to answer their calls most of the time... Texts get responded to quick, and the spending time... Of course I ain’t doing nothing and HELL YEAH we can go out tomorrow. It’s just how it is, and it’s the complete opposite when a person ain’t digging you. Bad as I felt today for completely ignoring this dude, I realized and had a conversation with self... If you respond, this cat is going to think you’re liking him a little... Even though all it said was "Hey beautiful.. How’s your day going?" The title is enough for me to know this fool wants to be calling me that on a regular basis. Can you call me by my name before you start trying to give me lovey assed pet names? When people call me things like baby... beautiful... mami.. and other crap like that; It irritates the hell out of me because I don’t know your ass well enough for you to be all informal like that. I have a name and ain’t na’an one of those- it. So I plain ignored the text and deleted it. Yesterday he sent me a text message saying some mess about what are my plans for the day.. I just said and then a date." I said the date to give him a hint that I got time for this dude.. but not but he still ain’t get it obviously because he turns around and send me a message talkng about "WOW a date? When can I get some date time to spend with you? I got some questions to ask and things to talk about the next time we talk...TRUST" - like we’re dating or something... I’m thinking no we don’t- you need to consult with yourself as to why you’re on my bra strap so tough, and why do you feel the need to be bugging Nikki... So I didn’t answer that either. Maybe he’ll get the hint in a few days. If he don’t he gonna just be getting ignored. Oh the ufck well. I’m too tired for some clingy mofo.

"You make me want to throw my pager out the window.. tell M-C-I to cut the phone poles... break my lease so I can move... cuz you’s a bugaboo a bugaboo... I wanna put your number on the call block... have A-O-L make my email stop... Cuz you a bugaboo.. you buggin’ what- you buggin who- you buggin’ me and don’tcha see it ain’t cool...."

Destiny’s Child- Bugaboo

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tendency to think back...

think it’s only natural as humans to think back and relive the moments in our lives.. some good, some outstanding... some just plain bad. But all in all these experiences we go through mold us into who we are. I just sometimes wonder when you go back, how do you conjure up the same emotions you felt when you were going through something even when you’re not trying to? It’s funny because if I think back on a lot of my experiences, I can feel how I felt...deeply. Sometimes it’s not so bad to relive a moment...especially if it was a good one. Things like that keep you sane sometimes. I know I shouldn’t worry about those who don’t worry about me... but sometimes you can’t help but ask yourself, "what in the heck happened?" or "How did we get to where we are now?" Crazy as it is, they say folks are in your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime... So I don’t dwell on it too long. They didn’t make it to my future for a reason, and usually if I think back enough...I am reminded of that reason... Either way, I intend to make today a wonderful day... it’s Friday.. I have my health, good people in my life, and can’t really complain. Hope you all do the same... Later~


"If you are what you say you are.. a superstar, then have no fear.. the camera’s here and the lights are on... and what a show...."

Superstar-Lupe Fiasco

Monday, March 24, 2008

Peace of Mind...

They say you can't put a price on peace of mind.. and I found out how true that really is within a matter of 24 hours. Easter Sunday seemed like it would be yet another trip to the boondocks ended come Wednesday. Little did I know I got a hater throwing monkey wrenches in my day to day life actions by repeating things to folks that aren't even worth repeating. In other words instigation bullsh*t. Maybe because they are stuck in life not knowing what they want to do, or even have a clue how to get where they would like to go. So I get hated on because I have YET to have to go back to mommy or daddy to stay.. baby girl may have, but my ass certainly by the grace of GOD will not. They say family will bring you down quicker than anybody else and I see that, that is also a true thing. Long story short a statement about a jacket I made on my way out the door turned into I said... "all of her clothes are raggedy"... and next thing I know I'm getting called by my mom saying if I feel that way to keep my daughter down here etc etc.. as if I have an issue with that. What the hell ever... I'm not about to sit up here and argue with you, or anyone else for that matter about what I did and didn't say. I don't bite my tongue when I speak to you.. so why would I lie about what I said about her jacket??? ANYWAYZ... PEACE the fuck out. So we enjoyed the rest of our Easter Sunday & she will be down here PERIOD. The next fool is "you know who"... this fool had the audacity to tell me he was hungry today... I'm like okay and??? I'm thinking and said.. don't you have company? Well you better tell her to get up and cook something.. He claims he don't want nothing from her...and I said it sounds like you need to make an adjustment... or send her to the sto' and have her order you some food... Basically she need to go hard or go home... He gonna send me a message back saying "real talk". So I said, "sounds like you need to send your friend home if you intend to eat anytime soon..." so he sends a message back saying, "nope.. not gonna happen"... So I said " Well if that's who you spending all your time with, then she needs to be providing the 3 F's for you...not me" (for the 'F' challenged Feed, Fuck, and Finance) A mugg need to provide at least 2 out of the 3... If they don't. you're wasting your time. ANYWAY- So he hits me back saying "Ok I'm done.. thanks for your input. Have a good day..." Just then it clicked, and I was immediately, and truly disgusted by this character...I thought to myself... Girl, WHY are you even wasting your time being cool with this idiot? It is such a turn off to be put on some side rail like you asked for something to begin with... When you keep it real with this jerk, he gets mad, but he thinks you're going to just put up with him and the bullshit he brings...What nerve. So right then... I hit him right back without thinking twice about hitting send, "Actually, i'm done period. Ciao." So he sends a message back saying, "OK... stop texting me then.." (because usually I go back on my word... when I talk to this dummy... So this is why he felt as though he could be snappy...) I sent him a text back that just said , "MUAH! lol" - What a fucking idiot. *smh* I know he probably thinks I'm playing, but I am so disgusted it's not even funny. I dont want to deal with him on ANY level. I thought it wasn't possible but here it is. I felt at that point...he was trying me.. disrespekkin' me if you will... And ya'll know I ain't with the disrespek. That was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back... I know he didn't think he had it like that or had it going on so tuff that he grew the nutsacks to even conjure up the thought that I would bring him some food.. knowing it's some broad sitting up under his lazy ass, and I'm supposed to spend my money, drop it off to his broke ass and it wasn't like he was gonna give me my money back, but I was supposed to just bring it...and then, keep it pushing- I suppose I should be feeding you and your hoes too??? Muthafukka please. he must have ate a bowl of 'I'm Dreamin' Flakes' or 'Test Nikki O's' this morning...You must have woke up fell off that raggedy ass bed someone gave your broke ass, and bumped your big ass head on the short way down. That, or you got me fukked up with one of your other bitches. I can't believe you even fathomed the idea that I would be that damn foolish... What kind of shit is that??? We are not in a relationship.. so why would you even think of asking me to anything for you outside of be cool with you? Does it look like 'boo boo the fool' is written on my body anywhere? Yeah, get to an optometrist because apparently, your vision needs to be checked buddy. People be doing the MOSTEST!!!

Woosah!!! Anyway------------------------------> on to new paths and trails... the petty people and petty ish can stay behind... CHUNK EM.

"I changed my mind... I don't love you no more... Don't waste my time..."

- I Changed My Mind- Keyshia Cole

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Stupid Can You Be...

What kind of idiot goes into a court requesting that someone put a restraining order on them? The idiots I mess with that's who. So today was the big court date to this whole situation- Seen the boy in the hall and asked him what he wanted to do.. we can keep the word we made which was.. Leave it alone and you won't have an order on you... just leave me alone... or you can have one put on you. Do you know this fool tells me he wants an order on his ass? So like a set of eggs... I made the order. The judge looked at him like the dummy he is, and explained to his butt how an order of protection works... This is not a MUTUAL order.. it is her placing one against YOU. All this idiot can think about is the club and me not being able to "get in".. I just cracked up laughing... First he said he's a club promoter and he works at "4" clubs... I said promoters get paid sweetie... YOU hang out with the guys who promote... please.. Realistically let's be honest with each other here.. is that what you're really worried about??? Or is it that you just don't want to see me have fun without you.. which I will anyway??? I mean those are not the only clubs in San Diego dude.. and to be REALLY honest not cracking that much to be pressed to be worried about being there or not. Club 1- Trophy Lounge- I can respect that is your work area.. and not go there... but honestly who really partys on a Tuesday? The most cracking night at trophy is Sunday... You already know this because Club 2 Rio- which is where you are on Wednesday & Sunday is dead. Wednesdays belong to club Ocean/Montage...and The only time Rio is cracking on a Sunday is if it's a 3 day weekend, and folks ain't got nowhere else to go... In which in lieu most of the time I'd be at Trophy Sunday anyway... Please not be referring to Club 3- which I am assuming is the afterhours spots.. KNEEGROW please! Whatcha gonna do? Call the cops to enforce a restraining order on me in a spot that ain't supposed to be going on no way??? Mary Jane all in the air... Fools doing way too much...Yeah the ufck right... You will have to just get over seeing me up in there...Cuz I'm still gonna get my afterhour groove on. I have no idea what club 4 is.. I would assume it's Work that twork that.. and I don't hang out at clubs that are 18 and up... come on now.. I am in the 25 and up club already. *smh* Either way, I just found it hella amusing that he was going out of his way to think he was making me miserable...When the truth of the matter is, he just made himself look like a complete idiot in the court, and he also showed me how much it bothers him to see me just move right along and not think twice about his butt. Worried about me in a club... WOW. So after that was set in place... The judge kinda looked at him real silly and asked me what would I like to do... I said, 'I personally don't think an order is needed because he doesn't scare me.. I think he's just worried about seeing me with another man... So he wants to try to be spiteful or whatever.. as you can see all he's worried about is the club *lol* So if he wants an order put on him.. put it on him. As long as he leaves me alone it won't be a problem..." She said, "Well Mr. Vicente', it's only been 6 months and you have to realize she is entitled to have fun just like you. Sounds like to me you both have lives that overlap and I don't think this really needs a restraining order as Ms. Thompson said... It's just a matter of staying away from each other... but I will grant it for a year. I think that would be enough time for this to cool off..." He's acting like he won the lotto...saying, "Perfect" and cheesing with his huge wicked witch of the west bump on his nose... YUCK ... WHAT A DUMB ASS. Why in the hell would you even care about wanting a restraining order on you as a man? Why would you want that on your record? Why are you worried about what i'm doing when i'm out and about? Why are you going out of your way to try to make it seem like you're the one in control here? WHY do you think you're not going to see me still? You think that restraining order on you looks good and you're trying to be a citizen??? What a fool! They don't come that stupid too often. That is a special case... My girl is saying I must have done something to him.. because she's never seen him on a female like he does me at all... Saying he must have loved your ass... lmao.. she also said his mama is into that witchcraft stuff and I need to watch myself because he one of those types and he might try some voodoo stuff on me.. but I had to inform her that the God I serve is more powerful than any voodoo or black candle you can burn... PLEASE. Point is.. this cat needs to just LET IT GO, get over it, and move on... However, it is very flattering to know you would go down the street, up the hill, around the corner, and down the block; wait thirty minutes in a car watching me, follow me and my every move, and then set up a plan to "get" me- lol... MAN I must be the sh*t.. Can you smell me???

So to answer the intro question: VERY stupid.

"I know you like to think your shit don't stank but lean a little bit closer see.. roses really smell like boo-boo-ooh ooh... Yeah"-

Roses - Andre 3000

Monday, February 18, 2008

Check Up On It...

So here we are restraining orders and crap later...How about this idiot got all mad because I went to the red & white party after valentines day with my friend? You didn't invite me, so what's the issue? Me and my friend were just standing there talking and he walked in and was milk and cookie-in' me I mean next time you'll say exactly where you're going won'tcha!? Funny thing is he acted like I was screwing the guy in his face, so I didn''t trip. The next day I just told him, "Hey.. let's not mess with each other because we not getting along again, and I don't want no issues." This fool hits me up all later in the night talking about..."yea we need to do that and not fuck with each other..." so I said, "no problem sweetie..." and left it alone. Yet he feels the need to tell me he's throwing my coat away.. I just said "okay." So at 5 am... this goofy fuck sends me a text message saying 'go to hell'... I'm like okay im not messing with you.. leave me alone. You said what you wanted to say so okay and goodnight... carry your ass to bed. This fool was straight tripping. So last night Bev, K, O, and myself went to club Rio to get our jig on... Why as soon as we walked up here he comes saying.. "You can't get in..." I said, "says who?" and kept walking to the front. So this fool power walks up to the security in front and proceeds with his bitchmade act of telling them he has a restraining order and we can't be 100 feet of each other... I laughed and said.. "Look at me what am I going to do? Let the truth be told I have a restraining order on HIS ass... he just mad because I don't want to fuck with him no more... (I knew the security guard) How about the security guard said, "Man.. Im sick of these niggas and their emotions. Let her in..." SO we walk upstairs and he tried to block at the entrance... gonna have some other security guard tell us we can't get in after Bev paid, and I paid.. but we got our money back and so K paid his money, said to wait, and went inside... I thought he was going to whip Danny's ass for a minute.. but I went down stairs like this dude is a bitch. So Danny's so called big bro came downstairs and was like "they can get in... they good..." So we went in... and K said out loud, "That nigga don't own shit.. he don't run shit." so we went in to have us some fun... So we got some drinks and we're chilling and how about Danny's real big bro was in there and spoke asking what's going on with his baby bro and I. I said, "Absolutely nothing- which is why he's tripping. I let him know he saw me at a party with my friend which he invited me out to.. and he's acting like we're screwing so he's all pissy... oh well. His brother was like I will talk to him...I said you don't have to.. he's going to act a fool alone. I didn't come out for all that bullsh*t he's going through... So he introduced me to his cousins and they was like he's on his period... I said well I have a bag of tampons if he needs one. So he's walking by looking at us all crazy but wouldn't say not a one word. So his play bro pulls me in the back and asks what's up.. I informed him of the same thing.. it all started at the red and white party while I was with my boy... I also interjected that if I was screwing someone else.. I'm grown and ain't gotta lie to him or anyone else for that matter... He don't even know why he mad. He just think he run stuff and tried to not have me in the club because my friend is sexy. I also told him to look at me... I let him also know that I can pretty much pick and choose who-the-hell-ever I want up in this damn club, and I ain't worried about his ass... Which is why he mad because I'm not chasing his ass. He is immature and can't let it go. So after that I went to finish my fun. Since he wanted to act like me and my friend was all boo'ed up.. we acted a little boo'ed up. Kick rocks fukka.. you like that jacket, are expendable. So all night he looked pissed and I was dying laughing like wow... you're going to deprive yourself of a good time because you thought you was going to get me boo'ed at the door again??? Please... So before we left Bev was chit chatting and we had went downstairs with K and who walks outside 1 minute later...? He can't help but want to know where I am at all times... poor thing. He need to grow up and find something else to do besides try to harass me. Mad because my friend happens to be sexy and just now that I think about it... also happens to have his sexy self around every time he was messing up... OH WELL... He'll get over it. Later~

"Aha!!! I know it's killin' you bitches...I know it's killin' you... She's back.. Oh my god...You had a voodoo doll and everythang worthless bitch! You just knew.. Don't let her come back, Jesus, please don't let her come back... but she's back bitches. Ok, look, just on the count of 3- stop focusing on her, and think about you for a second. Now ain't that depressing? Ain't it depressing? See, that's why don't nobody talk about you...Ain't nothing to talk about. Get yourself a hobby bitch, learn how to make a quilt or something. Is it really that you hate you? That's what it is ain't it? Just punch yourself in the mouth then bitch."

- Lil' Kim f/ Katt Williams- Shut Up Bitch

Thursday, January 31, 2008

B2K refernce.. what was that movie called???

Well I feel 120% better. I tried to go out and have some fun on Tuesday and ya boy decided to flex his little security shirt and tell the ID man I couldn't get in... Claiming he had a restraining order on me... So I didn't cause no ruckus... I just laughed and said if he wants to act like a bia bia... and security want to do it with him, let him. We know his feelings are still attached... he still so brokenhearted he can't even stand to see me come out and have a good time... Awwww poor baby.. He's dealing with that. So my attitude about it is..since you want to act like a dinky then I will be the tamer. So when the night came to an end because I went over my friends house... I had to police escort me to his home to get the rest of my which he lied and said nothing of mines is there... Which in turn I laughed yet again.. He looked like he was about to sh*t on himself when he seen the cops and then seen Chyna He's already doing waaaay too much.. He gonna say "I just want her to leave me alone..." I'm lke well give me my things and stop bothering me when I'm trying to have fun with my friends... Ain't nobody thinking about you. SO that following morning (meaning yesterday) I went and did what I had to do... . I decided to make the lie he claimed the truth.. I went and put a restraining order on his ass. Come to find out he already has 2 on him from 2007... hello!!! But ummm I don't want you nowhere near, me, my house, my car, or my job... Meaning when you see me, you better bend a corner. Because if you even breath in the wrong way in my direction I will call the C-O-P-S... I watch my back at all times and know that piece of paper don't mean shit. However comma it is a pass to bust your ass you run up on me. So don't bother me So since you wanna be a "sociopath"- (Thanks T...) and feel like you're untouchable... and wanna play little mess with me games.. let's play. As they say in checkers.. KING ME. Either way.. I remembered the name of the movie... After he gets them papers in a day or so... I will say it out loud... YOU GOT SERVED. Watch your step punk. You are more than touchable.

"Hey ladies.. when ya man wanna get buckwild. just go back and hit 'em up style..."

Hit Em Up Style- Blu Cantrell

Monday, January 28, 2008

After The Rain.. The Sun Always Shines...

It isn't enough to just know you'll be okay when things go funny in your life. You have to believe that things will be more than alright. When you put out that energy you simply get it back tenfold. Everything goes the way it goes for reasons other than what you expect or know. Don't put a door stopper on a door that needs to be shut for an even better door to open. Don't hold up space in your life for people who choose to be unproductive. They are taking up the room of the productive. Don't wonder why things went certain ways.. it is simply what was meant. I believe by nature people are generally control freaks. Folks want to control every aspect of their lives and in all reality.. you have no control. You have a path and it will be travelled whether you like it or not. Sometimes it's a cold, lonely road, but if it's meant for you to walk it alone you better have an IPOD with you. Just know that at the end of that journey, there will be a million others there who have travelled that same path and have a million different stories, but the end is there shining bright. To the folks who want to blame everyone else for their issues/addictions you can't do it an expect people to follow your lead! If you want the true answer to why things go sour, or plain not your way in life- Take a look in the mirror. YOU are your biggest set-back. If you are too busy trying to make yourself believe it is everyone else holding you down, you're in denial and headed for self destruction. Holding grudges, pointing fingers, and walking around like the world owes you something is nothing but your own ignorance manifested in your life. When will you wake up??? I was told by someone that I am "happy-go-lucky... always smiling...and I was envied because they once were the same way..." Those things don't go away... you avoid them. If you are a happy person- no matter what happens you will be happy even when you're in pain. Everyone is entitled to have "bad" days... But when it's your demeanor.. it's because you choose to be that way. I don't let anything or anybody dictate how my day goes. Why in the world should I give negativaty that kind of energy? I'm young, blessed, talented, beautiful, educated, and have way too much going to let someone elses cloud(s) hang over my head and make me miserable... Even if the saying misery loves company is true. I refuse to become part of that sad fact. I say let that nonsense go!!! This will only be a babble of words to those who want to be blind. The grown will understand all I said. Kna'mean?

"Don't speak... I know just what you're saying.. so please stop explaining.. Don't tell me cause it hurts...Don't speak.. I know what you're thinking... and I don't need your reasons.. Don't tell me cause it hurts..."

Don't Speak- No Doubt

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shattered Egos & Broken Glass...

So my girl Bev came down from the 818 to hang out and have a good time. She and I went to Tina's and then on after a few other folks decided that we should all go to the after hours spot to get some reggae on. Bev and myself had parked my car and then noticed that Danny's friend had just pulled up behind us and I sat in the car to watch the scene... How about this ass gonna run up like he want to kick my car and then walked across the street...? Then he threw something that hit my car and obviously cracked my windshield but I didn't know about it until I had left the club. So I bailed up the hill and busted that nigga in the head with my clutch. He wanna try to hit me and then as I kept walking try to trip me... So I turned around, got in his face, and let that boy know on the spot that I wasn't the one, and he better leave me the fuck alone and then I pushed him like a bitch should get pushed.. way back.. Lost footing in that busted down attire... Bitch ass muthafukka.... So all throughout the night he's milk and cookie-in' me worried about his friend speaking to me.. (as he had nothing to do with the bullshit) and whatnot... I'm not one to put my business out there but apparently folks was noticing he had the boo-boo face and was lookin' real Lawry-ish. (salty) Walking by my friends looking for me...All at the DJ booth in my business... I must have hurt his soul when I left his ass alone and his first attempt at breaking my things didn't work... So as the night came to an end Bev and myself walked out to the car and noticed that my windshield was busted... I must have went from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds because the next thing I know is I was on the 94 West headed to a familiar destination. I stopped a police officer on the way, who happened to take the report later... So he saw my windshield prior to the rest of the damage... which in turn covered my ass a lil bit... SO back to the story... Mind you it's close to 4:30 in the morning and as I pulled up I noticed he was peeping all out the blinds- meaning he saw what he did to my car before he left the club...and like a hurricane on radar... knew I was coming. So I got out of my car and promptly popped my trunk and got an umbrella... I banged on his screen door. Do you know the arrogant ass had the nerve to sit in the chair leaned back like he was GQ model of the year and say, "What?" I said, "Why in the fuck did you bust my windshield" he gone smirk and say, "I didn't do shit to your car... you better go on.." I said, "Okay you didn't do nothing huh? So my glass just broke on it's own...? You wanna break shit.. well let's break shit.." And with one swing busted his apartment window... I saw the glass fly in his face and the look of shock come over his ass. They must have thought it was a scene from a horror flick.. Thriller maybe.. I know he didn't think I had that kind of temper in me apparently. So I walked off and said, "You think you gonna just tear my shit up and you ain't got no muthafukking repercussions? Fuck that..." So he comes outside and picks up what is like a 4X4 and we tussle a little bit because I told Bev to drive off.. but she sat there saying she wan't going to leave me with that crazy fool... but I know he ain't dumb enough to hit me... (I forgive you Bev lol) So this jack ass throws it at my car busting the windows.. then Bev jumps out cursing his ass out... and what not... I ain't tripping because I'm insured... this is going to be taken care of... but your ass gotta explain to military housing why you got that heat at that complex like that, and 2, your wife who is out to sea- gotta hear about it because it's coming out of her check to fix that glass.. and finally I will see your ass in court...Your witness ain't gonna come.. he on probation and ain't have no business in that kind of drama... My witness will come. So the po-po come through and all the info gets taken and do you know the whole time this happened... ashy ankles was in the house and bet she didn't bring her ass out to fight her so-called mans battle... She must now know he ain't fucking with no punk bitch....and she better stay in her lane with his bitch ass. He likes drama and that's why shit is like it is now with him because he likes to keep shit up... Don't know how to leave well enough alone. I messed with you all of 5 months and you tripping like that??? Because I don't want you???? Man this thang must be GOOOOOD!!! The average everyday man would have been like okay you don't want me.. oh well and move on... but this fool tried to get a rise out of me that prior morning and apparently didn't get the reaction he was hoping for when he broke my other shit up, so he wanted to mess with Priscilla!?!? (that's my car) OH HELL NO! All this was- was a damn fool acting out over a bruised ego... GET OVER IT BUDDY- you ain't the first person to get handed walking papers, let go, dumped, terminated, dismissed etc etc and you damn sure ain't gonna be the last. So just MOVE ON and let it go!!! Usually I'm like Dr. Martin Luther King in my approach to violent situations.. non-violent non-violent... but I had to get Malcom X on his ass- By any means neccessary. Who in the hell do you think I am? Little Miss Nice? Im not going to run behind you.. chasing you... them hoes want you... not me. I can do WAAAAAAY better and he knows it. He must have thought doing dumb stuff like that was going to make me want him or something... No- you just made me want to kick your ass. The first edition of "Crazy folks" didn't come out in 1984... I can get just as crazy with your ass. Lesson learned: Don't mess with people who don't have nothing going for themselves.. because when it goes down, they don't respect your sh*t because they ain't got sh*t. Now...will someone please call VH-1? I needs me a reality show people.

P.S. I got like Lil Jon and was loose on that Grey Goose and cranberry juice...and Bev was gone on Patron... Not that that made us act a fool or nothing... Good-nite.

"And if my day keeps going this way I just might break something tonight... GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BREAK!!!"- Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yeah Dat...

So it's super official folks.. I am a bitch and everything else that goes with it... This fool goes off into a tangent last night because I asked for my belongings, and didn't want to drag out the inevitable.. which is we is not going to work... and voila' he decides to act like a female about it. Throwing sh*t, cursing, and acting a pure ass. Breaking cologne bottles and stuff.. I'm just like okay.. your ass is crazy. Now mind you this sh*t was super hilarious as it was happening because it was a straight movie scene out in front of military housing at 2 a.m. So I picked my things up and got in the car and drove off. Now I know this person is vindictive but to the degree that he said he was going to knock my jaw off... I turned my vehicle around and promptly asked why my jaw was attached to my face still.. then it becomes "you ain't even worth it..." No you wasn't never that crazy. Scary ass. Anyway, good to know that chapter is TRULY over and done... I don't need that kind of nonsense. So after all that was said and done why the fool kept texting me? Now i'm all kinds of b*tches... etc etc.. and I'm like that's okay because you know what you did with this b*tch... *lmao* Don't make me put you and your actions behind closed doors on blast nucca. Shame on it all... lol..

"Everything you own in a box to the left... In the closet that's my stuff (Yes) If I bought it n*gga please don't touch..."- Irreplaceable -Beyonce

Thursday, January 3, 2008

He's Laughing At Your Dumb Ass Too...

You know what I never understood about women who deal with men who obviously have more than one woman? I cannot front because I have been there... But I am never the last fool standing. It don't take but a bit for me to get the hint and move on to the next young buck that got it going on. I never understood in the end WHY oh why these women act like they just won the California Super Lotto. Running to tell the world about this so called love they found... Many of them talking silly on myspace... posting pictures like it's something when some other chick got pics of the same ni99@ in the same outfit or maybe the outfit your ass bought him just hugged up with her ass.. Oh I seen it folks *smh* I mean when you actually step back at look at the situation for what it is.. you realize that nobody is winning in it, besides the loser himself. He's sitting back.. doing what he wants, how he wants, with who he wants, and you better believe he's telling his boys what he got outta one and the other, and laughing at all of their dumb asses in the meantime. Why would you WANT to deal with it? I know I had to slap myself and wake the hell up. What is the female getting out of stressing herself out wondering why he's doing the things he's doing... Why she is feeling the way she feels.. and why in the blue hell she think she can't do better? As Katt Williams so nicely put it.. SELF ESTEEM bitch... lol. Exactly, nothing. so why do women act so hurt when these idiots choose another woman over them? Tell the trifling b*tch she can have his sorry ass.. Especially if he ain't got NOTHING going for himself besides "good dick", and "good dick" ain't hard to find (Holla if you hear me)...If you gotta pick him up, take him where he gotta go... feed and clothe his ass.. when you do go out & eat... you're the one doing all the doing plus all thee above.. he ain't a man. He's a little boy perping a man and your silly ass is allowing it. Sh*t- he's acting like he's got the pussy between his legs. That sh*t gets old quick, especially when they start acting like you owe their ass something...Getting bold enough to tell you what you should go out and do.. like you won't... Uh how about you pump your brakes in '08? The female is supposed to have those things done and those things done for her if she's a true QUEEN. The king is supposed to provide for the queen... get ya roles right! WHAT-CHU MAD CAN'T HANDLE THAT??? But if a chick want to act like his mama.. let her ass especially if she's old enough to be his damn mama *lmao*. Nine times out of ten he's telling her silly ass the same thing he told you...And it's only a matter of time before he's treating her like he treated you because he met a NEW fool. The only difference is, it's okay to be a young fool.... Don't be an old fool. I always say, it's okay to be a fool for love.. just don't be a DAMN fool. That's the point ladies!!! Take a long hard look in the mirror- state what you are worth... and go out and be worthy! I don't have not a one tree growing in my face, and I know what I'm capable of... and I can do bad by myself but hell, I can do good by myself as well(Thanks E). I'm too sexy.. got too much going for myself.. and I'm plain too fly for the bullsh*t some folks want to pull. I said it in the past... and I will say it again, when I walk away I have nothing to regret because I am always the person & lady I am supposed to be..beside LOOK at me *lmao* Comon now... I can do better! The bullshit... I'll leave that for for them ashy h*es... Yeah I said it...ASHY. The good thing when you leave situations like that alone... an even better deal ALWAYS comes along if you know what I mean...Mines certainly did. Goodnite folks!

"Like a perm that's been left on too- long it starts to burn- the result is it just won't take... You holdin' up traffic green means GO- So if you want -to you got the green light..." -

Green Light- Beyonce

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Make 2008 Great!!!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Here we are; a new year and lets not bring the same old bullshit from 2007 into this YEAR!!!! Man I feel so good... People asking why, why, why am I not out acting an ass...? Because tonight is the night all the REAL looney-tix come out and I am not in the business of getting scuffed up by the riff raff... If ya'll haven't noticed I have posted a new photo album as it has been a minute and I have been getting me sexy sexy on.. Had to remind ya'll in case you forgot! This is going to be a better year than any passed thus far.. Welcome 2008 with open arms....I Love allayall.. and in case you haven't caught it.. My profile is public so a few bitches can roam it and be nosey.. HEY BITCHES. nothing to see here.. so keep it moving! Daysha.. I love you mama.. You're my world.. everything I do I do it for that girl!!! Somebody step to her- my ass will be under the jail house for my baby girl. To my fam.. it's gonna be a better year!!! My WOMEN (cuz I don't hang with little girls) You all know you're the sh*t and ain't no heffa we seen doing it like us... Keep making them hoes hate..They know they can get on nor ever BE ON our level... Some act like they got a level to get on and all I got to say about that is... " You're right. I can't be on your level... because yours is beneath me.. My level has been above, beyond and surpassed the one you hold with high regards *tsk tsk*..". If a b*tch got beef, tell that h*e we got tortillas... we can make TACOS if they feel the need... Then again my mama told me not to fight ugly people cuz they ain't got NOTHING to lose...Let 'em keep staring and hating... I'm trying to get to 16 before the summer anyway. Hotghettomess (AKA HAM's) candidates need to stop hating on the sexy sistas 4 reeeeeely and get their bars up. If you don't know how... ASK. To my homeboys who have been here for me regardless of the BS I was going through, I love you guys for that sh*t... it's not a one mufukk@ I will put before any of you... because you haven't put any b*tch before me... That's real love. To the funky ass men that have been in and out my life... Can't make up their mind what they want.. Playing games... Phoney bones in every portion of their bodies... Keep it moving... leather coat in the summer time wearing ass nobodies...There's a reason you're not here with a sistah today and I guarantee it wasn't ME. Usta kiss me and all you can do now is miss me...Oh she's so sexy!!! HOLLA!!! Regret nothing and live for today... I'm going to MAKE 2008 GREAT!!!